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Episode #64: Pushing the Boundary of an Upper Limit: How Hitting 300K Monthly Pageviews Triggered My Subconscious Self-Sabotage

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how to deal with self sabotage pushing through upper limits

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64: I’m doing a solo episode today and chatting about an Upper Limit I’ve recently hit. The Upper Limit Problem was coined by psychologist Gay Hendricks, and it’s the idea that subconscious self-sabotage happens when we get a taste of something great (like a promotion, financial success, being in a great relationship, a big launch, or any other measure of success). In this episode, I’m chatting about:

– How hitting 300,000 monthly pageviews on my site has triggered my Upper Limit and the negative thoughts I’ve been having from it

– The specific steps I’m taking to push the boundaries of this particular Upper Limit

– Journaling prompts that are helping me work through this

– How I’m reprogramming my mind to attract more success and what I want more of

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