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About Elise

Hello! Thanks for visiting What The Fab, a travel + lifestyle blog and podcast, inspired by my life’s adventures and appreciation for the little things.

I’m Elise, writer and founder behind What The Fab, where I aim to share inspiration with a pinch of zest, served with a side of real talk.

I’m a Californian, foodie, and HIIT enthusiast (to balance out the foodie). At the beginning of 2019, I left my corporate job at Google to chase my dreams: being an entrepreneur and helping YOU find fabulous in the everyday.

I started What The Fab back in 2012, and since then I’ve been blown away with how much the influencer landscape has changed.

While I’d hoped and dreamed that someday this could turn into my full-time gig (and hustled on it nights and weekends for 6.5 years), I couldn’t have imagined all of the exciting opportunities that would come my way, all because I decided to launch my own blog (first on Tumblr, then Blogger, and now WordPress) 10 years ago.

I pour my heart and soul into creating content for What The Fab, and my goal (beyond just adding a bright spot to your Instagram feed) is to inspire you to live a little bolder, and a little fuller every day.

Especially during such difficult times where I feel like every time I check my phone there’s a new notification about something that angers me or breaks my heart, I think we could all use a little lift.

The best Porto Instagram spots, by travel blogger What The Fab

While I do keep things light and inspirational on What The Fab, occasionally you’ll see me dive into deeper issues (for example, catch Elle’s feature on a Google protest and my participation and thoughts on it here), because at the end of the day this is my platform, and I firmly believe that you can be of both substance and style.

If you ever have any questions about a post or suggestions for new content, I’d absolutely love to hear from you! Shoot me an email at: hello [at] or slide into my DMs on Insta @wtfab

It’d also make me so happy if you subscribed to my email newsletter so we can stay in touch. I send out a weekly newsletter with a recap of new blog posts, recent shopping finds, motivating quotes, and new podcast episodes. See you there!


Fresh out of grad school, I started working at a boutique communications consulting agency in San Francisco, as a Marketing Manager. I’d always wanted to start a fashion blog, but never really knew how. Working in marketing taught me how to manage an editorial calendar, do basic HTML, set up URLs and redirects, and also helped hone my writing skills. Since I finally had all the tools I needed to start a blog, I figured I had no excuse not to! And so, What The Fab was born.

I did branding and events for Google’s tech talent outreach. I loved my job and my time at Google. Getting to work for the best company in the world for five years will always be a special part of my life. I wrote a post all about my decision to quit my job at Google here and also recorded a podcast episode all about this, here.

It really came down to working my ass off and prioritizing the blog during my free time (while making sure to carve out time for friends, family, and Omied), and being super disciplined about it. Taking care of your mind and body so you can function at your best is super important too. I wrote a whole post about how I worked full time and blogged which you can read here, and I also have a podcast episode about this topic.

My wonderful husband Omied takes most of my travel photos, and I’ve gotten pretty handy with a tripod when it comes to shooting for brands. Omied first picked up a DSLR when I decided to launch my blog so he could help me out, and he learned through YouTube University and lots of practice. His photography skills have gotten amazing and we absolutely love traveling and shooting together. 

Yes, please just make sure to link back to my website with a do-follow link, as my images are all copyrighted.

hello [at] *Please note, I do not accept guest posts—please do not email with these requests.

Many of my posts contain affiliate links. If you click one of them and purchase something, I’ll receive a small commission (for which I’m extremely grateful, as this helps keep What The Fab running) at no extra cost to you.