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Episode #61: Turning Lemons into Lemonade: Erika Altes’ Journey from Business/Friendship Breakup to Blogging Success

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turning a business and friendship breakup into blogging success erika altes

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61: We’re chatting with Erika Altes from @whiskeyandlace about her brand’s origin story—and the difficulties of losing a close friend in the process. I think we can all relate to going through a friendship breakup, but it’s not something that’s openly talked about and feels a bit taboo. Erika gets super open and vulnerable with us and shares: 

– Whiskey and Lace’s brand story, how her business partner and friendship breakup happened, and how she was eventually able to grow from it

– How she turned the brand from something that wasn’t profitable into Whiskey and Lace 2.0, and a thriving business

– How Erika finally got closure on the loss of her friendship 8 years later (and all the coincidences that led to it—this part of the convo gave me literal chills!)

– How Erika has used her influence for good by supporting local businesses and raising $50k to feed firefighters during the Glass Fire

– What sets her apart from other influencers in the space

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Quick links from the episode: 

Connect with Erika: @whiskeyandlace /

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