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Episode #69: The State of the Influencer Economy with Erica Gatlin

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The state of the influencer economy with Erica Gatlin.

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69: Today we’re chatting with Erica Gatlin, an OG in the digital marketing space and my Talent Manager at TC Management Co. Erica has been working in influencer marketing since 2009, before “influencer” was even a term. From managing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies to starting her own influencer division within a Boston ad agency, to managing Talent, to heading up Brand Partnerships at a start-up, she’s seen it all in this industry.

If you’re a content creator, you’ve probably wondered at least once or twice lately, what’s going on with brands right now?? There’s a palpable shift that we’re all noticing and Erica and I chat about what we’re seeing and how to navigate this shift. We get into: 

  • Secret things brands don’t want you to know
  • Trends that she sees happening in the influencer marketing industry that are cyclical
  • Some of the surprising things we’re noticing in the industry right now, including new clauses and language to watch out for in your contracts
  • Our hypotheses of why we’re seeing the shifts that are currently happening 

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