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Episode #66: Mindset Shifts & Quantum Leaps: Achieving Sustainable Success with Holistic Business Coach Tiffany Napper

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how to achieve sustainable success tiffany napper

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66: We have a fire conversation for you today with Tiffany Napper, a holistic business coach who helps turn overwhelmed creative business owners into thriving CEOs. Tiffany is one of my business besties and a friend of mine from a mastermind group. I’ve gotten such great advice and tips from her over the years and I know you will too in this conversation! We get into:

– The one thing that seven-figure business owners and huge celebrities that she’s worked with (like Elton John, Alicia Keys, and John Legend) have in common

– Money mindset tips and tricks you have to try—and what Cheetos have to do with it

– The two types of people you need to have in your network in order to thrive

– One thing that tends to hold women back from having a successful and thriving business

– Lessons that Tiffany has had to unlearn in order to step into her power as a successful entrepreneur

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