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Episode #63: The Burnout Epidemic: A Deep Dive Into Personal Care With Burnout Management Coach Emily Ballesteros

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how to manage and prevent burnout emily ballesteros

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63: Today we have a fire conversation for you with burnout management coach Emily Ballesteros! We did a deep dive on how to actually manage and prevent burnout. She shares some amazing insights and strategies (beyond like, take a bubble bath). Listening to her share tips and advice gave me so many reflections and a-ha moments, and I know they will for you too. In this conversation, we get into: 

– Why the 40-hour work week is completely outdated and sets us up to fail

– The five areas of burnout management

– How Emily recommends pacing yourself during your work and setting boundaries

– Quiet quitting—what is it, why is it trending, and does Emily encourage it?

– How to approach personal care as a pyramid to ensure your non-negotiables are met

– The concept of a “third place” (where people go to socialize outside of work and home), how that’s disappearing, and the impact that has on our mental health

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Quick links from the episode:

Connect with Emily: @emilybruth / Emily’s website

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