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Episode #62: 10 Email Hacks + Mental Shifts About Your Inbox That Will Change Your Life & Productivity

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62: I’m doing a solo episode today and sharing 10 tips, hacks, and mental shifts I’ve made when it comes to how I manage email and my relationship with my inbox. I have FINALLY gotten to a good place with how I manage my inbox and the amount of time I spend on emails, and these hacks have helped me tremendously. They’re strategies and shifts I’ve tried over the years that have all led me to being able to release the weight of emails and its pings and dings, while still effectively using it for my business (because let’s be honest, I’m never going to be like Christopher Nolan who reportedly doesn’t use email. Like, at all.). In this episode, I get into: 

– Two mindset shifts I’ve made when it comes to inbox management and email response time that completely changed how I manage my time 

– The email tool that I’m absolutely obsessed with that empowers me to screen people in or out of my inbox with one click, forever

– My favorite hacks that save me time like filters, specific settings, separate inboxes, and shortcuts

– Why you need to turn your email notifications off on your phone, now

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