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Episode #68: From Concept to Product: How COVRY Is Changing the Game With Their Inclusive Eyewear

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Florence Shin and Athena Wang of Covry, sitting on steps.

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68: Today we’re chatting with the founders of COVRY, an inclusive eyewear brand with a focus on comfort and design. I’m personally obsessed with their Asian-fit sunglasses and have been wearing them all the time—it’s been a gamechanger!

Athina Wang and Florence Shin met in high school and have been close friends throughout their journey in the fashion industry. Frustrated by the lack of comfortable options for diverse face shapes, they teamed up to create an innovative approach to fit and design.

In our conversation, we chat about:

  • How they identified and confirmed a need in the market (even though some told them their market would be too small)
  • What goes into creating a product-based business? The journey from concept to actually launching product, plus some surprises along the way
  • How they launched their Kickstarter campaign and the one thing that helped them make it a success and surpass their fundraising goal

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