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Episode #65: Top 5 Skincare Tools I’ve Tested Over the Years and Am Obsessed With

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65: For today’s episode I’m switching things up from my usual BTS business convos and sharing my top five favorite skincare tools. I’ve tested A LOT of skincare tools over the years, and these are my holy grail ones that I’ve been using for years. These tools WORK and in this episode I go into each one, why I love it, and how it benefits the skin. Linking each of the products below so you can check them out!

1. Dermapore

2. Trophy Skin Microdermabrasion Machine

3. NuFace (+Skinny Confidential Ice Roller – use code WTFAB for 15% off sitewide)

4. Michael Todd Sonicsmooth (Another fav: The Skinny Confidential Hot Shave Razor + Cream – use code WTFAB for 15% off sitewide)

5. Face Steamer

Bonus skincare tool that I’m testing out right now: The Droplette.

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