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Gisou Review: Does It Live Up to The Buzz?

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Gisou Review, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

I fell for this cute bottle of hair oil at Sephora, and now I’m giving y’all a Gisou review. I’m sure you’ve seen their aesthetically pleasing display at the store.

Or maybe you follow Negin Mirsalehi on Instagram—the influencer and founder behind Gisou.

I’m constantly trying out and reviewing skincare products, but haircare is equally as important so I’m super excited to review some Gisou products!

I remember when Negin launched Gisou haircare, and it’s been cool to see her evolution from “just” a fashion blogger to owning a product brand.

I’m extremely excited to review Gisou since some of their products are now a staple in my hair routine.

Hair oils play a crucial role in keeping my hair healthy in between trims, especially Gisou’s.

If you’re looking to perfect your hair routine, keep reading for a review on Gisou hair honey-infused products!

I promise I’ll bee honest! 😉

About Gisou

The idea of Gisou was founded by a sixth-generation beekeeper, Negin Mirsalehi! Growing up, the Mirsalehi family had an abundance of bees and this was perfect for their mother who was a hairdresser.

Experimentation with hair and honey led to the realization that honey is extremely beneficial to the hair. About five years of trial and error led to the creation of their famous honey-infused hair oil.

Their story is amazing and I also love how they put their bee’s well-being first.

From honey-infused conditioner to propolis-infused heat-protecting spray, Gisou honey-infused products use ingredients straight from the bee garden.

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Gisou Hair Products You’re Missing Out On

Gisou Review, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Sephora

1. Honey Infused Hair Oil

I’ve tried various hair oils in an attempt to rescue my hair but none seem to compare to this one. Owning a versatile oil saves you so much in the long run.

It can be used before or after styling, I’ve used it as an overnight treatment, and even mixed a couple of drops in my DIY hair mask. If there’s a product you must try from Gisou it has to be this one!

I noticed that when I use this product, I don’t have as much frizz and my hair looks super healthy. I apply about 2-3 drops to my damp hair, and it’s been working great for me!

If your hair is on the thicker side, adding a drop or two more would be ideal. I love this product so much I could write a never-ending oil review.

Gisou Review, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Sephora

2. Honey Infused Hair Perfume

I’ve heard of hair perfume but never came around to trying one. There’s a first for everything and I’m so glad I tried this out.

I apply this honey-infused hair perfume occasionally if my hair needs a little pick-me-up. The scent is not too strong, it’s subtly sweet and I love it.

I will say, I only like to apply it on the ends of my hair to avoid the greasy look it gives sometimes. Other than that, I genuinely love this hair perfume!

Since I tried this one out, I’ve been eyeing other perfumes to try. However, it’s going to be hard to switch out this one since it smells sooo luxurious.

Gisou Review, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Sephora

3. Propolis Infused Polishing Primer

I recently got into styling my hair a bit more to perfect my sleek blowout look. The Gisou propolis-infused polishing primer has been key in perfecting it.

I apply a small amount of this primer on my wet hair before blow-drying it. I’ve noticed that it has made my hair dry way quicker and look so sleek—what even are flyaways? I don’t know her.

My hair looks more voluminous and bouncy when I apply it and I love it. It’s so lightweight that I don’t think I’m leaving it out of my hairstyling routine.

A little goes such a long way with this primer, so it’s truly worth investing in. Did I mention it’s great for all hair types?

Gisou Review, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Sephora

4.  Honey Infused Leave-In Conditioner

There are days when I don’t add products to my hair but on the days that I do, this one is in there. I find that my hair looks much more hydrated and alive.

After a couple of months of using this honey-infused conditioner, my hair feels much stronger than before. I like to apply a few sprays into my hands and then scrunch the product into my hair strands.

You can use this leave-in conditioner on dry hair if it needs a little pick-me-up between washing days. This product is amazing to use if you have frizzy hair.

The amazing reviews aren’t lying about this product or brand in general—go check it out!

Gisou Review, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Sephora

5. Honey Infused Hair Wash Shampoo

I have a favorite shampoo already, but Gisou just kept impressing me. I decided to give it a try in their mini size.

While I don’t see myself replacing my favorite for it, I’m super satisfied with the shampoo! It’s hydrating and leaves my hair feeling super soft when I pair it with their leave-in conditioner.

The shampoo lathers nicely and has a nice subtle smell. I’ve heard it pairs well with their honey-infused hair mask that I’m hoping to try!

If you’re a fan of their other products, I’d give it a shot.

Gisou hair products are amazing and I couldn’t recommend them enough. Have you considered yourself influenced?

Tag me @wtfab if you decide to give this honey-infused haircare brand a try! Gisou is definitely worth the buzz.

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Can hair oil be used even if you have oily hair?

Yes! I’d say use it only on your ends rather than up to the root to avoid a more oily look.

What is hair perfume?

It’s not your typical perfume as hair perfume is formulated to stick to your hair strands while also providing some hydration.

What does Gisou mean?

It’s actually the Persian way of saying women’s hair!

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