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Episode #57: Set Your 2023 Up for Massive Success: Join the Foundations Email Challenge

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#57: You’re invited to my Foundations Email Challenge! To help you kick 2023 off right and make this your most successful year yet, I’m sending out seven emails over the course of a week, each one focused on a different theme with helpful tips and actionable steps. I know it’s going to be really impactful, and I’d love to have you join!

In this episode, we’re covering a preview of the seven different challenges that will be dropped in your inbox, with a deep dive into my Visioning + Goal Setting Workbook that you’ll receive on day one. It’s an incredibly powerful tool that I’ve used over the last five years to set myself up to do things like leave Google, run my blog full-time, buy a house, and more!

The email challenge officially kicks off on January 29th (because if you’re anything like me, you might have had a slower start to the year than coming out guns blazing on Jan 1st), but you can join any time and you’ll start at the beginning. Even if you’re just coming across this challenge after our official start date, you can still join and you’ll automatically start the series from day 1!

Set your 2023 up for success and sign up for the email challenge here, or head to

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Join the email challenge here for your most successful year yet

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