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Episode #54: How to Succeed on Your Own Personal Growth Journey: Three Essential Components and Where to Find True Magic

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How to succeed on your personal growth journey

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#54: In this episode, we’re chatting about building success in your personal growth journey with Olena Mytruk. 

After several wake up calls from the Universe, Olena opened her heart and mind to not having to live in a box. She realized she could live an exceptional life led by purpose, meaning, and impact, and help others do the same. And so, the Breverie app was born. It’s every woman’s guide for a transformational journey into self-discovery and growth. By combining the vision of goal setting and personal development, she believes that all women are able to own their power and create an everlasting impact. In this episode, we get into:

– The aha moment that led Olena to change her life and create Breverie

– Discovering the essential components to succeeding in your own personal growth journey

– The importance of time in your personal and professional life

– Her advice for anyone who feels that they are not following the right path and have more to discover about themselves

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