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2023 Set Your Year up for Success Email Challenge

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So excited to share that I’m doing my first-ever email challenge! To help you kick 2023 off right and make this your most successful year yet, I’m sending out seven emails over the course of a week, each one focused on a different theme with helpful tips and actionable steps. I know it’s going to be really impactful, and I’d love to have you join!

The email challenge officially kicks off on January 29th (because if you’re anything like me, you might have had a slower start to the year than coming out guns blazing on Jan 1st), but you can join any time and you’ll start at the beginning. Even if you’re just coming across this challenge after our official start date, you can still join and you’ll automatically start the series from day 1!

Here’s a little sneak peek of what we’re covering each day of the 7-day series:

  1. Goal setting + Visioning workbook – We’re kicking off with my goal setting and visioning workbook, which is an incredibly powerful tool that I’ve used over the last five years to set myself up to do things like leave Google, run my blog full-time, buy a house, and more!
  1. Organize and declutter your space – I do a whole-house purge every January and y’all, it feels SO GOOD. I’m sharing tips from an organization expert on how to let go of physical things you no longer need and why it’s so important.
  1. Digital detox challenge – Ever feel like you want to throw your phone in the ocean so you never hear it ping/ding/alert you again? Same. We’re doing a digital detox to help you have a better relationship with your screens.
  1. Habits + downloadable habit tracker – At first, habits can seem small and unremarkable. But when you systematize them (and use the habit tracker that I’ll share with you on day four), they lead to huge changes. On day 4 we’ll cover how you can harness the power of habits to make 2023 an impactful year.
  1. Meditation practice – Stay with me now, I know meditating can feel really hard at first. Maybe you’ve tried it before but haven’t stuck with it. Now’s the time to give it a go!
  1. Mindset – We’re covering tips for beating imposter syndrome because if you’re going to be stretching yourself and going after big goals this year, imposter syndrome will undoubtedly rear its head.
  2. Time management – On our final day, we’ll cover my best time management tips and tricks and how you can start implementing them in your own day-to-day to maximize your efficiency.

And of course, while the emails will be sent out daily, you can tackle things during whatever timeframe works for you! Whether you focus on two of them per week or one per weekend over a couple of months, you’re calling the shots.

And while kicking your year into high gear is probably motivation enough, I’m also doing a fun giveaway! One participant will win a prize package valued at $600+, including:

  • Equilibria CBD treatment oil
  • 5-Minute journal 
  • BeautyBio GloPro set
  • BeautyBio The Beholder Eye Cream
  • Aera Diffuser + Scents

Can’t wait to kick things off and I hope to see you inside the email challenge! Be sure to sign up via the form above!

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