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Top 20 Santorini Instagram Spots

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Santorini is a photographer’s dream, and I’m sharing my top 20 favorite Santorini Instagram spots, complete with addresses and Google map location pins, in today’s post!

Santorini is one of the most Instagrammable places I’ve ever been to. I think Omied and I shot ~2,000 photos during our week here.

Seriously, everywhere you turn is just mind-blowingly beautiful and so photogenic. You definitely won’t have a hard time taking photos worthy of the ‘gram here.

With so many famous Santorini photo spots, I did start to get a little overwhelmed when I was researching before our trip. Some Santorini travel guides listed as many as 50 photo spots Santorini has to offer!

So, don’t let this list of 20 Santorini Instagram photo spots overwhelm you. I’m making it easy for you with my custom map below, plus I’m linking to each location on Google Maps.

And remember, this is just a jumping-off point. You don’t have to hit every single one of these famous photo spots in order to get epic photos.

With incredible ocean views, beautiful blue domes, and white-washed buildings on the cliff, it’s pretty much impossible to take a bad photo in Santorini.

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A few general tips while taking photos in the Greek islands:

Be respectful of private property and churches. Do not climb on top of church rooftops for a photo. It’s disrespectful and locals have had to put up signs everywhere asking tourists not to do it.

You don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to get these shots. I know some bloggers are all about waking up at sunrise to get their shots without people in them. I am not that blogger. I’m not a morning person, and the earliest I was willing to get up was for a 9 am shoot for our flying dress photo shoot.

So just know that even if you’re traveling during peak season, the below Santorini Instagram spots are possible to photograph without getting up with the sun.

Want to get the same hues and tones I captured in my shots? Check out What The Fab Presets here!

Here’s the custom map I created, showing locations for all of these Santorini Instagram spots!

What to wear for epic photos in Santorini:

Definitely pack all of the flowy dresses!

Blue of course looks amazing—it pops against the white buildings and complements the blue domes and ocean.

Other colors like red, orange, and yellow would also pop really well against the scenery in Santorini.

I’m including some flowy maxi dress picks that would look amazing in photos for you to shop below!

Ok, let’s get into my list of the best photo spots in Santorini!

Top 20 Santorini Instagram Spots

Instagram Spots in Oia

Top 20 Santorini Instagram spots, by travel blogger What The Fab

1. Three Blue Domes

Let’s start this list off strong with the famous blue domes, shall we? It’s only the most iconic photo spot in Santorini!

When you think of Santorini, you probably think of this exact view. That’s how often it’s photographed and shared.

Technically, this spot is on private property. However, nobody seems to care. I think this spot has become so famous, that they’ve likely given up trying to enforce not allowing people through the little gate and on these steps.

Instead, there’s a sign asking people to just please be respectful.

To get to this spot, just pop Melenio Cafe into Google Maps. It’s on the main street of Oia and easy to find.

If you’re facing the cafe, continue to your right along the main street. Then take your first left after the cafe.

As you walk down this street, you’ll see a little gate with this Respect sign by it, and these stairs are the photo opp you’ve been looking for!

Most of the time, once you’re on this street the photo spot will be easy to find because there will be a line. If you’re trying to take pics during golden hour or sunset, expect the line to be long!

To get the shot, have your photographer stand at the top of the stairs and you only need to just walk a few steps down for an epic photo!

There is also a second angle from the other side of the famous blue domes if you want to get a photo with them from a different perspective.

I personally didn’t go to the effort to get this second shot because I was really happy with how our photos turned out from the first one, and the second spot sounded a little harder to find and get to. But if you’re interested, here’s the scoop!

You can’t just continue walking down the stairs from the first photo spot in order to get to this second one—you will come to a dead end and have to walk all the way back up.

Instead of taking the first left after Melenio Cafe, you’ll want to take the left before the cafe. Follow the steps down and use the satellite view to get to this second viewpoint of the beautiful blue domes.

This spot is also located on private property, so be quiet and respectful, get your shots, and get out. 🙂

Location pin for viewpoint 1

Location pin for viewpoint 2

Kastro Oia Houses

This orange building is another popular Santorini Instagram spot. It’s right by Oia Castle, another Instagrammable spot on this list, so you can hit both up at the same time.

It’s actually a hotel, and the orange walls with its blue doors are a fun pop of color against the rest of the white buildings.

I loved this straight-on shot I took and how the orange flowers frame the door, but there are several different angles you can shoot at this spot!

Have your photographer make their way down the stairs from Oia Castle, while you stand on the stairs by Kastro Oia Houses. Here are some Instagram shots I found for inspo!

Google Maps location pin for Kastro Oia Houses

3. Charisma Suites Windmill

The Charisma Suites are another hotel in Oia. We walked over here after watching the sunset from Oia Castle and the lighting was just so dreamy.

In Santorini, some of the historic windmills have been turned into hotels, and it’s such a unique place to stay.

The windmills also make for great photo opps! To get this shot, I did have to open up a gate and walk through. I believe the building next to me was their lobby.

Omied snapped this photo quickly and we were on our way!

Here are a couple of other angles to experiment with that I found on Instagram:

Google Maps location pin for Charisma Suites

Top 20 Santorini Instagram spots, by travel blogger What The Fab

4. Oia Castle

Oia Castle does get extremely crowded at sunset, but the views are just so epic.

You can snap some great photos here with Oia’s cliffs as your backdrop, the ocean, or the castle’s ruins.

Google Maps location pin for Oia Castle

Top 20 Santorini Instagram spots, by travel blogger What The Fab

5. Ammoudi Bay

Ammoudi Bay is magical! It looks like the set of a movie.

Take the steep stairs down to Ammoudi (be careful—the stairs are slick and I definitely slipped and had to catch myself a bunch of times wearing just flimsy sandals) and snap some photos along the way.

I love the shot we got with Oia’s white buildings and a windmill behind me.

Once you make it down to the bay, it’s absolutely gorgeous! Plenty of opportunities for photos down there.

We had dinner at Ammoudi Fish Tavern and were able to snap some great pics just right from our table!

Google Maps Location Pin for Ammoudi Bay

Top 20 Santorini Instagram spots, by travel blogger What The Fab

6. Church of Agios Nikolaos

If you stroll along the main street of Oia for a while, you’ll eventually end up down some stairs and next to the Church of Agios Nikolaos.

Its big, blue dome is perfect for a photo.

When we were here earlier in the day there was a street performer seated right in front of the blue dome playing music, but when we walked past the area again in the evening it was clear and I was able to snap this photo.

Google Maps Location Pin for Church of Agios Nikolaos

7. Mystique Luxury Suites

While there are tons of beautiful hotels in Oia with stunning views, I have to shout out the Mystique.

Obviously, you’ll only be able to get these infinity pool shots if you’re a guest, but even if you’re not staying at the hotel, you can walk through the property for some amazing photos and get drinks at the bar.

We were pretty much dying over our room with a private hot tub. Can you BELIEVE??

I know I said at the beginning of this post that I didn’t get up at sunrise for any of these shots, but I just realized that’s not exactly true.

Top 20 Santorini Instagram spots, by travel blogger What The Fab

We watched the sunrise from our hot tub a few mornings and I did manage to get some pretty epic shots from that experience.

Google Maps Location Pin for the Mystique

8. Bells in Oia

As you begin walking along the main street of Oia, across from Cafe 218 Degrees you’ll see a small parklet with this little bell tower.

I’m not sure what the name of it is, but we stopped here twice for photos because it was so pretty. Once during my flying dress shoot, and once on our last evening in Oia for one more shot.

Google Maps Location Pin for Bells in Oia

Top 20 Santorini Instagram spots, by travel blogger What The Fab
Top 20 Santorini Instagram spots, by travel blogger What The Fab

9. Flying Dress Photoshoot

Ok, this one isn’t a photo spot per se, but I had to include deets on doing a flying dress photo shoot here.

These are super popular in Santorini and you can see why. The photos are epic!

We went to a few different locations around Oia (all easily walkable) in order to get these shots.

I do wish I had been more vocal about asking for some vertical shots for Instagram though. The photographer only took horizontals (which I get having mostly horizontal shots with such a long, flowy dress), and the only verticals I got were a few Omied snapped on his phone.

I was still super happy with how our photos turned out. I have my favorite one of me and Omied printed and framed in my office and we also used our couple’s shot as our holiday card.

Book a flying dress shoot here!

Instagrammable spots in Imerovigli

Top 20 Santorini Instagram spots, by travel blogger What The Fab

10. Skaros Rock

Skaros Rock is one of the top hikes in Santorini and the views are absolutely incredible. We stopped and took so many photos along the way.

I felt like that Owen Wilson Tiktok sound, “Wow! Wow! Wow! Wowww!”

I ended up taking more pics of the scenery here but you could absolutely get some great action shots hiking with these fantastic views!

Google Maps location pin for Skaros Rock

11. Panagia Theoskepasti Chapel

This church is located under Skaros Rock. Which means that once you’ve completed the Skaros Rock hike, there’s an additional set of stairs you can continue down to get to this church.

We didn’t continue down since we weren’t in the mood for more stairs, but I could see this being a beautiful spot for photos with the white church and ocean behind you.

Google Maps location pin for Theoskepasti Chapel

12. Church of the Resurrection of the Lord

This church in Imerovigli is so beautiful. It’s a super popular Santorini Instagram spot and for good reason.

Head to the street above the church for these views of the blue dome, bougainvillea, and ocean!

Google Maps location pin for Church of the Resurrection of the Lord

Instagrammable spots in Fira

13. Three Bells of Fira

The Three Bells of Fira, the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church, is another well-photographed spot in Santorini.

The blue dome and the three bells together make for the perfect Santorini photo.

At first, we went to the church and I felt a little confused—it wasn’t quite as epic as I’d imagined it.

But then I realized, we need to walk up to the street behind and above the church for the best view.

If you want to get the same shot with the dome, bells, and caldera, you’ll need to head up there as well.

The good news is, from up here, you won’t have to worry about other people in your shot!

Location pin for Three Bells of Fira

14. Franco’s Bar

We had drinks at sunset at Franco’s Bar and the views are pretty hard to beat.

I think in the past they might have had lounge chairs along the edge of the patio for sunset viewing because I’ve seen pictures of this, but it looks like these days they’ve changed that space to be all tables and chairs.

Even if you’re not seated right at the edge, you can still get up and take some beautiful shots here.

Google maps location pin for Franco’s Bar

Instagram Spots in Pyrgos

Top 20 Santorini Instagram spots, by travel blogger What The Fab

15. Theotokaki – The Assumption of the Mother of Lord Holy Orthodox Church

I liked that this church in Pyrgos is a little different than your typical blue dome churches in Santorini (though those are all beautiful, too!).

With its tall bell tower that almost looks like a cake, you can see this church peeking out from many different viewpoints as you stroll around Pyrgos.

And of course, shots right in front of this stunning church turn out chef’s kiss!

Address: Epar.Od. Pirgou Kallistis – Profiti Ilia 2, Pirgos Kallistis 847 00, Greece

Bonus: Definitely just stroll around on the tiny, steep streets of Pyrgos. You’ll find photo opps around every corner. I’m including some more of my favorite shots from Pyrgos for inspo!

Instagram Spots in Megalochori Santorini

Top 20 Santorini Instagram spots, by travel blogger What The Fab

16. Megalochori Bell Tower

The Bell Tower in Megalochori is the most iconic spot to snap a photo in this sweet little town.

The street that the tower arches over can get busy with pedestrians, but with a little patience, we were able to get some shots with no one else in them.

Google Maps location pin for Bell Tower

Top 20 Santorini Instagram spots, by travel blogger What The Fab

17. Saints Anárgyri Holy Orthodox Church

We stumbled upon this all-white church while walking through Megalochori, and I’d say it was one of our best random finds in Santorini!

There isn’t much info online about it, and finding the name of it just took me a good 30 minutes and a lot of Google street viewing.

But when you see it in person, wow. It’s unlike any church I’ve ever seen.

I’m including the address of the church below, but you’ll want to explore the little side streets and stairs around it to find the best view and angles!

Google Maps location pin for Saints Anárgyri Holy Orthodox Church

Instagrammable Spots in Akrotiri

Top 20 Santorini Instagram spots, by travel blogger What The Fab

18. Akrotiri Lighthouse

We didn’t make it to Akrotiri by land during our trip—just by sea! So we were able to see the lighthouse from the water but didn’t end up making it up there ourselves.

This would be a great spot to watch the sunset and snap some photos.

Google Maps location pin for Akrotiri Lighthouse

Top 20 Santorini Instagram spots, by travel blogger What The Fab

19. Red Beach

The red sand beach is another fun spot in Akrotiri for photos.

It’s one of the most popular beaches in Santorini, and the striking color of the red volcanic rock against the ocean is pretty awesome.

Google Maps location pin for Red Beach

Top 20 Santorini Instagram spots, by travel blogger What The Fab

20. Windmills

This was another happy accident that we came across when we rented a car and were out exploring different towns in Santorini.

Between Akrotiri and Perissa, I spotted these windmills. I wasn’t sure how close we’d be able to get to them, but we made a pit stop and drove up the road towards them anyways.

Turns out, you can walk right up to them! I love the photos we got here and I think they’re pretty unique. Not that I don’t love a good blue dome shot, but it’s fun to mix it up with something you don’t see on everyone’s Instagram feed that’s been to Santorini.

Google Maps location pin for Windmills

That’s it for my list of the best Santorini Instagram spots! As you can see, you’ll never run out of inspiration and places to shoot in Santorini.

Be sure to pin this Santorini Instagram Spots post and save it for later so you can open up the map and location pins when you’re scouting locations.

And don’t forget to tag me in a Story @wtfab if you shoot at any of these Santorini photo spots! I can’t wait to see what you shoot.

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Where is the iconic Santorini photo taken?

The iconic Santorini pic you see on postcards is taken at the Three Blue Domes in Oia.

What is the most beautiful part of Santorini?

Oia is known for being the most beautiful and glamorous part of Santorini, but smaller towns like Megalochori, Imerovigli, and Pyrgos are beautiful as well.

Where can I take pictures in Oia?

There are endless photo opps in Oia but some famous spots include the three blue domes, Oia Castle, Oia Windmills, and Ammoudi Bay.

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