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Mystique Santorini Review

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Mystique Santorini review, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

As I’m catching up on Santorini content from our trip last year, I’d be remiss if I didn’t cover a full Mystique Santorini review—it was only one of the most epic hotels we’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing! 

I’m still daydreaming about it! Part of Marriott’s Luxury Collection, this hotel was one of the most luxurious places I’ve ever stayed in.

Mystique Santorini review, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

It easily made it into my top three list of favorites, and it quite possibly may be my #1 favorite—Omied and I had a good long debate about this while we sipped espressos from our private hot tub one morning. 

What sets the Mystique apart from other luxury hotels is its location on the beautiful Santorini island, combined with incredible service.

Perched atop a cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea and surrounded by the most picturesque volcanic landscape, The Mystique offers an unforgettable experience that you just can’t get anywhere else.

Mystique Santorini review by travel blogger What The Fab

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A little backstory about my experience with the Mystique…I had been trying to book this hotel for four years. Literally. My efforts kept getting thwarted. 

The journey started back in 2017 when I was working at Google and racking up points traveling for work (using my personal Marriott American Express card to book my hotel stays, which was Starwood at the time #RIP, and getting reimbursed by the company, obvi). As my points reserve was growing, I started Googling around for the best Marriott Luxury Collection hotels to book with points, and the Mystique popped up.

And oh em gee, did it look incredible. Omied and I had never been to Greece and it was obviously high on our bucket list, so I decided I had to use my points on the Mystique. But when I tried to book it, there was no availability for when we wanted to go, about half a year out. 

Mystique Santorini review, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Come to find out, the hotel only has 41 rooms, so it sells out quickly. So I tried estimating exactly how far out in advance I could book a room (I believe it was a year but don’t quote me on that), and made a note on my calendar to try again the following year. Sadly when I returned to book it, the hotel was closed and under construction. Strike two! 

The next year, well, we all know what happened…the panini. No travel in 2020. Strike three.

Towards the end of 2020 when we were stuck at home and I had mad wanderlust, I was scrolling Marriott’s app. And I saw there was availability at the Mystique for 2021…I decided to just book a room for us in October 2021 and hope we’d be able to travel again by then. I could always cancel if things weren’t looking good.

Fortunately, 2021 was the year things opened back up again! After four years of trying to book the Mystique, we were on our way! I honestly wondered if after all that effort the property had gotten over-hyped for me. But as soon as we arrived, I knew it was worth the wait! 

Mystique Santorini review, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

It definitely lived up to and even exceeded our expectations. The luxurious accommodations combined with the breathtaking views, amazing hospitality, and unique atmosphere made the Mystique an unforgettable travel experience. I hope to be lucky enough to stay with them again someday!

So let’s get into my in-depth Mystique Santorini review and why we fell in love with this place…

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Mystique Santorini Review 

Mystique Santorini review, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

How to book the Mystique

As you heard from my long tale full of twists and turns, booking a room at the Mystique is no easy feat. With limited rooms and high popularity, they sell out quickly. 

Not to mention the high prices. During peak summer months even their entry-level room starts at over 1,000 Euros per night. I would absolutely recommend saving up your Marriott points for this one, boys and girls. 

And definitely take advantage of Marriott’s 5th night free when you book with points. You’ll want to extend your stay here for as long as possible!

Mystique Santorini review, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

During the summer for a five-night stay (with the fifth night free), it’s about 450,000 Marriott Bonvoy points for the stay, so 112,500 points per night.

Alternatively, start working your travel credit cards to save up points and book that way. 

We ended up booking the Mystique for six nights, and I was wondering if it would feel like too long in Santorini. It ended up being perfect, and if anything we felt like we could have used one more night at the Mystique. 

I’d recommend booking the Mystique as early as possible. Looking at Marriott’s website right now, it looks like you can book 11 months in advance.

Mystique Santorini review, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Service at the Mystique

What really stood out to me during my stay was the exceptional service provided by Mystique’s staff. From the moment we arrived, they were so friendly and helpful in making sure our stay went as smoothly as possible.

They had thought of every detail, from welcome snacks in our room to arranging private transportation before our arrival to get from the ferry port to the hotel (for an added cost, of course).

Upon check-in, we connected with the hotel staff via WhatsApp so that any request could be communicated quickly and efficiently. They consistently responded to our messages within minutes (sometimes seconds) and made sure all of our needs were taken care of.

This added an extra layer of convenience to our stay as whatever we needed was just a few taps away. From recommending restaurants, and booking massages at the hotel, to helping us arrange a cab or rental car, the team at Mystique kept our vacations stress-free. 

Mystique Santorini review, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

When we checked in, I asked if there were any complimentary upgrades available. While there weren’t any available for the entirety of our stay, they did make it happen for the second half of our stay! Which was a big deal because our upgraded room had a private hot tub—so incredibly nice for watching the sunrise or sitting under the stars. 

Another thing they did that was so nice was on our checkout day, I let them know that we had a pretty late flight (9 pm). While we weren’t able to have that late checkout, they did move our bags for us to an extra room they had available that I think is separate from the rest of the hotel. It was called the captain’s quarters and there was also a bathroom available, which meant we were able to take advantage of the full day, lounge by the pool, and then shower before heading to the airport in the evening.

The excellent service provided by the hotel staff was unmatched and made our stay even more enjoyable. It’s clear that they value each guest’s experience and strive to make sure everyone has an incredible time. They went above and beyond and we felt so pampered. 

Mystique Santorini review, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Location of the Mystique

The hotel’s location is a big plus. It’s located in Oia, just a 5-minute walk from the heart of the island’s capital and within walking distance to some of its most famous sites like Oia Castle. With easy access to shops, restaurants, and other amenities, it’s easy to explore from here. 

And of course, it’s on the caldera side nestled into the cliffs, so you have an absolutely epic view.

Rooms at the Mystique

The luxury suites at the Mystique are just stunning. Designed with traditional Cycladic architecture, the rooms all have gentle curves and sculpted arches that blend in with the neutral color palette. 

Essentially, the suites are all that iconic Santorini stone-crafted look, with cave-style rooms that seem to be built right into the cliffs. Most rooms have their own terraces, and many have private jacuzzis. Their top-tier suites even have their own private infinity pools. 

Their two main suites are the Vibrant Suite and the Allure Suite. While the Vibrant Suite is anything but basic, it’s their entry-level suite with a private balcony, sun beds, and views of the caldera.

The Allure Suite is the next step up, though pretty similar to the VIbrant Suite. Allure offers a king bed instead of a queen, a jacuzzi in the bathroom, and a little outdoor dining area on the terrace in addition to the sunbeds. 

Mystique Santorini review, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Now here’s where things start getting juicy. The Wet Allure Suites include a private outdoor jacuzzi, and let me tell you, it’s epic. 

I am not a morning person, so when I tell you that I got up early to watch the sunrise from our jacuzzi, you know it was good. Having our own hot tub was so romantic and we took a dip in it every morning and night.

As I mentioned in the Service section of this post, we were in a Vibrant Suite for the first couple of nights, and then they upgraded us to a Wet Allure Suite when one became available for the rest of our stay. It really was a big upgrade and having your own hot tub just takes the experience to the next level. So it’s definitely worth asking about complimentary upgrades and letting them know you’re willing to switch rooms part-way through your stay as well!

Mystique Santorini review, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Food at the Mystique

The Mystique has delicious food. It’s expensive, but what do you expect from a luxury resort? Here’s a rundown of all their food options…

Charisma Restaurant

Breakfast is served at Charisma Restaurant, their breakfast and lunch spot next to the main pool. It’s 55 Euros per person—I definitely had a bit of sticker shock when they shared that with me. I wasn’t planning on dropping 110 Euros every morning for breakfast. If your Marriott status gets you free breakfast, take advantage!

We did want to experience their breakfast once or twice so we went the first morning. It’s delicious and you can order whatever you want. For some reason, our bill came and was 0 Euros, so we kept coming back every morning lol. Maybe they had my old Marriott status on file from when I used to work at Google and stayed with Marriott all the time. I’m really not sure but I wasn’t going to correct them.

Otherwise, I would def recommend walking to a nearby bakery some mornings for breakfast to grab some pastries or Spanakopita. That would have been our game plan if breakfast didn’t end up being free every morning! 


The restaurant Lure serves up delicious Mediterranean cuisine, perched several flights of stairs above the main part of the hotel, with more incredible, sweeping views. The food here was very good, albeit a bit overpriced. But if you don’t want to leave the hotel one night and just want to enjoy a delicious meal steps away from your room, Lure is it.


You can also enjoy a tasty lunch while soaking up the sun poolside. I wouldn’t blame you one bit if you just couldn’t bare to tear yourself away from the infinity pool—being there is just such a treat. 

Its menu offers an array of light meals and snacks, perfect for those looking for something lighter than dinner. Whether it’s a sandwich or sushi rolls, you can order lunch (and drinks) right from the pool.

Mystique Santorini review, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Room Service

You can also order room service, but with such incredible views, we ended up eating at Charisma Restaurant for all our breakfasts. If you have a dining area on your terrace it might be nice to enjoy a meal from there, but like I said, we just never got around to it! 

Their website also mentions a secret wine cave, but we asked about it and never were able to find it. Maybe it’s that good of a secret?? Lol, if you end up finding it, let me know.

Mystique Santorini review, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

The Infinity Pool

The pool at the Mystique deserves its own section. The infinity edge makes you feel like you’re about to swim out into the Aegean sea.

If you want a front-row seat with unobstructed Caldera views, you’ll need to get there early as the infinity pool is always a popular spot for guests, and there are limited seats. 

Mystique Santorini review, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

I saw some people grab a front seat and put their bags on it to stake their claim, and then head to breakfast. While I do find that kind of annoying, I’m also not above it, lol.

From the breathtaking views to the refreshing water, whether you’re taking a morning dip or catching an unforgettable sunset, you’ll probably find yourself returning to this spot again and again.

Spa at the Mystique

The spa at the Mystique is simple but offers a wide range of treatments and massages to help you relax. These include aromatherapy, hot stone massage, reflexology, and many more. With these services, you can experience total relaxation and rejuvenation that will leave you feeling like new.

We booked massages a little bit last minute, so there were no female masseuses available, which I typically prefer. I will say that my male masseuse was a bit heavy-handed—parts of my body were a bit sore the next day, and it was in places you might not expect like my calves and my groin. 

So all that to say that maybe it was my masseuse, but I didn’t have the best massage here. It was the only thing at the Mystique that wasn’t 5 out of 5 stars for me!

That’s it for my Mystique Santorini review! Clearly, we were in love.

This Luxury Collection resort did not disappoint! I’m already dreaming of returning to the Mystique. 

If you head to the Mystique, tag me in a Story @wtfab so I can relive it through you!

Mystique Santorini review by travel blogger What The Fab

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