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6 Rovectin Essentials for Amazing Skin

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If Rovectin ever stopped existing, I don’t know what I’d do! I have a lot of favorites in my skincare routine and this brand is one of them.

The Rovectin skincare brand is amazing and easily a brand full of essentials. It’s a Korean brand, so you know it’s good.

What I love about the brand is that most products are multi-taskers. For instance, their Lotus Water Cream is great at hydrating the skin but it also protects it from any fine dust!

If you’re looking to shop for some new Korean skin care products, keep reading for an honest Rovectin skin essentials review!

About Rovectin

This clean, natural ingredient brand is killing it in the skincare world. They make their products without any unnecessary additives to help all of us achieve the skin of our dreams the right way.

The origin of this brand is absolutely sweet. Rovectin started when a concerned brother wanted to find a way to restore his sister’s skin that was severely damaged due to chemotherapy—are you teary-eyed yet?

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6 Rovectin Products Your Skin Will Thank You For

Rovectin, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Rovectin

1. Lotus Water Cream

I subtly mentioned that this cream is great at hydrating along with it protecting your skin. It’s one of my absolute favorites lately because the consistency and the texture feels good on the skin.

It’s so good at hydrating the skin that I’m thinking of keeping this product around in the wintertime! If you’re looking for a good cream that doesn’t feel heavy, give this one a shot.

The magical ingredient in this is the clean lotus water. Lotus flower makes your skin look amazing because it absorbs the impurities and leaves your skin with a gorgeous glow—who doesn’t love that?

Rovectin, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Rovectin

2. Skin Essentials Activating Treatment Lotion

When it comes to Rovectin essentials, this is one of them. This activating treatment lotion is also one of those multitasking products because it not only soothes the skin, but it exfoliates, firms, AND hydrates.

This product just can’t get any better. I use this treatment lotion after cleansing by applying a small amount onto my hands and massaging into my face.

The consistency of this product wasn’t what I expected since it’s a bit thicker. However, it doesn’t feel heavy since it sinks right into your skin and hydrates it.

This will end up being one of the most important products in your routine since it acts as a toner and essence. Honestly, it lives up to the hype!

Rovectin, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Rovectin

3. Lotus Water Calming Toner

This toner is another product with magical lotus water. I alternate between this toner and the treatment lotion above.

I apply this toner with a cotton pad since it feels super calming and refreshing no matter if you use it morning or night. It’s refreshing and lightweight—I love it.

I found out about this toner through a friend who raved about it and I’m glad I listened. There’s a positive difference in my skin when I use this toner in comparison to my usual one.

If you’re wanting to try out a new toner, give this amazing one a shot!

Rovectin, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Rovectin

4. Skin Essentials Cica Care Balm

Not too long ago I found my skin super irritated and I was running out of ways to calm it down. I remembered I had this balm from the Rovectin haul I had done and immediately ran for it.

This balm is soo good at soothing the skin while doing something to fix it. It’s such a good product to bring hydration back into the skin which is the issue I was having.

Simply think of using this product to “slug”. I apply a generous amount of this balm instead of my night cream and my face looks so much better the next morning.

Rovectin, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Rovectin

5. Lotus Water Calming Sheet Mask

This lotus water sheet mask is a great pick-me-up in the middle of the week. What I love about this mask is that it has a gel consistency which feels amazing.

Typically, the sheet masks I use have more of a light, water-feel to them. This one feels so nice because of its texture.

I love applying it at night after applying their toner. I’ll admit, I’ve fallen asleep with the mask on!

Rovectin, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

6. LHA Blemish Ampoule

When eyeing this treatment, I didn’t know what exactly to use it for but I decided to grab it anyway! I will never regret that decision.

Is your skin type oily? If so, you’d love this!

Even if your skin type isn’t oily, it’s still a great product free of fragrance that boosts your skin.

This product has improved my overall skin texture when I have those troublesome skin days. My skin looks so plump and full of life after using it.

I’ve used it both as a spot treatment for any pesky blemishes and dark spots or all over my face if I think my skin could use a little help.

The products that I buy on a whim always end up being some of my favorites!

I love Rovectin and without a doubt plan on buying more from them—I’ve heard so many good things about their Barrier repair cream! The Barrier repair face and body cream is known to be super hydrating which is perfect for the upcoming chilly months.

Definitely check out the Rovectin clean beauty basic sets if you wanna try out some of their best products.

Tag me @wtfab if you decide to purchase any of these amazing Rovectin products! I promise you your skin will thank you for using them.

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Is Rovectin a Korean brand?

Yes! Korean skincare is so good and honestly one of my favorites.

Are Rovectin products vegan?

Based on product descriptions, most if not all are vegan!

Is Rovectin for all skin types?

Some of their products are suitable for all! However, they do have a skincare quiz to personalize a routine with their products for you!

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