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Porto Food Guide: The Best Porto Restaurants

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Porto Food, by Travel Blogger What The Fab

The Porto food scene has some really fun restaurants and dishes you have to try if you’re heading to this beautiful city!

This Porto food guide is just about wrapping up all of my blog coverage from Porto Portugal. I covered everything from in-depth travel guides, where to find azulejo tiles, my press trip with Vinho Verde in Northern Portugal, and so much more!

My Food of Portugal post covers all the traditional Portuguese foods you’ll want to keep an eye out for, from caldo verde to francesinhas.

And of course, I can’t leave out a best Porto Restaurants list. Usually, when I do a bunch of coverage from one destination, the foodie guides are one of the most popular posts.

Clearly, you all love food as much as I do. 😉

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Porto Food: Best Restaurants to Check Out

Porto Restaurants for Fine Dining

Porto Food, by Travel Blogger What The Fab


If you’re looking for fine dining and traditional Portuguese cuisine, Cafeína is a great option.

It has a stylish ambiance, great service, and delicious, classic dishes.

Cafeína’s location is outside of the touristy areas and closer to the seafront, in Foz do Douro, housed in a charming manor with iconic tiles surrounding the exterior.

This restaurant has been around for almost 20 years and is still known for its high-quality food, and trendy/fashionable clientele.

If you’ve been wanting to try traditional Bacalhau (codfish), this would be the spot, but I personally would opt for one of their roasted meat options with a foie gras appetizer.

Address: Rua do Padrão 100, 4150-557 Porto, Portugal

Porto Food, by Travel Blogger What The Fab


DOP stands for “Degustar e Ousar no Porto,” which means “Daring and Tasting in Porto.”

This restaurant is located in a beautiful, historic building, and has a clean, contemporary vibe. The restaurant serves European, Mediterranean, and Portuguese dishes (you’ll find lots of seafood, traditional meats, soups and pastas on the menu), and has an impressive cellar of Portuguese wines from the Douro Valley as well as and international wines.

Chef Rui Paula says, “Gastronomy echoes emotional roots, representing a link to the cultural context,” which I thought was a beautiful (and true) sentiment.

They pride themselves on a dynamic and bold menu—try the Francesinha (Porto’s typical sandwich) with lobster sauce.

Depending on which options you go for (a la carte or tasting menu), you can expect to drop around $100+ here for dinner, especially once you start including wine.

Address: Largo de São Domingos 18, Porto, 4050-545, Portugal

Porto Food, by Travel Blogger What The Fab


Elemento does an interesting take on cooking, and everything is cooked over a wood fire, without any use of gas. They change up the menu frequently and focus on ingredients that are in season.

They add a modern touch to traditional Portuguese cuisine. You can either order a la cart here or do a tasting menu with an optional wine pairing. It’s fine dining at a pretty reasonable price point, especially compared to what you would pay in the United States for a dining experience like this!

Sit at the bar to watch this unique, open kitchen in action. Be sure to make reservations (although I did have an odd experience where they were hounding me calling me asking to come 30 minutes earlier…).

Address: Rua do Almada 51, 4050-036 Porto, Portugal

Porto Food, by Travel Blogger What The Fab

Pedro Lemos

This Michelin star restaurant offers a few different tasting menus (full, light, and vegetarian), and is known for surprising flavors and presentation.

Located near the Douro, the restaurant is situated in a restored stone house with contemporary interior design, matching the contemporary focus of their tasting menus.

Address: Rua do Padre Luis Cabral 974, Porto, 4150-459, Portugal

Porto Food, by Travel Blogger What The Fab

Muu Steakhouse

Muu is another great option for a steakhouse. The staff is friendly and will help you select tender, delicious meats, along with a wine pairing from their cellar.

The interior is dark and muu-dy (see what I did there?) and makes for a very romantic atmosphere.

End your sumptuous meal with a decadent dessert and you’ll be in heaven.

Address: Rua do Almada 149A, 4050-037 Porto, Portugal

Porto Food, by Travel Blogger What The Fab
Porto Food, by Travel Blogger What The Fab

KOB by Olivier

Ok, ONE more meat/steakhouse recommendation. Clearly, Porto is really into their meats!

The interior is both sophisticated and cozy, with a modern vibe and copper and teal accents.

While KOB is known for its steaks (and beef that comes from all over the world), you’ll also find a couple of other seafood options on the menu.

On their website, they state that they have “vegetarian and fish options for those who don’t appreciate meat,” and I can’t tell if they’re being a tad snobby towards vegetarians or it’s something that got a little lost in translation. It does remind me though, of that Anthony Bourdain quote that vegetarians are the enemy of everything good and decent in the human spirit, and an affront to all I stand for, the pure enjoyment of food.

Address: R. do Conde de Vizela 149, 4050-640 Porto, Portugal

Best Porto Food Spots for Casual, Good Food

Brasão Aliados

When in Porto, you have to try a Francesinha (a traditional Porto steak sandwich with all kinds of other stuff in it), and Brasão is the place to do it.

At Brasão you’ll find a casual atmosphere, warm and friendly service, and craft beers to go with your delicious (and very heavy) Francesinha.

Get a side of french fries, and with all the cheese and a fried egg smothered on top, you could easily share one Francesinha between two people.

Address: R. de Ramalho Ortigão 28, 4000-407 Porto, Portugal


Nogueiras is known for high-quality steaks, so if you’re a meat lover, you’ll enjoy this place!

The interior is beautiful and their bar serves up delicious craft cocktails. On some evenings they have live jazz music.

Address: R. de Ceuta, 23 4050-191 Porto Portugal

ODE Porto Wine House

ODE sits right alongside the Douro river, inside a charming and rustic 19th century house.

They serve Portuguese food and of course, wine (15 Euro by the glass), and have an open kitchen for a fun atmosphere.

This is one of the few spots I’d recommend in the Ribeira district, which usually leans towards the touristy side with mediocre food.

Address: Largo do Terreiro, 7 Zona Histórica da Ribeira, Porto 4050-603 Portugal

Porto Food, by Travel Blogger What The Fab
Porto Food, by Travel Blogger What The Fab


You might be thinking, “Asian food? In Portugal?” But trust me, BOA-BAO is delicious. Their Pan-Asian cuisine was a fun switch up from all of the traditional Portuguese food we’d been eating. When you’re ready for a break from raosted meats and cod, come here!

The interior is inspired by an open-air Asian food market, and it’s a fun vibe. They also do delicious cocktails here.

Pro tip, don’t miss the sea bass bao. There are so many delicious baos to choose from and I probably would have skipped this one if our waiter hadn’t recommended it—it was so yummy!

Address: Rua da Picaria 61 65, 4050-477 Porto, Portugal

Porto Food, by Travel Blogger What The Fab

O Valentim

This seafood restaurant is located in the heart of where all of the fishing action is, the fishing port Matosinhos. With access to great, local fish, they receive fresh specialties every day like seabass, clams, shrimp, and squid.

The atmosphere inside is simple—it’s all about the food here, not the interior design. If you’re in the mood for seafood, this is a great lunch or dinner spot.

Address: R. Heróis de França 263, 4450-155 Matosinhos, Portugal

Porto Food, by Travel Blogger What The Fab
Porto Food, by Travel Blogger What The Fab

Cantina 32

Rua das Flores is known for being a hot spot in the Porto food scene, and we loved Cantina 32!

They have a small outdoor seating area in front of the restaurant, and the interior is very industrial-chic, with high ceilings, concrete walls, and lots of plants.

Cantina 32 does inventive twists on traditional Portuguese staples, and a lot of their meats are served up in the cast iron pan they were cooked in.

The food is great, and the prices are reasonable. Definitely book reservations in advance!

Address: R. das Flores 32, 4050-262 Porto, Portugal


Get to know regional Portuguese cuisine, with a contemporary touch, at Emotivo.

Emotivo is known for its fantastic food, wine, and service, and their menu changes to focus on two different regions every couple of months.

Their tasting menu encourages sharing and is designed for two people, consisting of seven moments: three starters, two main courses, and two desserts. The price is 60 Euro for two people, which feels like an absolute bargain.

You can check their website to see which two regions are currently being featured on their menu.

Address: Rua do Rosário, 4050-520 Porto, Portugal

Casa Guedes

Another pork sandwich that you have to try in Porto? Yep!

Pernil com queijo sandwiches are made with roasted pork shoulder and covered in Serra da Estrela cheese.

Casa Guedes is known for being THE spot to try pernil com queijo sandwiches, and they’ve been in business since 1987.

There’s also a rooftop terrace where you can sit and enjoy your sandwich.

Address: Praça dos Poveiros 130, 4000-393 Porto, Portugal


This fun tapas bar has fantastic food and service. If you like octopus, definitely try it here.

Your waiter will chat you up and help you make some decisions around their inventive menu.

Address: Rua do Almada 151A, 4050-037 Porto, Portugal

O Afonso

Featured on Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, O Afonso is a must for trying Porto’s famous Francesinha. You can try a traditional francesinha or even a vegetarian francesinha here.

Between the slices of bread, you’ll find layers of different meats (usually ham, sausage, and steak), all smothered in melted cheese and a secret sauce.

You can definitely split one between two people, especially if you’re also doing a side of fries and a cold beer to wash it all down with.

Address: 4050 610, Rua da Torrinha 219, Porto, Portugal

Porto Foodie Spots for Brunch

Porto Food, by Travel Blogger What The Fab

Do Norte Cafe

Do Norte is a very cute little cafe with a small coffee shop in the front and a restaurant in the back, including an adorable outdoor patio.

Their coffee was delicious and the perfect pick me up during a day of sightseeing. We also enjoyed a quick bite here—I had a yummy dish with savory waffles, smoked salmon, and greens that was pretty light.

They don’t take reservations, so walk-in is the only way to go.

Address: Rua do Almada 57/59 4000, 4050-036 Porto, Portugal

Porto Food, by Travel Blogger What The Fab

Nola Kitchen

This casual cafe focuses on healthy foods with no additives. Sometimes when you’re traveling you just need a healthy breakfast or something green, lol.

If you’re vegetarian or vegan you’ll have plenty of options here.

Their salmon bowl is a popular dish, or you can grab a juice to go in the mornings.

Address: Praça D. Filipa de Lencastre 25, 4050-259 Porto, Portugal

Best Spots in Porto for Sweets

Porto Food, by Travel Blogger What The Fab

Miss Pavlova

Portuguese cakes? You don’t have to tell me twice. 😉

Try one of their variations of a pavlova here or a traditional pastel de nata, and sit in the back patio area—it’s SUPER cute and made it onto my Porto Instagram Spots blog post.

Address: Rua do Almada 21, 4050-036 Porto, Portugal

Leitaria Quinta do Paço

Stop here for a heavenly eclair paired with a cup of coffee. Their cakes are delish too!

Address: Praça Guilherme Gomes Fernandes 47, 4050-293 Porto, Portugal


If it’s a hot day, you might be in the mood for some ice cream. For 70 years, Santini has been making artisanal ice cream with natural fruit and fresh ingredients.

They pride themselves on creating unique flavors, and the staff will happily explain to you the different options.

Address: Largo dos Lóios 16 20, 4050-338 Porto, Portugal

Porto Food, by Travel Blogger What The Fab

Vogue Cafe

Of course, the Vogue Cafe is stylish af. The vibe is modern and fashionable here.

Combine that with craft cocktails and good food featuring European cuisine, and it makes for an elegant experience. It’s fun to see Vogue’s vision for its magazine come to life in the form of a restaurant.

Stop by for brunch or for a pre-dinner cocktail or glass of port wine in the courtyard.

Address: R. de Avis 10, 4050-075 Porto, Portugal

Porto Food, by Travel Blogger What The Fab

O Diplomata

Think International House of Pancakes, but actually good. Diplomata is well known for being a go-to breakfast spot in pancakes, and they serve next-level gourmet pancakes.

You can build your own custom, fluffy stakes of pancakes and add on syrups and toppings to create your own masterpiece or go with their pancake of the week.

Don’t worry, you can also get protein like a side of bacon and eggs.

Address: R. de José Falcão 32, 4050-198 Porto, Portugal

Porto Food, by Travel Blogger What The Fab

Negra Cafe

Negra Cafe is a nice little breakfast spot with cozy couches and a comfortable atmosphere. Grab a salmon or avocado toast with coffee here in the AM to fuel up for your day.

There’s also the option for outdoor dining on the patio here.

Address: R. Guedes de Azevedo 117, 4000-272 Porto, Portugal

Still on the quest for more Porto food spots? Book a Porto food tour or even a cooking class!

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Where are the best Porto restaurants for fine dining?

The best Porto restaurants for fine dining are:
– Cafeína
– Elemento
– Pedro Lemos

What are the best spots in Porto for sweets?

The best spots in Porto for sweets are:
– Do Norte Cafe
– Nola Kitchen

What are the best Porto foodie spots for brunch?

The best Porto foodie spots for brunch are:
– Miss Pavlova
– Leitaria Quinta do Paço
– Santini

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