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6 BEST Korean Sunscreens for Oily Skin Types

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You can never go wrong with Korean skin care, which is why the latest installment in my Korean skincare series will show you the best Korean sunscreen for oily skin types. 

Sunscreen is such an important step in your skincare routine—it’s an easy and foolproof way to protect your skin’s look and health at any age!

I especially love Korean beauty products because they’re made from ingredients that are gentler on your face and prioritize clear, glowy, and natural-looking skin. Plus, they just WORK. 

It’s also super important to know your skin type so that you can get the product that works best for you. Here are some of the Korean sunscreens for your oil-prone skin!

6 Best Korean Sunscreen for Oily Skin

Korean Sunscreen for Oily Skin by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Walmart

1. Missha Soft Finish Sun Milk SPF50

I just had to start off with the super affordable Missha Soft Finish Sun Milk SPF50. It’s literally more than half the price of most products on the market and offers a great bang for your buck.

Its formula is made to best work in humid environments, so it’s perfect for oil and acne-prone skin (or when you’re on a tropical vacay) and gives your skin the most STUNNING fresh, milky finish. 

They also use the ingredient glycofilm 1.5p, which will help to protect your skin from anything harmful in the environment. 

If you’re looking for an inexpensive product that will do the job and more, this sun cream is IT! It’s def a super important part of my daily skincare routine.

Korean Sunscreen for Oily Skin by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Walmart

2. Etude House Sunprise Mild Airy Finish SPF50

Etude House’s Sunprise Mild Airy Finish sun cream is another great affordable option. It’s a super light and refreshing gel that goes on smoothly and yet packs a ton of sun-protecting power—it’s SPF50!

Not only does it contain aloe vera, which is literally so good for your skin, but it also is made from over twenty kinds of natural ingredients, such as extracts from sunflower seeds, dwarf ground sedge, and acai berries. 

After a week of using it, it left my skin so soft and glowy. 😍

It’s water-based, which means it’s super gentle on sensitive, oil-prone skin. It also doesn’t leave any of that nasty white cast left, so that’s a huge plus. 

Korean Sunscreen for Oily Skin by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Soko Glam

3. Sun Project Water Sun Cream SPF50

The Sun Project Water Sun Cream is ultra-protecting and will keep your skin hydrated all day long without making it look oily. 

It’s made from skin super ingredients such as African walnut oil, bamboo extracts, aloe vera, and phyto-oligo, which helps reduce inflammation and protects your skin’s moisture barrier without leaving unwanted stickiness.

For all my ladies out there with oily skin, this product is the way to go. It leaves your skin looking so smooth and flawless and also does a great job of protecting against UV rays.

I was v excited to learn that it’s also cruelty-free and doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients, parabens, or mineral oil. If you’re into maintaining a clean and green skincare regimen, def check this out. 

Korean Sunscreen for Oily Skin by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Walmart

4. COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF50

As you guys may or may not already know, COSRX is hands down one of my fav Korean skincare brands (you can read my full Best COSRX Products post here!). That’s why I was so excited to include their Aloe Soothing Sun Cream with SPF50 on this list—I absolutely swear by it!

This daily sunblock is formulated with aloe arborescens leaf extract and is so lightweight that you’d think it was a moisturizer. 

It glides on super smoothly and is especially gentle on those with sensitive skin. Not only that, but it has a satin finish that leaves oily skin feeling soft and smooth.

It’s also made in a really cute portable size, so you already know it’s a go-to for my travel kit. 🤩

Korean Sunscreen for Oily Skin by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Walmart

5. Missha All-Around Safe Block Aqua Sun Gel SPF50

Here’s yet another product by Missha—they make super great, affordable skincare that I always find myself going back to. This All-Around Safe Block Aqua Sun Gel comes in a lightweight and stick-free gel formula that rejuvenates your skin and blocks both UVA and UVB rays.

It contains a natural blend of ice plants, glacial water, antozone-rose, and thanaka extracts that is so gentle on your skin and leaves it feeling totally refreshed and clear. Make sure to apply it thirty minutes before going out in the sun for the best results!

This gel also has a really light, milky finish that is super good to tame oily skin and keep it looking extra fresh.

Korean Sunscreen for Oily Skin by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Amazon

6. AHC Natural Perfection Double Shield Sun Stick SPF50

I’m switching up my list with our first stick applicator, the AHC Natural Perfection Double Shield Sun Stick. For a stick sun cream, it honestly glides on so smoothly and leaves such a soft, even finish. It’s super small so it’s perfect to keep in your purse for everyday use!

You apply this product from your inner face outwards in order to get the best protection from UV rays and pollutants. Its hypoallergenic formula is gentle on all skin types and is even safe to use on children. 

This product also helps reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles while brightening your skin. I’m definitely adding this to my wish list!

Those were all my favorite Korean sunscreens for oily skin types! If you haven’t been using sunscreen in your skincare routine, this guide is your sign to start.

It can definitely be difficult to find the sunscreen that works best for you, but Korean products are never a miss. I know my skin has been loving me ever since I made the switch! 

If you decide to try any of these out for yourself, please let me know by tagging me on Insta (@wtfab) or shooting me a DM. 

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What is the best Korean sunscreen for oily skin types?

The best Korean sunscreens are:
Missha Soft Finish Sun Milk SPF50
Etude House Sunprise Mild Airy Finish SPF50
Sun Project Water Sun Cream SPF50

Should I use sunscreen everyday?

Yes! Sunscreen is amazing at not only protecting your skin from damaging UV rays but also keeps your skin moisturized and refreshed.

How often should I reapply sunscreen?

You should reapply sunscreen around every two hours or so to get the best protection throughout the day.

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