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Episode #46: How We Can Uplift and Empower Other Women to Unlock Their Fullest Potential, with Author Jane Finette

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#46: Join me for a conversation with Jane Finette, author of Unlocked and founder of The Coaching Fellowship. We get into:

– The importance of having a network and how to grow yours (without going to networking events—who actually likes those??)

– Obstacles faced in the workplace and how to be an ally to empower women

– Key, actionable steps that we can practice to unlock the potential of women around us

– How women have been conditioned since the dawn of capitalism that men take care of the money, and how speaking openly about finances empowers ourselves and other women

– The Coaching Fellowship and how it helps women advance to become social change leaders

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Quick Links from the Episode:


Buy Unlocked: How Empowered Women Empower Women

The Coaching Fellowship

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