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Episode #26: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about CBD, with Equilibria’s CEO, Coco Meers & Dosage Specialist, Maia Reed

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#26: In this episode, I’m talking all about my experience with CBD, and how it’s become my post-panny must-have. I interview one of Equilibria’s Dosage Specialists, Maia Reid, on everything you’d ever want to know about CBD—How does it work? Can you overdose? Is it legal? We deep dive into all of your questions that you’ve asked me about CBD, like how much to take and how to find the right plan. After that, I chat with the CEO & Co-Founder of Equilibria, Coco Meers, all about her background as a serial entrepreneur, how she’s a champion for other women, and how Equilibria came to be. This episode gets into:

– The ins and outs of CBD—how it works, why it’s not pot and won’t get you high, and so much more

– How CBD can be lifechanging, and how to find the right balance for you

– How Coco discovered the benefits of CBD

– Why Equilibria was created by women, for women

– Lessons and advice from Coco that she’s learned as a serial entrepreneur 

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