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Sherwin-Williams Greek Villa

So excited to share a look at our progress painting our house with Sherwin-Williams Greek Villa and a couple of other statement wall accent colors! I’ll also be sharing a few key tips we learned along the way about painting your house yourself…it’s definitely a lot of work but it’s SO satisfying and rewarding! We …

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Makeup Vanity Organization

Our master bedroom is 0% set up in terms of decor and a new paint job, but at least I’ve got my makeup vanity organization situation on point! Besides our bed, this was the first piece of furniture I got set up and I’m loving having a dedicated space to both store and do my …

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How to Make Your Spice Drawer Aesthetic AF

While we’ve all been stuck at home, you’ve probably been seeing this spice drawer trend on TikTok and Instagram. People are making their spice drawers aesthetic af by taking all of their spices out of their original jars and putting them in new, cohesive jars, and then adding a pretty label to them. To me, …

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