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How to Have a Nice Pantry: Organization Ideas

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How to have a nice pantry, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

One of the first projects I tackled when we moved into our new home was the pantry! I’ve never had a pantry before and tbh this one is almost as big as our entire kitchen in SF. 😅 So I’m really excited to have a nice pantry that’s neatly organized!

Pinterest has endless inspo for you if you’re looking to up your pantry game. Which means you can spend an endless amount of money getting your pantry aesthetic on point.

How to have a nice pantry, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

In my opinion, there are a few key things to focus your money on if you want to have a nice pantry that is beautifully organized. Whether you have an open pantry or are looking to pretty up your kitchen cabinets, these items are clutch. Those things are:

OXO Containers

If I had to pick one thing to up-level your pantry aesthetic, it would for sure be OXO containers! Getting rid of the mishmash of boxes, bags, etc. and having all your dry goods in uniform containers is so much more aesthetically pleasing.

I got my OXO containers from Kohls and The Container Store. You can buy a 20-piece set to get started, and then smaller sets or one-off containers as you go.

It was legit so satisfying to get all my cereals, rice, coffee, etc. in these containers!

Label Maker

Gotta have a label maker if you’re going with the OXO containers. Otherwise, you’re going to mix up your baking powder and baking soda. 😂 Also, it just completes the aesthetic and it’s so satisfying.

Large Baskets

Large baskets are key for throwing the rest of your random stuff in and keep your nice pantry looking clean.

Acrylic Drawers

A few acrylic drawers are perfect for storing things like tea, medicine, vitamins.

Our pantry is a walk-in with shelving on two sides.

How to have a nice pantry, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

There are also a few other things I got to organize my pantry that I’m loving, including lazy susans for condiments, oils, and sauces, this wire can rack, and this water bottle organizer. I love all these organizers but if I had to pick one I’d go with the lazy susans—makes finding your different sauces so easy!

Those are the key things I got for our pantry organization! There are so many different styles you can go with—farmhouse, acrylic, minimal. It’s def a very satisfying home project!

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