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Aesop Dupes to Elevate Daily Life

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Top Aesop dupes, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Your skin deserves only the best, so treat yourself to these Aesop dupes that smell and feel amazing without costing a fortune.

Aesop is an Australian luxury brand that makes upscale hair and body care products with high-quality ingredients and plant-based formulas.

The iconic Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash is one of the company’s bestselling products and is famous in the world of luxury hand wash for its citrus herbal scent.

Click the images below to shop for these Aesop dupes:

Considering trying a bottle of Resurrection? You might think again once you see that $41 price tag!   

After falling in love with this aromatic hand soap, I set out to find the best Aesop dupes that could pass for the real deal but won’t break the bank. 

To make things easy for you, you can shop for these products by clicking directly on the images, the shopping buttons, and the text links. 

These are my affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission when you purchase using my links (at no additional cost to you!), and I greatly appreciate you shopping with my links!

Check out my favorite Aesop dupes by clicking below:

Aesop Dupes to Elevate Daily Life

Top Aesop dupes, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Target

1. Method Vetiver + Amber Hand Wash

Method’s Vetiver + Amber Hand Wash is an impressive drugstore find similar to the Aesop hand wash for a fraction of the price.

This Hand Wash comes with sleek and modern packaging, making it look much more expensive than the $7 price tag.

With a plant-based gel formula, the Method soap has a refreshing scent and leaves your hands feeling soft and clean.

Combining vetiver and amber fragrance notes in this Hand Soap creates a warm and sensual aroma to boost your mood instantly.

Top Aesop dupes, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Target

2. Baylis & Harding Oud, Cedar, & Amber Hand Wash

Begin researching the best Aesop dupes, and you’ll quickly find the Oud, Cedar, & Amber Hand Wash from Baylis & Harding is a top pick. 

Despite being priced at $6, the woody Oud and Cedar Wash works just as well as the designer hand soap.

Oud, Cedar, & Amber is a vegan-friendly hand wash with hints of lemon, patchouli, and sandalwood.

The result is an irresistibly fresh and invigorating cedarwood soap that smells and feels fantastic as you wash your hands. 

Click below to browse the best Aesop dupes:

Top Aesop dupes, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Public Goods

3. Public Goods Hand Soap

Another fantastic alternative to the Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash is the Hand Soap by Public Goods.

The Hand Soap costs under $10 but could easily pass for the Aesop original, thanks to the rich and high-end formula.

Public Goods designed this hand wash with a blend of grapefruit and mandarin fragrances for a bright and exhilarating scent.

I also love how effectively the liquid Hand Soap cleans dirt and grime without causing irritation or dryness.

Top Aesop dupes, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Walmart

4. Everyone Meyer Lemon & Mandarin Hand Soap

Everyone’s Meyer Lemon & Mandarin Hand Soap is the perfect Aesop soap dupe for those with very dry skin.

The Lemon & Mandarin Soap hydrates hands with a gentle vegan formula and keeps them fresh and clean. 

This Meyer Lemon Hand Soap is made with a blend of essential oils and natural ingredients that easily tackle germs and bacteria.

You’ll fall head over heels with the light citrus scent of this cruelty-free Hand Soap, which contains a happy blend of lemon and mandarin. 

Image via Stonewall Kitchen

5. Michel Design Works Lavender Rosemary Hand Soap

If you love the Aesop hand wash’s earthy scent notes, check out the Lavender Rosemary Hand Soap by Michel Design Works.

Firstly, the Michel Design Works Hand Soap is stunning—the beautifully designed bottle will look gorgeous on your counter. 

Of course, it also helps that the Lavender Rosemary Soap has an intoxicating smell with hints of eucalyptus.

Shea butter and aloe vera are formulated in this Lavender Soap that softens and moisturizes your hands.

Shop for these Aesop dupes by clicking the images below:

Image via Ulta

6. Milk + Honey Hand Soap No.35

While Milk + Honey’s Hand Soap No.35 isn’t the cheapest Aesop Resurrection dupe on this list, it’s worth the splurge.

Milk + Honey is known for making high-end, deliciously scented body care products, so the No.35 Soap is built to impress.

You’ll feel refreshed and invigorated after washing your hands with this silky, hydrating Hand Soap.

I’m obsessed with the hand wash’s unique and exciting combination of blood orange, ginger, and lemongrass scents.

Image via Target

7. Method Orange Ginger Hand Soap

I’m wrapping up this guide to the best Aesop dupes with another nourishing option from Method, the Orange Ginger Hand Soap.

This affordable Hand Soap smells similar to the real deal with a zesty yet subtle scent and skin-loving formula.

Foam is the best kind of hand soap, so I love washing my hands with this Orange Ginger Soap—it feels incredible and soothes my skin. 

Also, can we talk about the Hand Soap’s fragrance? The orange and ginger notes pair perfectly without smelling artificial or overpowering.

Instantly elevate your daily routine with these luxe Aesop dupes.

Click the images below to check out my top Aesop dupes:

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What does the famous Aesop soap smell like?

The Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash smells like citrus, herbs, and wood.

Is Aesop worth the price?

Name-brand Aesop products are high-quality and chic, but there are many spot-on bargain dupes.

What are the best Aesop dupes?

I recommend the Method Vetiver + Amber Hand Wash, my hand wash of choice.

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