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Front Door Fall Decor

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Front door fall decor, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Ok fam, I am surprisingly pumped about our front door fall decor!!

I’ve never decorated for fall before. I just wasn’t into it. Christmas, definitely. But fall, meh…

This year I got a wild hair and felt inspired to do some porch decorating to welcome fall. I think it was the combination of the boredom from being stuck at home, feeling inspired by some of my girlfriends who did some really cute outdoor decorations for fall, and the fact that it’s the first changing of seasons in our new home.

Front door fall decor, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Whatever it was that got into me, turns out I am here for the front door fall decor. I had so much fun brainstorming home design ideas, picking out autumn wreaths, and arranging all of our front door decor. Truly, I had no idea it would bring me so much joy! I’m all about finding happiness in the little things, especially during 2020 when that can feel hard.

So if you’re looking to add some seasonal curb appeal to your front door for fall, here are a bunch of decorating ideas along with pics of how my porch decor turned out!

I’ll also be linking all of the fall decor pieces that I bought, as well as other decor ideas so you can make your porch ideas a reality.

Front Door Fall Decor

I think one of the reasons I hadn’t been into fall decor before is that I really hate the color orange. Red and yellow probably tie for second for my least favorite colors…so already things are looking a little bleak when it comes to autumn displays lol.

But I realized that there is such a thing as neutral fall decor, and it didn’t need to look like The Great Pumpkin from Charlie Brown threw up all over my house. So I leaned into the neutral fall home decor, hard. P.S. no shade to anyone who is into orange for fall. It’s just not my fav!

Ok, let’s get into the specifics of my front door fall decor…

Welcome Mat

Front door fall decor, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Every fall front door needs a cute fall-themed welcome mat! I found this “Hey there, pumpkin” mat on Etsy, and this seller had quick shipping—even faster than what was available on Amazon because I think these are just super popular right now!

I also got this buffalo plaid doormat to go underneath the Hey there, pumpkin doormat. I think it gives the welcome mat a nice pop and feels very fall.

Funny side story, while I was searching for welcome mats on Etsy I found this one with WAP lyrics on it…I about died laughing picturing one of my elderly neighbors coming up to our front door and seeing that.

Shop my welcome mat + others below!

Fall Wreath

Front door fall decor, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Clearly, your front door also needs a wreath. I searched high and low for neutral fall wreaths and was going to give up altogether, but I finally found this seller on Etsy who makes these gorgeous wreaths in neutral colors—think lots of wheat and pampas grass!

There are some customization options available like a burlap ribbon, copper ring, or no ribbon to finish it off. This is definitely my favorite autumn decor door hanger piece that I found.

She’s even managed to make some neutral pumpkin wreaths that I’m absolutely in love with.

If you’re crafty I’m sure you could do your own DIY wreath with dried wheat! Trader Joe’s has a bunch of dried wheat by their pumpkins right now.

Wreaths are a must-have door decoration! Shop my fall wreath + others below:

Leaf Garland

Front door fall decor, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

This was another fall decor piece that I knew I wanted but was having trouble finding a neutral-colored one rather than bright orange/red.

But if you want that bright pop of color and leaves, don’t let me stop you, and I’ll be sure to link some below for ya!

I found this garland with champagne and brown leaves on Wayfair. It is on the pricier side for fall garlands, but it comes in a pack of six six-foot garlands.

I was able to use four of them for the front door and two for our fireplace inside, which helped me justify the expense by getting more mileage out of it, haha. I will say that this leaf garland is not as shiny in person as it looks in the photos, which I think is a good thing.

Shop my fall leaf garland + other options below:

Fall Signage

Front door fall decor, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

You can go crazy with fall signage—there are so many options big and small to welcome harvest season with. I went with a small “hello fall” sign to put in our window, but I’ll link some fun tall ones too.

Shop my fall sign + others below:

Tall Vase Arrangements

Front door fall decor, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

I wanted some front door decorations with height and was originally thinking corn stalks would be perfect. However, I quickly found that you can’t ship cornstalks to California due to agricultural restrictions, and I wasn’t so married to the idea that I felt like researching where to buy them locally.

So instead I set out to find some tall floor vases that I could put some other fall decor pieces in to add some height. I found some tall glass vases at Homegoods and I painted them white (peep one of my fav DIY projects, DIY Terracotta vases, here).

I added these white branches, some faux hydrangeas that I found in a muted dark red/purple color (I felt like these flowers were perfect for a little bit of color), and some dried wheat. And voila!

Front door fall decor, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

I’m pretty proud of how these turned out, especially because I saw some tall vases with fall arrangements in them at Homegoods that cost $75 each.

I was tempted to just grab those and go, but I was like nah, I bet I can put my own arrangements together for much less. The vases were $15 each, and the hydrangeas, wheat, and sticks (lmao, I don’t know what else to call them) were probably $45 combined and enough to fill both vases.

So for less than the price of one of those Homegoods arrangements, I was able to make two!

I also was originally thinking that these tall arrangements would go on either side of the front door, but there just wasn’t nearly enough space on the left side of the door so I decided to have them flanking the window, which turned out just fine.

Front door fall decor, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

I added a little basket with more dried wheat things that I found at Homegoods and some pumpkins in between the two vases. I got my pumpkins at Trader Joe’s and I love that they have a huge variety of pumpkins, especially ones that are more of a faded/burnt orange rather than the usual bright orange!

Perfect for my neutral fall decor color scheme. You could also mix things up and only add cute pine cones as your display to really play the fall theme. It’s up to you!

You could also bring the basket inside and use it for a small coffee table fall vignette with similar decor items that I used here.

Front door fall decor, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Shop my tall vase arrangements below:


Front door fall decor, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Lastly, I put out a couple of bronze lanterns and surrounded them with a few tiny pumpkins, and that completed my front door fall decor!

Please note that even though I have large candles in the lanterns, they’re for decor only and I’m not lighting them. I encourage you to do the same—we’ve had enough wildfires this year in California.

Front door fall decor, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

I love how our fall front door turned out (it’s beautiful)! It makes me happy every time I see it. Sometimes I’ll use our front door instead of our side door when I’m getting the mail just so I can look at it, lolll. I feel like it’s fun and festive, without being too crazy, haha.

Have you done any fall decorating? I haven’t done any indoor fall decor except for using the extra wreath garland on our fireplace, and I’m ok with it lol. Maybe next year.

I do think that with us being stuck at home more I’m looking for ways to welcome the new season and enjoy time at home.

In addition to the fall decorating, I’ve also been making some fall recipes, like this pumpkin bread with chocolate streusel recipe from NYT. If you’re looking for some cozy beverages, here are a couple of others:

Chai Tea Recipe
Spiced Cider with Rum Recipe

This year has been so weird—March-May went on forever, and yet summer went by really quickly. Last year I started shooting holiday content so early that I had a Christmas tree up November first, and I basically skipped fall.

So this year I’m savoring fall and all the cozy vibes—if you have any other favorite autumn activities or recipes, definitely let me know!

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How do I decorate my front door in the fall?

You can decorate your front door for fall so many different ways. Try adding some cute fall signs and decorations to bring more spice to your front door.

What can I hang on my front door besides a wreath?

You can hang a sign or garland on your front door instead of a wreath. But if you’re looking for a fun and modern take on wreath you can find custom ones on Etsy.

How do you decorate for fall?

You can decorate a number of different ways for fall. Try adding in vases, lanterns, garland, plants, or fall signs.

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