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How to Make Your Spice Drawer Aesthetic AF

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How to make your spice drawer aesthetic, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

While we’ve all been stuck at home, you’ve probably been seeing this spice drawer trend on TikTok and Instagram.

People are making their spice drawers aesthetic af by taking all of their spices out of their original jars and putting them in new, cohesive jars, and then adding a pretty label to them.

To me, it seemed a little over the top and OCD. And I wanted IN.

I ordered these spice jars on Amazon and these spice labels on Etsy. I went with the 60 count Standard Spice labels option to make sure I had all the spice labels I’d need, and it does come with a few blank ones in case you have something random that isn’t already included in the other 60 labels and need to write it in. For sizing, I selected the 2.25t x 1.25w White labels and they fit the jars from Amazon nicely.

I also was like you know what let’s go ham and I ordered the pantry labels from this Etsy shop too. Pantry organization will be a project and a blog post for another day!

I had all of these products delivered right to my door, and as soon as they arrived I got into making the aesthetic spice drawer of my dreams.

First, I washed all of the spice jars in our dishwasher (omg I have a dishwasher now!!) and made sure they were bone dry afterward. Then, I transferred each of the spices one by one into a new jar using the rubber funnel that came with the jars. Be sure to rinse the funnel after each use, so that you don’t accidentally taint your spices.

After each jar, I applied the matching label. This part was actually a little bit tricky for me because I am horrible at doing things in a straight line so occasionally the labels would come out a little wonky and I’d have to peel them off and try again. And with each peel the label becomes more curled and difficult to place, so that’s not exactly ideal.

How to make your spice drawer aesthetic, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

To make sure I was aligning all of the labels at around the same height on the jars as best as I could, I started with one jar and then used that as my model going forward, and would line the next jar up with it to get the top of the label for the new jar around the same place.

I will say that the labels are not 100% perfectly aligned, and you can tell if you look closely in the photos (or maybe not even that closely, lol), but to the naked eye you don’t notice it and it looks pretty impressive.

Our new kitchen has a wide, shallow drawer underneath the stove, perfect for a spice drawer, so I laid them all flat in there. I also got a drawer organizer to kinda section off our drawer since it’s so wide. I’m also thinking about getting some wood spice drawer inserts for the drawer like this one, so that they’re laying flat with the labels showing, but tiered.

If you’re tight on cabinet and storage space, we had this wall-mounted spice rack in our old apartment and it was great. It saved space and made our spices easily accessible when we were cooking.

Oh, and I alphabetized them after photographing them, because if we’re going to go crazy with the spice organization we might as well go all the way, right?

The other thing I love about this new spice drawer layout is it makes it really easy to view your spices and see which ones you’re running low on. So when you go to the grocery store you’re not wondering, do I have cumin? I think I need cumin. And then you end up with three jars of cumin at home.

These would also look so pretty on a shelf or in any of the spice organizers I’m linking below.

My new pretty spice jars make me so happy every time I open my spice drawer! Definitely recommend this little quarantine project. It’s so easy and satisfying!

How to make your spice drawer aesthetic, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

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Wednesday 21st of October 2020

Love! Love! Love! Now you need the rods to properly display and store the spices! Let me know if I can help you.

[email protected]

Wednesday 28th of October 2020

Thank you! Those would look so great!