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Best Manual Coffee Grinders to Add to Your Coffee Set Up

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Best Manual Coffee Grinders, by Blogger What The Fab

I’ve been stepping up my coffee game over the past few years and let me tell you, it’s life-changing. I’m starting with the basics and sharing some of the best manual coffee grinders. 

I can’t emphasize investing in a manual coffee bean grinder enough. It’s made my morning coffee better and has made experimenting with different coffee styles a lot of fun.

Depending on the type of coffee maker you have, you can grind your beans accordingly. 

I’ve been experimenting with the Moka Pot recently because I love some espresso-style coffee when I need more of a pick-me-up. I also love that I can go from grinding fine beans to more coarse beans to add to a French press or my chorreador (my fav way to make coffee, that I learned about in Costa Rica!).

Having a coffee grinder just adds so much versatility and it’s nice being able to have fresh ground coffee whenever I want instead of having to pre-grind the beans at the grocery store. 

And yes, I fully realize that a manual coffee grinder takes more time (and upper arm strength) than an electric one. But let me tell you, it’s worth it.

Finding the right manual coffee grinder for you can be time-consuming, so I’m helping you out by rounding up this guide to the best manual coffee grinders.

And if you’re thinking about getting an espresso machine, be sure to check out my top 10 automatic espresso machine post here!

10 Best Manual Coffee Grinders

Best Manual Coffee Grinders, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via 1Zpresso

1. 1Zpresso JX Manual Coffee Grinder

The 1Zpresso JX is an all-around favorite. It’s a 48mm burr grinder that gives you 40 different grind settings to choose from. 

It also has a very comfortable and convenient handle to make grinding easier. Just add your coffee beans and you’ll be on your way to making a delicious cup of coffee. 

I’m in love with the sleek look of the aluminum body and the modern look of the wooden handle. You’ll also be happy to know it’s super easy to clean and it comes with a complimentary cleaning brush.

The quality of this hand coffee grinder is really nice making it worth the price. 

Best Manual Coffee Grinders, by Blogger What The Fab

Image via Zassenhaus

2. Zassenhaus Santiago Coffee Mill Grinder

This Zassenhaus Santigo Coffee Mill is one of the most stunning and interesting-looking grinders on the market. It comes in 2 shades natural varnish and black satin—both would look beautiful in any kitchen because of the neutral colors. 

It’s made with beechwood and has high-grade carbon steel burrs to last you years of grinding. On days you want to grind things a bit easier, you can put it in between your legs since it has curved sides to increase stability. 

I know it might look intimidating to use, but all you have to do is slide open the top compartment to pour your beans in and then begin cranking. There’s a bottom drawer where the ground coffee beans will collect to begin brewing. 

Image via IZpresso

3. 1Zpresso Q2 Manual Coffee Grinder Mini

If you’re looking for something more compact and easy to carry around, the 1Zpresso Q2 Mini is one of the best options. It’s made with a stainless steel conical burr and can conveniently fit the size of an AeroPress if that’s your style brew.

This mini grinder is the most ideal for pour-over coffee over espresso style. It’s super easy to clean like all their other grinders.

Just unscrew the grinder and clean it with the brush it comes with. It’s so lightweight, if you’re someone who likes to go camping or plans mini getaways but needs their daily coffee, this is perfect.

Best Manual Coffee Grinders, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Crate & Barrel

4. Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill

If you’re looking for a modern and aesthetic manual coffee grinder, the Hario Ceramic Coffee grinder is the one. I’m obsessed with the white ceramic and olivewood details.

Inside, the conical ceramic burrs grind beans to your preferred level of coarseness or fineness that works with pour-over or espresso cups of coffee. You’ll get barista-quality results that make it worth your investment.

The Hario grinder is the perfect balance between being compact but big enough to bring you more grinding options. All you need is a gentle soap and a soft sponge to clean the grinder thoroughly.

Image via Handground

5. Handground Precision Coffee Grinder

The Handground Precision coffee grinder is another popular portable hand grinder. It’s made with a conical ceramic burr mill to produce a nice grind.

With 15 different settings, you’ll have plenty of options to play around with. You’ll get a consistent grind every time you use it.

You can fill this grinder with up to 100 grams of beans and it conveniently has 10 gram marks to see exactly how much you’re filling up. The top locks and the side-mounted handle is removable, making it easy to clean. 

Best Manual Coffee Grinders, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Crate & Barrel

6. Hario Skerton Pro Coffee Grinder Manual

The Hario Skerton Pro coffee grinder is a lot like the Handground Precision grinder, just a bit smaller and less expensive. With a conical ceramic burr grinder, you can easily go from fine to coarse.

The best thing about a conical burr grinder is the beans won’t heat up so you maintain those strong flavors and oils. Since it’s more of a small grinder, you can easily pack it and take it around anywhere.

It’s easy to disassemble and clean—nothing beats convenience and quality. This is a great option if you’re looking for something compact and versatile.

Best Manual Coffee Grinders, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Porlex

7. Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

The Porlex Mini is a less aesthetic option but still a powerful one. With many settings, you can easily grind fine to coarse beans.

It’s made in Japan with quality stainless steel materials and everything is easy to assemble. The handle is very comfortable making it a breeze to crank. 

The mini design makes it convenient to bring around anywhere. Just pop it into your bag and you can grind anywhere.

Image via Akirakoki

8. Akirakoki Manual Coffee Bean Grinder 

The Akirakoki Manual grinder is a really great and more affordable option. It comes in 2 different wood finishes dark brown and light wood. 

I like that this grinder is more unique with a conical cast iron burr. It doesn’t heat up so you won’t have to worry about the metal rusting or metal odors. 

You can adjust the grind by using the screw under the grinder base to control the fineness of the beans. It’s super easy to disassemble and clean.

9. JavaPresse Manual Coffee Bean Grinder

The JavaPresse is another really great affordable option to choose from. It has 18 manual grind settings to give you precision and control.

I really love how quiet manual grinders are compared to electric ones and this JavaPresse is so soft. I love the Japanese-inspired design—very minimal and clean.

It’s the perfect in-between size of not being too big and not too small. All around this is a really solid manual grinder.

Best Manual Coffee Grinders, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Williams Sonoma

10. Peugeot Antique Coffee Mill

Last up is the Peugeot Antique coffee mill—I can’t get over the vintage look of this grinder. This style is very similar to the Zassenhaus I mentioned earlier.

It’s made with gorgeous beechwood and has a stainless steel burr grinder. The grind is super adjustable with the twist thumbwheel under the handle. 

The handle fits super comfortably in the hand and has a 5-year warranty in case anything happens along the way. 

Those were all the best manual coffee grinders. I can’t wait for you to invest in one and have amazing coffees in the morning!

You’d be surprised to learn how much money you can save by making coffees at home. I honestly think the coffee I make at home ends up tasting better than what I would’ve gotten out at a coffee shop.

As always, be sure to tag me on Insta @wtfab so I can see the manual grinders you all got. 

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What are the best manual coffee grinders?

The best manual coffee grinders are:
– 1Zpresso JX Manual Coffee Grinder
– Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill
– JavaPresse Manual Coffee Bean Grinder

Are manual coffee grinders the best?

Manual coffee grinders work really well, but ultimately it’s up to your preference of which one you like more versus an automatic grinder.

Are manual coffee grinders worth it?

Yes, manual coffee grinders are definitely worth the investment. They work so well at grinding the beans for the most flavor.

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