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8 of the Best Antique Brass Lamps for Your Home

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Antique Brass Lamps, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

I’m in need of some new lighting and have specifically been looking for antique brass lamps. They’re such a vibe!

I was in love with a gorgeous glass one that looks like a crystal table lamp. I knew the antique brass finish was something I wanted so I started my hunt for table lamps!

Brass lamps are stunning since they can pair well with already existing decor. I’m on the hunt for a brass table lamp or even a desk lamp—I have an accent table that looks like it’d look fabulous with a lamp.

If you need some inspiration on how to brighten up your home, keep reading for my 8 antique brass lamp picks!

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My Antique Brass Lamp Picks

Antique Brass Lamps, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Circa Lighting

1. Josephine Table Lamp

A while back, I went to an antique store and saw a vintage table lamp. At the time I felt like I didn’t need it but once I stumbled upon this one online, I just knew it was the one that got away.

If there was a lamp that screamed modern yet vintage, it would have to be this one. The antique vintage brass finish on this one is stunning and pairs seamlessly with my home.

It comes in a variety of finishes which is amazing. The light blue one is to die for but it doesn’t pair with the color scheme in my living room—I’ll come back for you someday.

This lamp would look great on top of the accent table that I mentioned earlier. I think it’s a tiny bit taller than a typical table lamp but it’s not awkwardly tall.

Antique Brass Lamps, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Circa Lighting

2. Cadence Large Table Lamp

This lamp, unlike the other one, is actually tall. What caught my eye was the glass on it—I just know it looks so nice with the sun hitting it.

There’s something about this light that gives it a vintage look but it’s still modern enough to keep up with my current decor. I think this whole collection is beautiful and would look stunning in any home!

While it’s on the pricier side, the quality and aesthetic of it make it worth it. This glass table lamp is at the top of my list.

Antique Brass Lamps, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Pottery Barn

3. Forged Iron Oval Table Lamp

This is the type of lamp that I won’t hesitate to add to my cart since it just goes with everything. It looks great on a nightstand, an accent table, or anywhere!

The lamp comes in two different finishes and although black goes with anything, I’m gravitating towards the antique brass one. Can you tell I’m a fan of a brass finish?

I’m most likely going to be purchasing the medium-sized lamp since it seems to be the most versatile height!

Antique Brass Lamps, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Crate&Barrel

4. Theorem Aged Brass Desk Lamp

Back when I was in college, most of the libraries on campus had this type of lamp. I miss the days I’d be in the library—what better way to remember than with this desk lamp?

I’m a fan of the pharmacy-style lamp when it comes to decorating your work areas since it’s a perfect amount of lighting for the nights you’re up late working. I love the boldness of this brass finish.

The matte finish is so pretty, and just based on the color, I’d give it five stars.

Antique Brass Lamps, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Pottery Barn

5. Chelsea Adjustable Table Lamp

I’m a huge fan of this sleek yet modern lamp. Since it has a USB port, this lamp is perfect for a nightstand or even for your WFH desk!

It comes in two sizes and three finishes, you’ll find one that matches your room! What I like about this lamp is that you can change its height.

At first glance, I thought the button was a cute accent piece. Now that I know it’s functional, I need it in my shopping cart.

Antique Brass Lamps, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Pottery Barn

6.  Fig Iron Table Lamp

Can you tell I’m a fan of the gorgeous lamps Pottery Barn has? This lamp is stunning and I’m a huge fan of the linen shade being an off-white color.

This lamp just pairs perfectly with anything and is an absolute staple for your home. This collection even has a floor lamp that I’m soo tempted to purchase.

If you’re looking for a new lamp but have nothing in particular in mind, this is it.

Antique Brass Lamps, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Pottery Barn

7. Graton Metal Table Lamp

One thing about this lamp is it’s eye-catching. The contrasting colors go together perfectly and I just know it’d look great in my home.

I think it’d look great on the accent table as a way to have some ambient lighting going on. It’s a perfect size and it’s relatively lightweight in comparison to the other lamps!

I’m in love with everything at Pottery Barn. My wallet, however, not so much.

Antique Brass Lamps, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Anthropologie

8. Lightbearer Table Lamp

Ok, this one is funky but it’s so fun. This has to be the lamp I was most excited about.

While it’s not your typical vintage brass lamp, I think it’s such a cute piece. It’s very art deco if you ask me.

The design is super unique and I love how it comes in two tones whether you want to bring some color in or tone it down. I’d love to have it in my office space as a way to get some ambient light in on those long nights!

Are you ready to brighten up your home with some of these antique brass table lamps? Tag me @wtfab on your insta pics if you got inspired or decided to purchase any of them!

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Where can you find antique brass lamps?

My favorite picks came from Pottery Barn! However, West Elm along with Crate and Barrel have stunning lamps as well.

Are brass finish lamps still in?

I’m a huge believer that they’re a staple that won’t go out of style. They pair well with almost anything.

Are any of these lamps actually antique?

Nope but they have the antique vibe which I love! However if you’re up for the adventure, most antique stores or even thrift stores have a great selection of antique lamps.

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