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8 Stunning YSL Card Holder Picks Your Collection is Missing

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YSL Card Holder, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Lately, I’ve been thinking about treating myself to something designer—what’s better than a YSL card holder?

I saw someone when I was shopping take their YSL card holder out and I instantly fell in love. I knew I needed one.

I’ve always loved the sleekness of the brand. It’s very minimal and classy. 

I found out they have a variety of cardholders with fun colors, different leathers, and patterns. 

Have you been looking to treat yourself to something designer too? Here are my eight picks of YSL card holders that’ll look great in your purse!

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8 Must-Have YSL Card Holder Picks

YSL Card Holder, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Bloomingdale’s

1. Monogram Quilted Leather Card Case

If you’ve ever seen a YSL card holder before, I’m sure it was this one. There’s a reason everyone has it—it’s gorgeous. 

This is the one I saw and I just knew I had to have it. The quilted look it has is so cute and stylish. 

It comes in a variety of colors, so you’ll for sure find one to match your purse. The natural color looks gorgeous with the gold YSL logo on it.

If I decide on purchasing one of these, I’d gravitate towards the grey card holder with the silver YSL logo. The black one also goes with everything, and it looks so sleek.

This would be my grab-and-go card holder. It only has four slots and an interior compartment making it perfect for errands or a night out.

YSL Card Holder, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Nordstrom

2. Pebble Grain Leather Card Case

This leather card case is on the simpler side and I actually like it! I love how sleek and slim it looks and I got to see this one in person—it’s gorgeous.

The calfskin looks beautiful, it looks sturdy and durable. These card holders are just so practical and cute I am finding it soo hard to just pick one out.

It comes in two different colors and as much as I love the versatility of a black accessory, I NEED the dark green one.

YSL Card Holder, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Bloomingdale’s

3. Monogram Quilted Leather Zip Bifold Card Case

Talk about practicality, are you seeing how much can be stored in this wallet? It can store cards and cash! 

This has to be one of my favorites because of the practicality the zipper gives. The quilted leather is also what gets me.

This wallet comes in three neutral colors that are lovely and would pair with anything. This card holder is at the top of my picks—I wouldn’t be surprised if this exact one is the one I buy. 

The leather and hardware look super durable making every penny worth it. 

YSL Card Holder, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Bloomingdale’s

4. Croc Embossed Monogram Card Case

This card case is classy AF. The croc print looks so good and the black on black is so chic.

Something about this card case screams night out for drinks. The matte look it has is what made me gravitate toward it.

The leather appears to be supple giving the card holder a different texture look. It has the typical four-card slots but the look is different—I love it.

YSL Card Holder, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Bloomingdale’s

5. Studded Leather Card Case

I won’t lie, the thing that caught my eye with this card case was the studs. This one is also perfect for running quick errands with the essentials you need. 

The four card compartments are great and the fabric lining seems easy to maintain. This would look soo good with any black and gold purse you currently have in your collection.

The logo at the front is one of my favorite things since it’s not the large YSL logo but it looks sleek. YSL is killing it with their leather because it looks sturdy yet smooth.

YSL Card Holder, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Bloomingdale’s

6. Leather Card Case

YSL and their typical card case with four compartments genuinely do things to me. I’m absolutely in love with them—they’re so small and cute I can justify having one of each, right? 😉

This card holder in particular is different from the rest because of the speckled silver pattern. I like the fun that the pattern adds yet it’s still able to be a subtle classy piece. 

This one too screams night out. It’s a subtle yet flashy piece—who wouldn’t want that? 

YSL Card Holder, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Saint Laurent

7. Monogram Fragments Zip Leather Card Case

This one is a bit bigger and almost in between a wallet and a card holder, so it holds a bit more. It’s nice to have the extra space, especially with the zip closure.

It can hold up to five cards on the exterior with an interior pouch perfect for cash. The gold accents pair lovely with this champagne color. 

This card case in particular also comes in a baby pink that is to die for—such a good choice if you’re looking for a pop of color to add to your accessories. 

YSL Card Holder, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Saint Laurent

8. Floral Print Leather Card Case

With summer approaching, this card case I stumbled upon is everything. The floral print is so gorgeous as it subtly brings a pop of color to the white leather.

If you’re in love with the print just as much as I am but want something a bit bigger like the one previously mentioned—you’re in luck.

This lovely print also comes in the size that has five card slots plus the zipper. The bigger one is a bit more but it’s okay to splurge now and then—right?

Did you fall in love with these gorgeous YSL card holders? I’m so obsessed with all of them—this makes it sooo hard to pick THE one. 

These card holders are pricey but so worth it. They’ll last forever and look amazing inside any purse. Let me know which one you have your eye on and tag me on Insta @wtfab

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Is it better to buy directly from YSL or somewhere like Bloomingdale’s?

While YSL themselves has a bigger variety, shopping for a card holder at a place like Bloomingdale’s is always good since you can accumulate points for rewards!

Is a small wallet or a card holder better?

This all depends on how much you plan on carrying. If you just need a few cards a card holder is ideal. However, small wallets allow for more cards and more cash storage!

What type of leather does YSL use for their card holders?

The majority of them are made of 100% lambskin!

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