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6 Products for Flawless White Nail Designs

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White nail designs, by beauty blogger What The Fab
Image via Shutterstock

I’ve been obsessed with looking at white nail designs these days. White nails are a classy choice that works every time, and so chic. I can’t get enough!

Choosing how to paint your nails is the most underrated part of planning your OOTD! There are tons of ways you can style your nail art, and they all speak to how versatile nail polish and press-ons can be.

Being creative with my nail art always makes me feel more confident with my overall look. The vibe changes with every layer painted, whether or not you choose gel or acrylic—the possibilities are endless. 

And the best part about white nails is that it complements all the other shades and colors. You just can’t go wrong with white! 

There’s so much you can do with white nails. They work for summer or can give a winter white vibe for the holidays. Let’s get into some of my favorite products for white nail designs!

Here are some of my recommended products for rocking white nail designs: 

6 Products for Flawless White Nail Designs 

White nail designs, by beauty blogger What The Fab
Image via Sephora

1. Glamnetic Press-on Nail Kit for French Tips

One of the most iconic looks for white nail designs is, no doubt, a French manicure. But getting perfect, symmetrical French tips on every finger can be a bit of a nightmare. 

That’s why my go-to solution is using press-ons. These French tip nails are sold exclusively at Sephora as limited editions, and they’re one of my favorite finds.  

The minimalist, almond press-ons look just as sophisticated as salon manicures at both a fraction of the cost and the time! 

The nails come as a set with 30 nails and complimentary nail glue, file, cuticle stick, and alcohol pad. The 30 nails come in different sizes, so you can pick the ones that best fit, and they’re easy to customize! 

Filing and shaping them is a breeze, and they pose no safety risk since it’s free of paragons, formaldehyde, triclocarban, and other harmful ingredients. It comes in recyclable packaging while also being cruelty and gluten-free. 

If you’re worried about the press-ons falling off, no worries. The nail glue is strong enough to last 3 weeks, so they won’t come off easily. 

You can remove and reuse the nails after soaking your fingers in warm water for ten minutes.

White nail designs, by beauty blogger What The Fab
Image via Amazon

2. OPI Nail Lacquer

Glitter nails are just so fun. Even if you aren’t looking for a white base coat, a sheer, glittering top layer will always look gorgeous. 

Not only does white glitter lacquer make your base coat pop, but it also protects against chipping and makes your nails last longer.

Using glitter lacquer over different colors will always enhance the design. You can alternate between matte and glittery nails, use it for accenting specific fingers, and more. 

Plus, glitter works great during the summer! The way it naturally shimmers while catching the light is effortless and gorgeous. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it by itself! This product has just enough glitter so that one coat produces a translucent, low-key shimmer.  

If you want a look that is neat and tidy but doesn’t require too much work, this is it. 

White nail designs, by beauty blogger What The Fab
Image via Betty Cora

3. Betty Cora Ombre Almond Press-on Nails

Gradient nails are another simple and elegant design that works well for both informal and formal occasions. Whether you’re headed to the beach, the club, or even the office, ombre nails are so chic.

These press-on nails have a glossy top coat to finish off the subtle nude pink-to-white gradient. As a set, the nails come in 24 pieces with 10-12 different sizes. 

Currently, they only sell these as mediums, which means that the nails range from 9-16mm. Since the nails are reusable, finding a perfect match should be consistent each time. 

The set also comes with a manicure stick, nail glue, nail file, prep pad, and jelly adhesives. These jelly adhesives work like double-sided tape to secure the press-ons to the nail plate. 

The nails can last up to 2 weeks when not soaked off. The manicure stick helps to peel off the adhesive tabs, so everything you need for applying and removing is taken care of. 

White nail designs, by beauty blogger What The Fab
Image via Ulta Beauty

4. Le Mini Macaron Electric Bouquet Stickers

White nail designs by themselves might not appeal to you that much, and that’s completely okay! That’s why nail accessories like stickers exist. 

One of the best parts about white nail designs is how versatile they are for creating different looks. These floral stickers give me music festival vibes; super carefree and adorable!

You can use these stickers to create accent nails, cover up any chipped polish, and spruce up nails that need that extra special touch. The green-to-pink color range has a slight holographic effect that’s perfect for decorating white nails. 

I love that these stickers give you a cute, simple, and clean look. Since the stickers are flat, they almost look like an embossed design as well. 

If you’re worried about 3D nail accessories falling off your nails, these stickers are a perfect solution for jamming out without worries! 

White nail designs, by beauty blogger What The Fab
Image via Etsy

5. NailBabiez Ethereal Glow in the Dark Nails

Ok, how fun are these glow-in-the-dark nails? You get two looks with one set—and if you like looking professional in the morning and partying at night, you need to try this set! 

During the day, these nails look like glossy acrylic nails, which are gorgeous enough on their own. At night, they shift into a holographic glow with an iridescent sheen that reminds me of moonstones. 

You can choose the size, shape, and length of the press-ons to perfectly customize the nails of your dreams. The shop offers almond, square, round, stiletto, and even coffin nails. 

As for the sizes, they range from 18-8mm and can be filed into smaller shapes. Each set is handmade with 100% soft gel nail tips and gel polish that looks like acrylic without being as weak. 

The reusable press-ons come with complimentary nail glue, and they last 2 weeks with proper care. 

White nail designs, by beauty blogger What The Fab
Image via Etsy

6.  LilyNailsArt White Pearl Chrome Nails

Summer is the season of weddings and parties. And if you’re attending luxurious events, it only makes sense to go all out with your white nail designs.

These gorgeous, trendy press-ons are the shop’s bestsellers, and they are absolutely stunning! These nails are truly a work of art, and they deserve more love. 

The golden accents with the shells and pearls make for perfect summer nails, and the iridescent shine makes it look ethereal. 

Like the previous nails, these 3D gel nails also come in different shapes and sizes. But these are extra special since you can order a custom size if you want to skip the buffing and filing part. 

The exact measurements of the nail sizes and shapes are listed with helpful images on the product page. The biggest nail goes up to 18mm, while the smallest is 9mm (excluding custom nails). 

The artist makes every nail set by herself, and the entire set includes 10 nails, 24 adhesive sticks, 1 nail file, and 1 cuticle stick. While the adhesive sticks only last up to 48 hours, if you use nail glue, the reusable nails should last up to 2-3 weeks. 

Because white nails are so versatile, you can easily switch from the clean girl aesthetic to indulging in extravagance. There’s so much more you can do with white nail designs, but I hope my ideas were helpful! 

If you get inspired by any of these white nail designs, tag me on Instagram (@wtfab) so I can appreciate your nail art!

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What design looks good on white nails? 

White nails work especially well for enhancing simple, elegant designs. They are often associated with classy designs that are gorgeous in their simplicity.

Is white an elegant nail color? 

Absolutely, white nail designs encompass so many different looks that it’s difficult to mess up. 

Are all white nails in style? 

Since white nails can supplement most other styles, it’s safe to say white nails will always be in style.

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