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Episode #51: Talking Burnout With Ginger Jones: What Actually Causes It, How to Deal With It, and Trusting the Process

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#51: We’re chatting all about burnout with Ginger Jones, a speech-language pathologist and the Founder and CEO of Jones Therapy Services, a pediatric therapy clinic with 10 locations in Tenessee, that she sold in January of 2022.

After running her business for 12 years and employing hundreds of people, Ginger has some unique observations and perspectives on burnout. She shares some key learnings and realizations (like the fact that her employees who were the most “burned out” were not the ones who were the most productive), what works for her, and tangible tips for dealing with burnout. In this episode, we get into:

– Guilt and shame around admitting burnout, especially if you’re in a highly coveted position or run your own business

– How burnout is actually a mismanagement of your resources

– Concrete things you can do to help manage burnout

– Thinking about self-care through a different lens like discipline and organization (not just massages and face masks)

– How to create your own “user manual” to make business and life decisions easier, plus identifying what you’re tolerating in your life and what you want to change

– The ups and downs of selling her business, and trusting the process

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