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Episode #50: Q2 2022 Income Report: How I Kept My Revenue Stable While Launching a New Product and Making Less From Brand Campaigns, Plus Thoughts on How Content Creators Will Be Impacted by a Recession

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#50: I’m continuing with my quarterly income reports and sharing all my business’ financial numbers for Q2, 2022! These income report episodes are done in an effort to increase financial transparency in the creator industry, and to spark $$$ conversations among women. Because, as Gloria Steinem said in a quote that I absolutely LOVE, “One of the ways that women are kept poor is to tell them that money and power are unfeminine.” Let’s break that conditioning and grow our wealth. In this episode, we get into: 

– Total revenue my business brought in during the months of April – June, plus analysis and breakdown of my different revenue streams

– Expenses and profitability, because context and transparency are key!

– How I was able to keep my revenue stable (even though I made less than HALF in brand campaigns as I did in Q2 2021)

– My thoughts on how a potential recession could impact content creators

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