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Rovectin Skincare Review: 7 Clean and Natural Formulas

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An honest Rovectin review, by beauty blogger What The Fab

I’ve already talked about Rovectin before, but since they keep expanding, they deserve more attention. Rovectin has always been on my radar, and I’m finally ready to spill ALL the deets.

I was super impressed by their brand message, start-up, and overall journey — so let’s get right into it!

The skincare and beauty brand name, Rovectin, is based on the Latin word reverti, which means “to return to where it was.” They chose this word because the brand is all about love and resilience. 

And this makes sense because the company started off with a brother wanting to help his sister. In a sweet but heartbreaking way, he wanted to help her recover the skin damage from her chemotherapy. 

They developed Anti-irritant Barrier Repair Ultra Cream to remedy dryness and skin barrier deterioration (common side effects from treatment). And their exclusive formula worked so well that they became one of the most trusted skincare brands among patients! 

In fact, thousands of hospitals and dermatologists in Korea recommend Rovectin products to their patients. Being trusted and referred to by hospitals and dermatologists is no easy feat! 

Rovectin Brand Values 

Some skincare brands don’t really explain the science behind their products beyond just listing their ingredients. But Rovectin genuinely feels like they care about the people buying their products. 

Their transparency about their ingredients and the science behind why their products work is one of the main reasons I love Rovectin. 

They provide all the clinical data, references for the strength of their products, and a list of chemical reactions on their website. 

And true to their brand message, they refuse to test on animals. They’re cruelty-free and super eco-friendly— truly the gold standard for what all brands should strive to be like. 

So how are they eco-friendly? First off, they’re 100% vegan and have removable labels. 

Removable labels are a huge benefit for recycling in Korea because the system of recycling benefits from the differentiation of material. 

But outside Korea, their sustainable methods extend to using biodegradable packaging. 

To further reduce waste and ensure that you get what you need with no fuss, they have a skincare quiz on their website. After they ask you a few concise questions, you’ll know what routine would work best with your skin type and lifestyle. 

Because of this, you can be assured that they have all the bases covered. They offer products for all skin types and focus, like hydrating moisturizers for acne skin and more!

Rovectin Review: 7 Best Rovectin Skin Essentials 

An honest Rovectin review, by beauty blogger What The Fab
Image via Rovectin

1. Lotus Water Cream

This cream is made for dry, normal, sensitive, combination, and oily skin. It combats dullness and dryness and is meant to be used after your cleanser, toner, and other skin essentials. 

Since it’s made up of 75% lotus water extract, it acts as a self-purifier. It protects your skin from dust and toxins, while also containing Kaempferol, which is an antioxidant that has anti-aging properties. 

If you have a lot of face oil, this water cream works with you. Instead of making your face look like a well-greased pan, it penetrates the skin layer to properly hydrate. 

Since the brand is devoted to its natural and clean ingredients, the cream is free of artificial dye, fragrance, or even paragons and mineral oil. If you sometimes have a hard time dealing with strongly scented skincare products, I totally understand and am glad this one doesn’t have that kind of problem.

An honest Rovectin review, by beauty blogger What The Fab
Image via Rovectin

2. Lotus Water Calming Toner

While this toner has 40% lotus flower extract, it does the same job of purification while being lightweight on the face.

It’s hydrating without leaving a sticky residue, which is great because stickiness in skincare is a personal pet peeve of mine! Thankfully, no hair sticks to your face after using this toner.

It has both anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties while helping balance out uneven skin tones and dark spots. I also love how minimalistic and clean the design is — sometimes less makes it look as natural and clean as it claims to be.  

An honest Rovectin review, by beauty blogger What The Fab
Image via Rovectin

3. Activating Treatment Lotion

This lotion is packed full of seven different types of hyaluronic acid with different particle sizes. The particles penetrate different layers of our skin so that it moisturizes your skin with no doubt. 

Its hydrating essence works as an anti-aging barrier as it reduces puffiness in your face. Because of its reinforced hydrating barrier, this lotion works for all types of skin.

After using this for only a couple of days, you’ll be able to notice how resilient and hydrated your skin is.

Image via Rovectin

4. Barrier Repair Face & Body Cream 

Their skin essentials barrier repair formula is no joke. 

Unlike the others, this cream is meant to be a gentle and long-term solution to prevent future damage. It’s specifically formulated for sensitive skin, and is even safe for babies and children! 

The one thing about this cream is that it causes temporary redness or a string when covering really dry or damaged skin. Since it’s working to heal your skin, this effect is totally normal and actually means it’s working.

An honest Rovectin review, by beauty blogger What The Fab
Image via Rovectin

5. Cica Care Balm

This balm uses an exclusive hydrating Barrier Repair ComplexTM formula that targets repairing damaged skin. Any breakouts, sensitive skin, and uneven tones in the skin will be eased by Calamine, which is seen as a “magical pink powder” for its restorative properties. 

This balm basically acts as a medicinal face cream that can be used by anyone. With no harsh chemicals or steroids, of course. 

But no worries, the Cica Care purifying properties ensure that your skin doesn’t sting even during its healing process. These same elements of gentle, effective care are found even in their Cica Care Purifying Toner, which is often looked at with the balm!

An honest Rovectin review, by beauty blogger What The Fab
Image via Rovectin

6. Aqua Activating Serum

This serum brightens your skin to give you a radiant glow. It can be used either in the day or nighttime and firms your skin while hydrating it!

It’s basically a sheet mask without the waste — the aqua-enriched formula feels super smooth and luxurious. 

Niacinamide firms up your skin by strengthening stretched-out skin, which can help smooth away wrinkles and uneven skin. Also, the peptides from collagen give you an anti-aging boost. 

Image via Rovectin

7. Lha Blemish Ampoule

Like all the others, this serum is another eco-friendly serum that has 85% neroli flower water extract. This extract has anti-inflammatory properties that are great for irritated, sensitive, or dry skin. 

What’s special about this serum is that it acts as a natural exfoliant while also unclogging pores and blackheads. With a pH level similar to your natural skin at 5.5, it’s safe and gentle on even the most sensitive areas of your face. 

Hope you enjoyed this Rovectin review! Since all the products are free of artificial ingredients, toxin-free, cruelty-free, and have sustainable practices, Rovectin is a brand I’m more than happy to endorse. Most of these products are available in sets for those who already have a flawless routine in place. 

If you add any of these skin care essentials into your routine, be sure to tag me on Insta (@wtfab) so I can see how you incorporate them!

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Is Rovectin a Korean brand? 

Yes, it is. It expanded overseas after national recognition and is shipping internationally all over Europe and North America as well!

What is Rovectin good for?

Rovectin focuses on restoring your skin and cleansing it for permanent healing. They have specific sets for deep cleanses, daily serums, and more on their website. 

Is Rovectin a clean brand?

Absolutely. It’s 100% vegan, eco-friendly, and completely dedicated to being all-natural. 

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