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Mushroom Table Lamp: 7 Aesthetic Picks

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Mushroom Table Lamp, by Blogger What The Fab

I’ve been seeing the famous mushroom table lamp all over my social and I can confirm that I’ve been influenced. When I started looking into getting one myself, I saw that there are so many different styles to choose from. 🤩

I know what you’re thinking—what the heck is a mushroom table lamp? I was super confused too at first, but I quickly learned that it’s just a very aesthetic lamp inspired by the 1970 vintage Italian Vetra Venini Murano lamp—the price on these is over $1k. 

Personally, I’m in into the more modern lamps more because not only are they cheaper but they’re also still aesthetic AF. The glass-style lamps are my fav because they look so delicate and whimsical. 

The mushroom table lamp looks beautiful on a bedside table, dresser, credenza, or desk. It has easily become one of my favorite home decor pieces. 

So, I’m sharing all my favorite mushroom table lamps! ✨

Shop my seven mushroom table lamp picks below!

Mushroom Table Lamp: Top 7 Lamps

Mushroom Table Lamp, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via CB2

1. CB2 Senza White Glass Table Lamp

I had to start off strong with the famous CB2 Senza glass lamp—it’s literally so so stunning. As I started to shop around, this lamp stood out to me the most because of the unique glass detailing and it looks the most like a mushroom—without a red top with white spots on it. 😂 

It’s made of solid blown glass with a frosted swirl detail to add lots of texture. The bulb rests at the base and once you switch it on it illuminates the entire lamp from top to bottom. 

I appreciate that each lamp sold will look different and unique since they’re blown glass. I think this lamp would stunning in my office as a desk lamp or side table lamp. 

It’s also the perfect size being 12 x 12, so it won’t take up too much space. It’s important to note that this lamp can only accommodate a 40W max type A bulb or 9W LED bulb.

Mushroom Table Lamp, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Urban Outfitters

2. Urban Outfitters Ansel Glass Table Lamp

This Urban Outfitters Ansel table light is another pretty option to go with because it comes in so many different colors. The pearl color is obviously my fav because it’s so minimal and doesn’t clash with your current color scheme.

I love the perfect blend between looking vintage and modern. The lamp really has a timeless look to it that would look amazing in any place in your home. 

It has such a soft glow that really sets the mood at night. Each lamp will be a one-of-a-kind piece since there is a specific handmade technique that goes into every lamp.

This lamp can take up to a type A 60W bulb, so shop accordingly. 

Mushroom Table Lamp, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Crate and Barrel

3. Crate and Barrel Joy White Table Lamp

This Crate and Barrel White Table Lamp definitely gives me art deco vibes. I really like that it’s a little different compared to the traditional glass lamp, but still has that vintage inspiration.

It comes in 3 different colors: white, clay, and indigo. The white and clay are my 2 favs because of the neutral vibes.

Since it’s made of iron this style of lamp won’t illuminate as much as glass lamps. With the softer lighting, this lamp would be great in a kid’s room or nursery. 

You can also adjust the brightness with the 3-way dimmable touch feature. This lamp needs 2 bulbs up to 60W incandescent or 9W LED bulbs. 

Mushroom Table Lamp, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via West Elm

4. West Elm Ribbed Glass Table Lamp

This West Elm Ribbed Glass Table Lamp is another great option that is inspired by the Japanese lantern. It comes in 4 different colors: amber (fav), champagne, yellow, and blue. 

I’m obsessed with the ribbed detailing and the curvy silhouette. It’s the perfect balance between retro and modern.

Since it’s a glass lamp, when it’s lit a soft and warm glow will fill your space. I can picture this lamp in my bedroom on my side tables for a very minimal chic aesthetic. 

An LED bulb is included, which is a huge plus. This lamp can accommodate a 75W incandescent bulb or LED equivalent. 

Mushroom Table Lamp, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Urban Outfitters

5. Urban Outfitters Alice Glass Table Lamp

This is another Urban Outfitters mushroom-inspired lamp. I like that the Alice lamp is a little more mushroom-shaped than the Ansel lamp mentioned above. 

I immediately fell in love with the pink color. It’s the perfect muted mauve-pink so nothing obnoxious. 

This style comes in 3 different colors: pink, cream, and turquoise. Each color is also a different pattern, the pink is most similar to the Murano lamp design.

Again, the glass style gives off the moodiest lighting which I’m obsessed with. This lamp requires a 7W type C bulb. 

Image via Lamps Plus

6. Lamps Plus Tangelo High Orange Metal Mushroom Dome Accent Table Lamp

This Lamps Plus Tangelo Orange Metal Mushroom lamp is a more out-there style. I love how bright and retro this design looks—it’s definitely a conversation starter.

It’s a mid-century modern style that’s also a statement piece lamp. Again, since this is a metal-style lamp it won’t illuminate throughout. 

This lamp would look amazing in an art deco home or in a home with a lot of fun colors. It also requires 2 bulbs 60W type A. 

Image via Pottery Barn

7. Pottery Barn Edith Iron Table Lamp

Last up is this Pottery Barn Iron Table Lamp that comes in a very bold brass finish. This style would definitely look best in an industrial-style home. 

I am sad that this style doesn’t come with a dimmer switch, so you can’t adjust the brightness. Regardless, this is still a very beautiful and unique lamp. 

It brings a warm ambient light and directs it in a downward direction. This lamp accommodates 1 60W standard bulb or LED equivalent. 

Those were all the best mushroom table lamps—I definitely can see what all the hype is about! The mushroom table lamp design is so unique and would look good in any room.

If you decide to get any of these incredible mushroom lamps, be sure to tag me on Insta @wtfab so I can see how you styled them.

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What are the best mushroom table lamps?

The best mushroom table lamps are:
–  CB2 Senza White Glass Table Lamp
Urban Outfitters Ansel Glass Table Lamp
West Elm Ribbed Glass Table Lamp

Where can you find a mushroom table lamp?

You can find the famous mushroom table lamps at:
– Urban Outfitters
– CB2
– Crate and Barrel

What is the mushroom table lamp inspired by?

The mushroom table lamp is inspired by the 1970 vintage Italian Vetra Venini Murano lamp.

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