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Episode #52: How to Prepare for a Recession: 10 Things Content Creators + Online Biz Owners Can Do Right Now

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#52: In this episode, I share the top 10 things I’m doing, and that other influencers, content creators, and small biz owners can consider doing to prepare for a recession. This episode is not meant to be fear-based but instead is meant to share ideas on how we can all prepare for what is likely our first recession as Millennial entrepreneurs, so that we can survive and then thrive afterward. If you’re a business owner or a content creator who earns their money through affiliate links, sponsorships, etc. and you’re worried about how a recession might affect your income, then this is the episode for you! I get into:

– The importance of diversifying your revenue streams and my current strategies for this + projects I’m currently working on with an eye for the longterm

– How I’m optimizing my money and re-evaluating personal budgets and business expenses

– Staying invested and potentially setting aside money to invest in ETF’s 

– Remaining grounded and reminding yourself that everything is cyclical, and how we can find opportunity in a season like this

– Making sure your business’ financials are working for you (maxing out your Roth IRA, filing taxes as an S-Corp if you’re making over ~$80k, etc.)

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