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Golden Goose Dupes: My Top 10 Favorites

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Looking for Golden Goose dupes to feel luxurious and look stylish, but just can’t bring yourself to drop $500-$700 for a pair of sneakers? I’ve got you.

These star sneakers took the world by storm in the early 2000s and again more recently with their unique scuffed look. Rumor has it that Golden Goose’s founders were in a fashion rebellion to deliver style without compromising substance.

So here are 10 of my all-time favorite Golden Goose sneaker dupes to spice up your wardrobe without leaving a hole in your bank account.

Golden Goose Sneaker Dupes

Top 10 Golden Goose Dupes, by travel blogger What the Fab
Image via Nordstrom Rack

1. Bianca Sneaker

We’re starting off strong with the Bianca Sneaker by Vintage Havana. I love these glittery, fun dupes that come in 7 different colors and patterns. My absolute favorite style has to be White Glitter multi—the perfect silver hues with cute glitter stars.

This pattern really reminds me of the Golden Goose Superstar sneaker, and for just $54.97, you really can’t go wrong with these. The snakeskin toe and metallic heel look and feel ✨luxurious✨.

They are comfortable, cute, and perfect for any outing.

Dress them up or dress them down–these sneakers will be the fashion glue that brings your outfit together.

Top 10 Golden Goose Dupes, by travel blogger What the Fab
Image via DSW

2. Grande Slip-On Sneaker Dupe

Check out this other great dupe from Vintage Havana that I’m excited to share with you guys! If I saw someone wearing these trendy little slip-ons in public, I’d totally think they were real Golden Goose.

The gold snakeskin material on the sides is eye-catching and gorgeous. You can never go wrong with a comfortable shoe that’s easy to put on and serves neutral colors with a shimmer.

At $89.99, the Grande Sneaker is an investment piece that is def worth the money. They are one of the most convincing dupes on the list 😉 

You can also find these on Amazon for a similar price!

Top 10 Golden Goose Dupes, by travel blogger What the Fab
Image via Steve Madden

3. Starling White Multi Dupes

If you’re going for a more monochromatic look, the Steve Madden Starling White Multi sneakers are the ones for you. They are currently on markdown for $49.99  from their original price of $99.95 (a steal!).

These dupes have a lavish, velvety material, and will be your fav, go-to white shoes with fun accents.

The Starling White Multi sneakers are comfy yet sturdy and chic for all ages.

I love the slightly raised sole and customization of the lace color that elevates the average white tennis shoes to fashionista level.

Top 10 Golden Goose Dupes, by travel blogger What the Fab
Image via Nordstrom Rack

4. Devon Star Panel Sneakers

Another pair that’s too good to be true is the Devon Star Panel Sneakers by Vintage Havana. These leather-wrapped sneakers have a subtle camo pattern with a bold star accent.

These shoes remind me so much of a cross between Nike Air Forces and Golden Goose in the best way possible. It’s casual yet fashionable, and most importantly, versatile!

Add these cream and black dupes to your shoe rack for just $69.97, and they will invest right back into you by sprucing up your daily fits.

Image via Nordstrom Rack

5. Star Embellished Sneaker

Next is the Lauren Lorraine’s Star Embellished Sneaker that will make all your blingy shoe dreams come true. You know I love a touch of sparkle!

With a velvety red heel and iridescent gems all around, these are a fashion statement, to say the least.

Throwing on a fun, colorful blouse and jeans with a pair of Star Embellished Sneakers will be nothing short of spicy casual.

$49.97 is a small price to pay for cute Instagram pics, comfortable and flattering sneakers, and a design that will have people looking twice.

Top 10 Golden Goose Dupes, by travel blogger What the Fab
Image via DSW

6. Gadol Sneaker Dupes

The Gadol Sneaker from Vintage Havana comes in at a higher price point ($99.99) on this list for good reason. You have two styles to choose from, and these are too similar to Golden Goose to be true!

Green is IN right now, and the taupe, white, and green style would pair beautifully with your sage green tops and sweaters.

The gold aglets (had to look that one up) on the end of these laces are the final touch to a show-stopping dupe.

Top 10 Golden Goose Dupes, by travel blogger What the Fab
Image via Walmart

7. Star Gaze Fashion Sneaker

Vans’ Authentic shoes with the Golden Goose star gave birth to Corky’s Star Gaze Fashion Sneaker. These comfortable, neutral-colored sneakers even give you a bit of height with the platform soles.

Sometimes, beige-colored shoes or clothing can wash me out, but the white stripe with a statement gold star sets these shoes apart.

This Golden Goose dupe sits right around our middle price points at $63.99, while offering a unique look to show off at your next function!

Image via DSW

8. Kate Slip-On Sneaker Dupes

Okay, let’s talk about what I think is Vintage Havana’s most designer dupes–the Kate Slip-On Sneaker.

Looking straight out of a fashion show, these sneakers have a shiny, bronze heel with beautiful snakeskin all across the sides.

$119.99 for an absolute statement shoe is well worth it in my opinion. These will not only pair perfectly with any outfit color scheme, but add such dimension and texture!

Slip on the Vintage Havana’s Kate Sneaker and you instantly have the coolest kicks in town (I don’t make the rules).

Image via DSW

9. Adair Sneaker Dupes

For a more toned-down, simple look, go for Journee Collection’s Adair Sneaker. You can choose from 4 different styles, but the baby pink, black, and white combo is just a classic.

Sometimes all we need is a basic sneaker to get us through the day. And that’s exactly what these adorable sneakers are for.

You can wear these for a cute girls’ night out, a shopping spree, or simply when you need a comfy pair of shoes to be out and about.

At $59.99, the Adair Sneaker is a reliable shoe with a whimsical take on the Golden Goose design.

Top Golden Goose dupes, by fashion blogger What The Fab
Image via DSW

10. Lester Mid-Top Sneaker

Last on my list of dupes is a sneaker head’s fantasy. In my opinion, the bold Lester Mid-Top Sneaker looks like Nike’s Air Jordans with some Golden Goose influence!

The subtle camouflage-patterned toe and “puffy” looking sides elevate your look (literally) and serve a striking appearance.

At $139.99, these are not only hundreds cheaper than mid-top Golden Goose sneakers, but also Jordan mids.

Everyone needs that pair of shoes that they reach for when they’re feeling a little extra that day…and what better way to show off a designer look than with these mid-top dupes.

Those were my top 10 best and most designer-looking dupes to add to your stylish shoe rack. There are so many out there, but these are the comfiest and cutest!

As always, if you have any other Golden Goose dupe recommendations or decide to try any of these out be sure to DM and tag me on Insta @wtfab!

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Are Golden Goose dupes worth it?

Definitely! For hundreds of dollars less than the originals, you’re getting the same iconic star sneakers that pair seamlessly with any casual or dressed-up fit.

What are the most comfortable Golden Goose dupes?

The most comfortable on this list are:
Bianca Sneaker
Grande Slip-on Sneaker
Gadol Sneaker
Kate Slip-on Sneaker

Do the dupes listed come in different colors?

Absolutely! Click the link to see all the different colors and styles available. I just chose to include my favorite one for each dupe 😉

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