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Reasons Why You Need Agolde Jeans: Top 9 Pairs

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Agolde jeans, by Blogger What The Fab

I’m back on that denim obsession since I started experimenting with different styles this past year. I recently discovered Agolde jeans and wow I’m so impressed 🤩.

They literally have a ton of different styles and categories to choose from like the Agolde Riley High Rise Straight Crop, 90s Pinch Waist High Rise Straight, or Cleo Pieced Wide Leg.

Every style also comes in a variety of different shades to make wearing them a breeze.

Agolde jeans are definitely an investment, but so worth it for the quality and classic designs. Finding the right pair of denim is such a mission so when you do find the perfect pair you can purchase it without hesitation.

I’m sharing all my current favorite Agolde jeans and which ones you should add to cart!

9 Best Agolde Jeans

Image via Agolde

1. 90s Pinch Waist High Rise Straight

I’m in love with their 90s jean pinch waist style—it’s my absolute fave out of all of their denim. I love the throwback design and the perfect vintage-inspired straight leg. 

This style comes in so many different washes from white to faded grey to black to blue. These jeans are seriously so versatile. 

The only downside to these jeans in my opinion is that they’re non-stretch denim, which means you have to order your exact size or else they won’t fit. They also recommend sizing up if you’re in between sizes. 

Since these have a button fly instead of a zipper, you know that these jeans will be hugging you in all the right places. Finding the right size and styling the denim right will leave you looking so good. 

If you’re a big fan of some destressing in the jeans to give it a more lived-in look, Agolde jeans are known for adding that little personal touch.

Agolde jeans, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Agolde

2. Fen High Rise Relaxed Tapered Jean

The Fen High Rise Relaxed Tapered Jeans are the perfect match if you’re looking for that comfort stretch denim—we love a relaxed fit. These also come in a few washes and distressing.

I’m a big fan of the Highway wash because it’s a medium blue indigo color, which styles well with any outfit. If you’re a little bit on the petite side, these are great because they cut right at the ankle so they’ll fit you just right.

I still can’t get over how well Agolde jeans nails that vintage-inspired aesthetic. These jeans are seriously flattering on all types of body shapes and will soon become your go-to pair. 

These are the perfect in-between of skinny jeans and a straight leg. 

Agolde jeans, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Agolde

3. 90s Crop Mid Rise Loose Fit

Of course, I’m including another 90s inspired jeans, but this time these are a mid rise crop. Again, if you’re on the petite side these are perfect for you. 

I love that these jeans in particular have a lot of distressing. The Echo wash has the perfect cut-out distressing on the thigh as well as some small distressing throughout. 

I feel like distressed jeans add an edgier look to any outfit. I would totally dress these up with a cute top and leather jacket. 

You could even take a more class approach and style the denim with heels and an elegant top. This is why I love Agolde jeans so much, the versatility. 

If you don’t like the distressing but love the shape of these jeans you can totally opt for the Replica wash that doesn’t have any. 

Image via Agolde

4. Lana Jean Relaxed Vintage Straight

I feel like these are almost like skinny Lana jeans because the straight style is really slimming. These jeans sit right at your waist giving you a more relaxed look. 

They also come in a few different washes and some distressing. I love that they naturally have a worn-in feel to them making them extra comfy to wear every day.

I’m obsessed with the Emulsion shade because it looks very washed down and more vintage-inspired. I also appreciate the small distressing detail on the back of the jeans as well as the ankles.

I feel like these jeans would look good on everyone. They’re so cute—j’adore.

Agolde jeans, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Agolde

5. Mid Rise Relaxed Boot 

The Mid Rise jean relaxed boot style denim is the perfect pair of denim to try before committing to wide leg jeans. These are just a little flared out at the ankles to give some wide leg detailing.

The Percolate wash is my personal fav out of the 2 washes. It’s the perfect shade of black that has a more washed-down look.

These are the kind of jeans you want to style with a pair of boots and a cute hat. These jeans make such a statement by hugging you in all the right places while having a bold color.

Easily dress these up or down, you’ll be wearing this out all the time.

Image via Agolde

6. Pinch Waist Skinny Slim Straight 

These Pinch Waist Ultra High Rise Skinny jeans are totally my jam. If you’ve been following me for a while you know how much I love skinny jeans and these are chefs kiss some of the best.

They come in so many different colors and have that super cute 80s inspired silhouette.

These skinny jeans are also made out of that comfort stretch material that stretches, which means you don’t have to worry about going out to eat and worrying about how tight your jeans are going to get.

We love a good pair of skinny jeans that not only looks good but also prioritizes comfort.

The Debut shade is my favorite because it has a light indigo clean finish. Light wash jeans are the best for everyday wear. 

These jeans will definitely be hugging your butt really nicely so you can walk around in confidence!

Agolde jeans, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Agolde

7. Riley High Rise Slim Straight Cropped

The Riley High Rise jeans are another really popular style on Agolde for good reason. These are their signature straight leg design that comes in so many different washes.

The straight leg hugs body closely to give a universally loved aesthetic. This style is similar to the 90s Pinch Waist when it comes to sizing. 

These are non-stretch denim, so be sure to order in your exact size or size up for a more comfortable fit. 

If you’re curious my favorite wash is the Escalate color because of the 2 slits in the knees. I love the combination of an edgy and casual look. 

Since these have a cropped inseam they can easily be dressed up or down with a pair of boots or a pair of sandals.

Image via Agolde

8. Balloon Ultra High Rise Curved Taper

The Balloon Ultra High Rise is more like straight cropped wide leg jeans. But when I say wide leg, they’re very wide leg. 

I definitely would not recommend these if you don’t love that baggy and wide leg look. These aren’t personally my first choice because as I still haven’t mastered the art of wearing wide leg jeans, but when I first saw them I thought they were super cute.

Maybe when I’m feeling more adventurous I would opt to get a pair of these Balloon style jeans, but if you love this type of look I can’t recommend trying these Agolde jeans enough.

I’m in love with the Wicked wash because it’s a subtle dark grey. They also have a few other washes to choose from. 

These are also ultra high rise so you could totally wear these with a cute bra top and jacket to wear on a night out. These jeans remind me of something Harry Styles would wear 😂.

Agolde jeans, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Agolde

9. Recycled Leather 90s Pinch Waist

I had to save the best for last, these Recycled Leather 90s Pinch Waist jeans. I’m sure you’ve been seeing high-waisted leather pants everywhere this season because they’re so on-trend.

I’ve been seeing so many content creators styling leather pants that I’m obsessed—I needed to get myself a pair. All the leather-style pants have been selling out like crazy so when I saw Agolde carried their own pair I gasped.

They made these leather pants in 3 different shades but the Shadow color is my fav. I love the dark blue/grey finish because it’s different.

It’s made out of 50% leather, 30% polyurethane, 10% viscose, and 10% polyester. So it’s pretty much half leather and half vegan leather.

These are the perfect pants to invest in if you’re trying to make a statement. 

Those were all my favorite Agolde jeans to choose from!

I highly recommend checking out their shorts or matching sets. Everything that Agolde has is seriously super cute and you can style them so easily with different accessories—we love a good styling session.

If you decide to get any of these Agolde jeans tag me on Insta @wtfab so I can see how you’re styling them! I love getting inspo from you all 🥰.

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How much do AGOLDE jeans stretch out?

Agolde jeans have a perfect fit and will only stretch very little. It is recommended to order your correct size to make sure they fit you right.

Do Agolde jeans shrink in wash?

Agolde jeans will shrink back to original size after normal stretch from wearing the jeans.

Are Agolde jeans comfortable?

Yes, Agolde jeans are super comfortable and fit perfectly.

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