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An Honest Everlane Denim Review (Know Before You Buy)

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everlane denim review, by Blogger What The Fab

It’s fair to say that I can become obsessive when it comes to finding a good pair of jeans, which is why I’m bringing you my honest Everlane denim review.

I’ve heard a lot about Everlane jeans over the last few years and was definitely drawn in by everything I heard about their butt-lifting effect and all the rave reviews about how fantastic they make the booty look!

So, like you, I was super curious to see if they live up to the hype. 

And, guess what? They totally do!

I will say that I absolutely love the way they look and have become a huge fan since receiving my first pair!

But I have lots I want to tell you about Everlane, so let’s get started with my honest Everlane jeans review so you can decide for yourself if these are the jeans for you!

About Everlane 

Everlane started in San Francisco, California, and sells its retail clothing items primarily online. They only have a few physical retail stores in New York City, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Boston, Washington DC, Seattle, and Austin.

There are 2 major things that make Everlane stand out as an exceptional brand: quality products and ethical practices. 

They’re very upfront about their commitment to seeking out only the finest materials—like 100% organic cotton—to make timeless items that will last. And when you put on a pair of their jeans, you can really feel how durable and well-made they are!

Everlane is also passionate about its ethical approach to manufacturing and production. They’re super transparent about the factories they seek out and evaluate based on fair wages and working conditions.

Everlane actually makes a wide range of products for men and women—from shirts and sweatshirts to bags and shoes. But their denim has gotten the most attention in recent years.

Everlane “Clean Denim”

I have to give a huge kudos to Everlane for its efforts to clean up the denim business. 

For starters, they make their denim at the cleanest factories worldwide, meaning the factories they work with go above and beyond standard environmental regulations by using recycled water, repurposing byproducts without the waste, and using renewable energy. 

Everland also keeps its fabric clean by committing to organic practices—like using organic cotton that isn’t farmed with pesticides like traditional cotton and introducing yarn that doesn’t pollute the environment.

On top of all of that, Everlane uses only microplastic-free dyes on all their denim and recycled trim.

To make things easy for you, you can shop these products by clicking directly on the images, the shopping buttons, and of course, the text links. These are my affiliate links, which means that I receive a small commission when you purchase using my links (at no additional cost to you!). I greatly appreciate you shopping with my links!

Shop Everlane Denim:

Everlane Denim Styles

everlane denim review, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Everlane


Who doesn’t want a pair of butt-lifting jeans? 

Exactly, everybody does! This is why Everlane’s Cheeky Jean is one of their most popular styles.

If you want a pair of fashionable high-waist, straight-leg jeans—that make your butt look amazing—you’ll love the Cheeky style. 

It’s Everlane’s signature “Happy Pockets” that are set closer together and higher on the booty that gives your backside that bouncy, lifted look! So bootylicious.

The best-selling Cheeky jeans come in regular or ankle fit. I just love good ankle-length jeans to pair with a cute pair of loafers or sneakers—and these are perfect.

The Original Cheeky Straight Jean has also been updated to an innovative blend of material that’s made of organic cotton and the world’s first type of stretch yarn that isn’t made with any harmful dyes or chemicals—which is pretty cool if you ask me!

You can get any style of the Cheeky in a variety of classic colors whether you want light jeans, varying degrees of blue from light to dark, or fashionable black jeans. 

The color options include Coal, Washed Midnight, Worn-In Mid Blue, Ecru, Tumbled Black, Air Blue, Aqua Grey, and Artist Clay.

Under the Cheeky category is also the ‘90s Cheeky Jean which is made with non-stretch Japanese denim to give it that thicker denim, vintage look. 

The 90s Cheeky is available in Bone, Vintage Sunbleached Blue, Vintage Mid Blue, Deep Atlantic, and Washed Black.

Shop Cheeky Styles:

everlane denim review, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Everlane


As the name says, these jeans go way high. They’re Everlane’s highest-waisted denim style.

Way-High jeans sit above your belly button but there’s some stretch in the organic cotton material so there’s some give when you sit! It’s a straight fit from hip to ankle and they’re available in regular and long.

The color options for the regular Way-High style are very classic and include shades that you can use with practically anything: Distressed, Ecru, Light Indigo, Vintage Indigo, Folsom Blue, Washed Black, and Coal.

There’s also the Way-High Rigid Jean that’s made with non-stretch material and button fly if you prefer that heavier, vintage denim look.

The Way-High Rigid comes in Vintage Light Wash, Rich Indigo, and Worn-In Black.

For high-rise skinny jeans with more of leggings feel, there is also the Way-High Skinny jean in regular and ankle length. I always need a pair of skinny jeans in my collection so I’m all about mixing it up with different styles to accommodate any mood or occasion!

Way-High Skinny jeans feel like leggings because of their stretchiness but still, look like denim.

The Way-High Skinny style is available in Faded Blue, Mid Blue, Authentic Blue, Black, and Ash.

Shop Way-High Styles:

Image via Everlane


Just when everything Everlane was starting to look straight and high-waisted, there is a lower waist, a relaxed style called the Slouch.

They have that boyfriend jean look to them which I think looks amazing when paired with a casual or playful fitted top. Plus, the wide-leg fit is also really comfortable!

There’s the Rigid Slouch Jean made in 100% cotton that sits on your hips just below the belly button, for that comfy laidback look.

Then there’s the Everyone Vintage Jean. This is a cool concept—Everlane created a size scale that accommodates every size for both men and women. Talk about a product made for everyone!

The result is a relaxed fit, low-to-mid-rise jeans that are roomy and old-school cool.

Color choices for the Rigid Slouch include Vintage Sky Blue, Broken-In Blue, and Washed Indigo, while the Everyone Vintage Jean is available in 3 shades of blue.

Shop Slouch Styles:

Image via Everlane


I love that Everlane makes a curvy fit of their most popular styles with an adjusted hip-to-waist ratio that makes for a super flattering fit for hourglass shapes.

Like they say so aptly say on their website: “Say goodbye to waistband gapping!”

The curvy authentic stretch of Everlane jeans will hug you in all the right places!

You can get the curvy fit in the Original Cheeky Straight Jean, ‘90s Cheeky Straight Jean, the Way-High Jean, and the Way-High Skinny Jean.

Shop Curvy Styles:



  • The Original Cheeky Jean: $88
  • The ‘90s Cheeky Straight Jean: $108


  • The Way-High Jean: $98
  • The Way-High Rigid Jean: $108
  • The Way-High Skinny Jean: $68
  • The Way-High Clean Front Skinny Jean: $68


  • The Rigid Slouch Jean: $108
  • The Everyone Vintage Jean: $118


  • The Curvy Cheeky Straight Jean: $88
  • The Curvy ‘90s Cheeky Straight Jean: $108
  • The Curvy Way-High Jean: $98
  • The Curvy Way-High Skinny Jean: $68

Everlane Denim Review

Everlane Denim Pros

Everlane jeans have a lot of pros going for them!

Their jeans really are top-notch quality and you can trust that you’ll totally get your money’s worth in the long run. 

I find their sustainability and transparency values really attractive, and I’m always on board with a brand that doesn’t cut corners in terms of ethical and environmentally-sound practices. 

I really love the idea of organic cotton for jeans. I seek organic in other areas of my life and think it’s important to adopt this ideology in my fashion and style choices too—so their clean denim values score huge points with me.

Another big pro for me is that they have plenty of styles to choose from but it’s not over the top. All of their products are minimalist and classic, so I know I’m not just spending money on a passing trend that will fade in a season or two!

A huge plus for me is that I find Everlane to be totally affordable. Sure, I’ll spend more than a pair of jeans at Target but, compared to many designer brands I’d find at upscale shops out there, Everlane jeans aren’t that expensive.

And probably one of my biggest praises for Everlane jeans is for that booty-boosting look and fit! Let’s face it, you can’t help but feel amazing when you’re wearing a pair of jeans that make your butt look incredible!

All in all, I just feel good when I wear Everlane jeans!

I feel good about wearing clean denim that isn’t harming the planet. I feel good about spending money on jeans I know will last me a really long time. And I feel good about how my booty looks! 

Click below to shop the best Everlane denim styles:

Everlane Denim Cons

While I do love the look and fit of Everlane jeans, I have to say that I found them pretty stiff with very little stretch.

Some people like that non-stretchy feel of true, vintage jeans but I generally like to have a little more give when I’m moving around or sitting. 

Apparently, different colors feel different. The darker colors—like the indigo shades—make the denim feel stiffer while the lighter shades feel softer and more flexible.

For my next pair (and there will definitely be the next pair!) I think I’ll try a lighter blue shade which I love having as an option in my denim collection.

Well, friends, I hope you found my Everlane denim review and denim guide helpful! And maybe it’s inspired you to get out of your skinny jean comfort zone and try some boyfriend jeans outfits.

As I said, I love the Everlane jeans I have and I can’t wait to try some of their other styles and colors.

If you have any recommendations on what pair I should order next, I would love to hear them! You can shoot me a DM or tag me on Insta (@wtfab).

Shop Everlane denim jeans by clicking below:

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What Everlane denim styles do they have?

Everlane has a few denim styles like:
– Cheeky
– Way-High
– Slouch
– Curvy

Is Everlane denim worth it?

Yes, Everlane denim is definitely worth it for the quality and versatility they offer. Everlane jeans will last you a while because they hold up really well.

Does Everlane denim come in different washes?

Yes, Everlane denim comes in a few different washes ranging from light to dark.

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