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GloPro Review: Why You Need to Start Microneedling at Home

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GloPro Review, by Blogger What The Fab

Today I’m diving deep into why you need to start microneedling and my in-depth Beauty Bio GloPro review. If you’ve been thinking about at-home microneedling, then this is your sign to do it!

This is the best way to treat yourself to a mini facial every week (or every night, like I do!) without having to leave your house.

Beauty Bio has an amazing facial microneedling tool that is essentially a derma roller tool, called the GloPro. The GloPro set will come with everything you’ll need and all you have to do to see results is to get rolling!

About the Brand

Beauty Bio was created as a passion project to develop result-driven and effective skincare. They source the most powerful ingredients and pair them with natural extracts.

The brand is most famous for its Microneedling tool, De-puffing Rose Quartz Roller, and Sculpting Cryo Roller. All of these tools help bring you more skincare benefits—making skincare at home that much better.

Besides skincare tools, Beauty Bio also has other skincare products like moisturizers, serums, treatments, and cleansers.

I first heard about Beauty Bio when I saw some of my beauty blogger friends raving about their R45 Reversal Retinol Serum. I could tell it was a brand to keep my eye on.

Then, I listened to Lauryn Evarts’ interview with Beauty Bio’s founder, Jamie O’Banion on The Skinny Confidential Podcast. I was so impressed with Jamie and her chemist background, combined with her love of skincare and beauty.

Jamie’s dad was a biochemist and her family owned a cosmetics lab. She and her dad started a passion project and began experimenting with higher active ingredient percentages, with the goal being to create effective, results-driven skincare designed to enhance individual skin health.

I have owned a GloPro for over a year now, but to be honest I was a little nervous to use an at-home microneedling tool. I wasn’t sure if it would be deep enough to be effective, but I also worried it might be too deep and could potentially cause damage.

When I listened to Jamie chatting about the GloPro Microneedling Tool, all my fears about the GloPro washed away. Beauty Bio has studied, tested, and created the only at-home microneedling tool I’ll ever use on my skin. Everything from the placement of the needles, to the size, shape, width, and slant of the needles, etc are specifically designed to be safe and effective for at-home use.

So this is your warning that while you might be tempted to buy a $20 microneedling tool on Amazon instead of splurging on the $199 GloPro set, I would absolutely not recommend doing that! It’s your skin and you don’t want to eff it up!

GloPro Tools

Beauty Bio offers a wide variety of different GloPro bundles and gift sets. These are some of my favs:

GloPro Facial Microneedling Tool

Price: $199
Includes: Microneedling Rejuvenation Tool, Skin Prep Pads (5-pack), an Empty Sanitizing Spritzer Bottle, and 2 AAA Batteries that are pre-installed

GloPro & Chill Bundle

Price: $234
Includes: GloPRO Microneedling Rejuvenation Tool with FACE MicroTip Attachment and GloPRO CRYO Attachment Duo For Eyes + Face/Body

Complete Glo Set

Price: $349
Includes: Microneedling Regeneration Tool with FACE MicroTip Attachment Head, BODY MicroTip Attachment, EYE MicroTip Attachment, LIP MicroTip Attachment, CRYO Skin Icing Attachment for Eyes, CRYO Skin Icing Attachment for Face + Body, Pack N’ Glo Hardcase Skincare Organizer, and GloPRO Skin Clarifying Prep Pads (5-pack)

Benefits of Microneedling

The GloPro Microneedling tool helps with improving your skin’s texture, reducing fine lines, and minimizing hyperpigmentation and scarring. Basically, everything that microneedling at a med spa does!

The tiny needles help penetrate the first layer of your skin to boost collagen production. The GloPro also has LED red lights that are also supposed to help boost collagen production as you roll the regeneration tool on your face.

Within a few uses, you’ll notice that your skin is more firm and glowy. Say goodbye to any dullness in your skin.

You also don’t have to exclusively use it on your face, you can also focus on other areas of your body. I’m going to start trying mine on some stretch marks I have on my thighs.

You can purchase the additional attachment heads so you can swap them out to target areas like the eyes, lips, and areas that have stretch marks or dimples.

Beauty Bio recommends using the tool around 3xs a week to really see the results and the head should be replaced every 2 to 3 months with regular use.

I use mine every single night (Jamie said you can use it every day if you want to on the interview I listened to!) because it’s quick and easy—it takes just a minute and it’s so worth it. In the morning I wake up with dewy, glowy skin. I do think it’s helping with some hyperpigmentation I had as well.

I even travel with my GloPro, because it’s small enough to put in a small case and toss in my suitcase, and I don’t want to miss a single night of microneedling!

Tips When Microneedling with the GloPro

Make sure your skin is cleansed and ready to go before using the tool. After cleansing, I highly recommend using the GloPRO Skin Prep Pads to get your skin nice and ready.

Everytime you use your GloPro, you have to make sure you’re properly disinfecting it for your next use. If you don’t properly clean it, you run the risk of potentionally breaking out with an infection or a breakout.

This is why the empty spray bottle is included, so you can fill it with rubbing alcohol to sterilize the head after every use.

The next tip is to avoid using harsh chemicals after miconeedling since your skin will be a bit sensitive. So that means try not to use a vitamin C or any strong exfoliators—it will burn if you do!

Instead, use a gentle face serum like hyaluronic acid and then follow with your favorite facial moisturizer to seal the mini facial you just gave yourself. I love my Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream.

Try microneedling at night so your skin can get to work while you’re sleeping and you can wake up the next morning looking revitalized.

One question my girlfriends who I’ve told about the GloPro always ask is, does it hurt? The answer is no, not really, but you can definitely tell you’re putting tiny little needles on your face. It’s not painful, but you do want to be gentle.

GloPro Results

Like I said, I like to use mine every night so that I wake up with super dewy and glowy skin. The tool really helps my skin absorb all my skincare products better so they work more effectively.

I noticed a reduction in my fine lines and wrinkles from using this tool over the course of a few weeks, and my skin has never looked more hydrated, radiant, and firmer.

The GloPro Microneedling tool is seriously the only at-home microneedling device I trust to use on my skin. The device itself is definitely on the priceier end but it’s so worth it because you’re saving so much money by not getting a professional treatment done.

Consistently using the GloPro at home will give you the same results that a med spa microneedling treatment will give you, and it’s much gentler.

I hope you found this review convincing to get you to start microneedling. I have noticed such wonderful changes to my skin that I feel more confident not wearing makeup at all on some days.

I know the price tag is intimidating but trust me it is sooo worth it. My skin has never looked better since incorporating the tool into my daily routine.

If you decide to get the GloPro Microneedling Tool tag me @wtfab so I can see and we can be twinning! But also I would love to hear your thoughts on your experience of using the tool.

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Does the GloPro hurt?

No, the GloPro is painless so you don’t have to worry about it hurting. You will feel a tingling sensation as you roll on your face.

Can I use the GloPro everyday?

It is recommended to only use the GloPro 2 to 3 times a week. But you can use it every night.

When should I replace the GloPro head?

You should be replacing the GloPro head every 2 to 3 months to keep things sanitary.

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