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An Honest Cupshe Swimsuits Review

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An honest Cupshe swimsuit review, by fashion blogger What The Fab

Did someone say fashionable and versatile swimsuits with XS to 4X options, all for under $30?! These one-piece and two-piece bathing suits are all of the above, and my Cupshe swimsuits review dives into all the deets.

If you’re balling on a budget, but still want to look cute AF on the beach in your new ‘kini, then Cupshe swimwear is for you.

I first came across Cupshe when a girlfriend of mine gave me this cute flamingo one piece swimsuit, pictured above. She told me that she found this site called Cupshe, and the swimwear was so cheap she ordered a ton of different swimsuits.

This particular suit didn’t fit her right, so she said if it fit me, I could keep it. Score!

I wore it to the Bahamas, discovered it was reversible (who doesn’t love two swimsuits for the price of one??), and received so many compliments on it.

After that, I started seeing Cupshe popping up more and more. Cupshe’s swimsuit styles are just so trendy and cute, and the prices were too good not to try more of their pieces.

I’ve since ordered about a dozen different Cupshe swimsuits and received some influencer gifting packages from them.

I’ve worn their swimsuits all over the world—from Portugal to Italy, to Morocco!

And I’ve been meaning to write up this Cupshe swimsuits review post for a while, now that I’ve had a good amount of experience with their swimwear.

Whenever I’m planning a trip that I know is going to involve some beach or pool time, I can’t help but pop over to Cupshe’s website to see what new styles they have.

Tell me I’m not the only one who packs five different swimsuit options for a week-long trip?

Especially when the prices are so good and don’t break the bank, I can easily justify picking out a new suit “just because.” 😉

Their vast selection can be quite a lot to shuffle through. And I know I was def skeptical when I first came across their site—the prices are too good, so what’s the quality and fit like? Is Cupshe legit? Why is Cupshe so cheap?

Overall, I have had a really positive experience with their pieces, but there are definitely a few things you’ll want to know before you buy from Cupshe.

So with that, let’s get into this Cupshe swimsuit review!

To make things easy for you, you can shop these products by clicking directly on the images, the shopping buttons, and of course, the text links. These are my affiliate links, which means that I receive a small commission when you purchase using my links (at no additional cost to you!) and I greatly appreciate you shopping with my links!

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Honest Cupshe Swimsuits Review

An honest Cupshe swimsuit review, by fashion blogger What The Fab

About Cupshe:

Cupshe is a fast-fashion swimsuit brand that’s been gaining popularity for its incredibly large selection and super affordable prices.

The brand was founded in 2015 and is led by Chinese entrepreneur Mike Zhao.

Cupshe’s mission is to empower women when wearing quality, stylish, and affordable swimwear.

You may have come across their swimwear on Amazon or while Googling “cute, affordable swimwear.”

While not branded as a plus-size swim company, Cupshe does offer sizes up to 4X. (This is specifically in their plus size collection—not all swimwear is available from XS to 4X).

And I’ve been noticing that Cupshe has recently been branching out to include not just swimwear on their site, but also clothes. Think easy, breezy dresses, rompers, jumpsuits, and coverups.

I have yet to try out their clothes but they’re definitely on my list—everything looks so cute.

So this review will be mostly focused on their swimwear since that’s what I have personal experience with.

And with hundreds (maybe even thousands?) of different styles on their website, it’s easy to find swimwear that flatters your body type!

Cupshe Swimsuits Review, by Blogger What the Fab

The above black swimsuit is from the Cupshe x Jojo Fletcher collection (which is fire, btw), but sadly this one is sold out! I’m linking other chic af black one-pieces from Cupshe here and below.

I will say while the design of this one is super fun and unique, it rode up in the front area a lot. I would have to get a Brazilian wax to feel comfortable wearing this one out in public if ya know what I mean!

And probably a spray tan, if I’m being honest. Especially looking at this picture, my tan lines with this cut look a bit odd lol.

Shop black one-piece swimsuits from Cupshe below:

Cupshe Shipping

Cupshe currently ships to the United States, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, and many more.

Cupshe’s standard shipping to the US is within 5 – 7 business days. Currently, on their site, shipping is only $3.99, and free shipping with orders of $49+ is pretty standard. I’ve seen offers pretty often for free shipping with orders that are $29+ too.

While I personally haven’t had any issues with Cupshe’s shipping, I’ve seen other people online share their experiences with massive shipping delays, lost packages, and lots of back and forth with customer service over it.

So just a heads up that if you’re picking out swimsuits for a trip, order ahead of time to make sure your package arrives before you leave for vacation!

Cupshe review, by fashion blogger What The Fab

What is Cupshe’s return policy?

You can return items within 30 days of your delivery date.

As with any swimwear brand, make sure you leave the hygiene stickers on the swimsuits when trying them on in case you want to return anything.

Certain items like beach blankets, jewelry, hair accessories (their website says this is for sanitary reasons), and items that are on sale are not eligible for returns or exchanges unless there is a quality issue.

Return shipping labels are not free and the cost ranges from $9.99 for one return item to $15.99 for 6+ items.

One thing I found confusing is that their FAQs page on their website says that they only offer return labels for customers in the U.S., but I’ve read blog posts from UK bloggers who said they were able to return swimsuits to Cupshe’s UK office. So definitely something to note and look into if you’re based anywhere else!

Cupshe Styles:

Cupshe offers trendy designs, simple styles, plunging necklines, varying coverage for your bum, and everything in between.

It might seem too good to be true—but Cupshe bathing suits are the real deal.

You can shop adorable one-piece swimsuits with or without sleeves, the cutest bikinis with cheeky or high-waisted bikini bottoms, and even fun cover-ups.

And don’t worry about finding matching bottoms or cover-ups—most of Cupshe’s selection comes perfectly paired.

Whether you’re looking for a sleek, black one-piece swimsuit or a fun, colorful string bikini, Cupshe’s got it.

Click below to shop my favorite Cupshe swimsuit styles!

Cupshe Swimsuits Review, by blogger What the Fab

How is Cupshe sizing?

With every Cupshe bathing suit I own, I am blown away by the high quality for the price. Not to mention their ability to sell a vast range of sizes!

Sizes include XS (30A/B, 32A/B), S (32C/D, 34A/B), M (34C/D, 36A/B), L (36C/D, 38A/B/C), XL (38D, 40B/C/D) and XXL (38DD, 40C/D/DD).

Cupshe also offers a unique collection of plus-sized bathing suits, featuring options from 0X to 4X—more on that below. We love an inclusive brand.

One thing that I don’t love about Cupshe’s sizing is that most of their bikinis don’t allow for top and bottoms to be purchased as two different sizes. I’m usually a medium on top and large for bottoms, and I always buy separate sizes so I can get the perfect fit. But with Cupshe, that’s not usually an option.

Cupshe swimwear review, by fashion blogger What The Fab

They do have some separates where you can mix and match and buy separate sizes for tops and bottoms here, but the selection is very limited, and most of their bikinis come as sets where you can only choose one size for both the top and the bottom.

Since I’m kinda in between sizes, I’ve ordered both Medium for some swimsuits and Large for others just depending on the cut, style, and bum coverage of the suit, and it’s worked out fine for the most part.

I’ve only had a couple of swimsuits that I’ve had to return or gift to someone else because the sizing didn’t work out for me.

One such swimsuit, was the bottoms from this bikini set. The scalloped purple top was super cute, but the white floral high-waisted bottoms…idk tbh they kinda looked like a diaper on me LOL.

So my sister is going to try the bottoms to see if they look better on her, and I’m keeping the purple bikini top and I’ll pair them with some plain black bikini bottoms that I already own.

In general, I’ve found that their swimsuits are pretty true to size—as in, if you usually wear a Medium, their Medium will probably fit you just fine.

What I do find to be a bit off, though, is their size guide.

According to my hip measurements and Cupshe’s size guide, I should be ordering an XXL, which is clearly not my correct size.

An honest Cupshe swimsuit review, by fashion blogger What The Fab

So my best advice, if this is your first time ordering from Cupshe, would be to order your usual sizes, and don’t rely on their size chart too much. And just make sure your items are eligible for returns in case the sizing doesn’t work out.

You can also scroll down to the customer reviews on each swimsuit and get a feel for the fit and coverage of the swimsuit you’re eyeing, which is super helpful!

Plus-Size Collection

Another thing I love is that Cupshe has tons of chic and bold sets—both one and two-pieces—in their plus-size collection.

Two-piece sizing in this collection ranges from 0X (36DD, 40.5-42.5 in. bust) to 3X (46DD/48DD, 49.5-51.5 in. bust). Many of their one pieces go up to a 4X (52-56 in. bust, 44.8-48.8 in. waist, and 54.8-58.8 in. hips).

Their plus size collection is not the same as their straight size swimsuits, so not every swimsuit you see on Cupshe’s site is available in 4x.

For all my curvy queens, you can shop some of my favorite swimsuits from Cupshe’s plus size collection below!

Cupshe Swimsuits Review 6

^^This swimsuit is another winner from Jojo’s collection with Cupshe. I don’t think I ever would have picked out a bikini top with puff sleeves but it’s SO cute.

I will say, I did also receive a string bikini set from Jojo’s collab in an influencer gifting package…and while she looks amazing in it, the bottoms were laughably small. The back went right up my bum (hey, I told you this was an honest Cupshe review!), which I guess is the point of that style bikini, but it’s just not right for me lol.

Sadly I won’t be able to wear those bottoms, but the top is really cute and I can easily pair it with black bikini bottoms.

Shop the best Cupshe bikinis below:

Cupshe Prices:

Obviously, Cupshe’s super affordable prices are very attractive. Combine that with how cute their styles are, and no wonder everyone is getting drawn in!

One-piece sets: $8.99 – $37.99
Two-piece (bikini) sets: $8.99 – $36.99
Plus-size sets: $13.99 – $42.99
Cover-ups & Kimonos: $8.99 – $41.99
Dresses: $9.99 – $47.99

Psst, use code “CUPSHE10” for 10% off your first order over $65+ when you subscribe to emails.

Cupshe Swimsuits Review, by Blogger What the Fab

Cupshe Swimsuits Review

Cupshe Pros

Tons of variety.

Starting off strong, Cupshe offers many two-piece, high coverage sets with a wide variety of patterns and options for padding—both removable, non-removable, and none at all.

I’m a huge fan of high-waisted bikini bottoms and they have a variety of ones that cover as much or little as you’d like.

Not only that, but Cupshe suits accentuate my curves and I receive so many compliments when I wear them! Many of their two-piece sets have adjustable and comfortable bra bands and straps.

Their cheekier bottoms give you a snatched look in the front, but don’t leave anything hanging out in the back.

Their swimsuits look great on different body types.

So often when you order from Chinese brands, their pieces are really only made for skinny chicks. And even if you size up, the fit is just…not flattering for someone with curves.

I’ve found so many flattering swimsuits from Cupshe and with so many different styles to choose from, I’m sure you will too.

Cupshe’s one-pieces are fire.

Onto the one-piece choices—some are simple and curve-loving with a flattering back. Others are more colorful, intricate, and show off some skin with side cutouts. The possibilities are endless.

I find that a lot of one-pieces provide a more comfortable feel on a beach or pool day, but most are pretty unstylish and chunky. That is not the case with Cupshe one-piece sets.

Cupshe’s quality is good, especially for the price.

If I were to guess, this is probably the main thing you’re curious about when searching for a Cupshe swimsuits review. Are Cupshe swimsuits good quality?

I’ve been really happy and impressed with the quality of Cupshe’s swimsuits for the price. They absolutely look and feel like they are much more expensive than $30.

Sometimes I don’t love the bikini top pads and feel like those aren’t great quality and look lumpy, but they’re easily removable.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with the vast selection of Cupshe swimsuits—they’re unmatched! Fashionable and affordable bathing suits for this summer? Check.

Discover flattering Cupshe swimsuits below:

Cupshe Cons

Cupshe is a fast-fashion brand.

While it’s my true and honest opinion that these bathing suits are so worth the price you pay, Cupshe is—at the end of the day—a fast-fashion brand. I’d be remiss to do an in-depth Cupshe swimsuits review and not mention this.

There are always ethical and sustainability questions behind fast fashion—and how products are manufactured, which I don’t know the answers to.

Sometimes the colors look different in real life.

Also, while most of the time the swimsuit I receive looks exactly as it was pictured on the website, sometimes the color has been a bit off.

Cupshe Swimsuits Review, by Blogger What the Fab

You’ll notice the color of the swimsuit in the above pic is definitely different than the pics online. I still really like this one, but I was definitely surprised by the color when I opened the package—sometimes this does happen with Cupshe!

While these swimsuits might not look and feel the same over time after a year or more (time will tell on that one), many Cupshe customers including myself are extremely satisfied with the wear that comes out of these suits.

You can’t return swimsuits that are on sale.

Sometimes I get excited to see a Cupshe swimsuit on sale for like, $10 and I’m about to pull the trigger. But then I remember I won’t be able to return it if the swimsuit doesn’t fit. For $10, maybe it’s worth the risk, but especially with swimwear I like to make sure I have the perfect fit.

Despite these caveats, I’ve become a Cupshe fan. I’d say 8 out of 10 of what I order from them has been a hit—so hardly any misses!

Cupshe Swimsuits Review, by Blogger What the Fab

That’s it for my in-depth Cupshe swimsuits review!

With the summer heat rolling around, I can’t wait to see you guys rocking these bathing suits. Personally, I just booked a Mediterranean cruise for me and Omied (SO excited and can’t wait to share more with you!), and I’ll probably need a whole new Cupshe swimsuit wardrobe fro the trip.

As always, if you wear one of the swimsuits featured in this Cupshe swimsuits review post, be sure to tag me in a Story on Instagram (@wtfab) so I can see the style you chose!

Shop all of the Cupshe swimwear in this post below!

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How much are Cupshe swimsuits?

– One-piece sets: $8.99 – $37.99
– Two-piece (bikini) sets: $8.99 – $36.99
– Plus-size sets: $13.99 – $42.99

Does Cupshe offer multiple sizes?

Yes! Many styles offer sizes from XS up to XL, but they also have a unique plus-size collection with sizes from 0X to 4X.

Do Cupshe swimsuits have good coverage?

Absolutely. Many of their bathing suits feature a thick waistband with high coverage, but there are many cheekier options as well!

Should you size up for Cupshe?

I would order your normal swimsuit size.

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