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The Best Cloud Sofa Dupes to Make Your Space Look Minimalist and Chic

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Cloud Sofa Dupes, by Blogger What The Fab

I’m sure you’ve seen the famous Restoration Hardware cloud sofa everywhere on social media and you’re probably wanting to buy it right now but looking at the price tag like 😬. I have some good news for you, I found some really, really good cloud sofa dupes that you’re going to want to add your space asap.

Because starting at $5k (and getting up to $10k) is a little crazy for a couch. But dang, do I love the look of it.

These cloud sofa dupes literally almost look identical to the actual Restoration Hardware cloud couch but just half the price.

Sofas really make or break a space, so I definitely think finding the right one for your home is essential.

If you’re looking for that super minimal and chic aesthetic, the cloud couch is THE couch of your dreams—the best piece of furniture in my opinion.

So, I’m super excited to be sharing my top 10 favorite cloud couch dupes. 

10 Cloud Sofa Dupes

Cloud Sofa Dupes, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via World Market

1. World Market Ivory Feather Filled Brynn Sofa

This World Market Brynn Sofa is chefs kiss so good. It’s one of the closest dupes I’ve found from the structure to the cushions. 

The frame is made from solid pine wood and the overall fabric is made from polyester nylon. The cushions are reversible and removable to give you lots of flexibility with maintaining the color. 

The cushions are also feather-filled to make lounging around super cozy. Just add a super cute throw blanket and your living room will look like it’s straight out of Pinterest. 

For a two-seater couch, this couch is so much more worth getting than the original Restoration Hardware one. It’s still an investment but way more reasonable. 

Cloud Sofa Dupes, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Anthropologie

2. Anthropologie Upcycled Wells Sofa 

This Anthropologie Upcycled Wells Sofa is another really close dupe, but a little bit more on the pricier side (as most Anthro furniture usually is!). Still, it’s nowhere near as expensive as the Cloud Sofa.

I also really like that it’s made out of upcycled sustainable textiles. 

The only difference between this Anthro couch and the Restoration Hardware one is that this one has a single removable seat instead of two separate cushions (which I actually think looks cleaner). It also comes with 4 throw pillows. 

These cushions are also feather-filled to make sitting on the couch extra comfortable. If they ever get flat, you can easily fluff them up again.

You could probably fit up to 4 people on this couch, but 2 people would fit more comfortably. I’m seriously in love with how chic and elegant this couch looks, you could totally fool guests into thinking this is the Restoration couch. 

Cloud Sofa Dupes, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via West Elm

3. West Elm Harmony Modular Sectional

The West Elm Harmony Modular couch is perfect if you’re looking for versatility in size and colors. It’s actually fully customizable based on your preferences, but that also means the price varies. 

I love that everything is handcrafted and made from high-quality materials. So you know it’s definitely worth the investment.

The prices range from $1,099 t0 $2,799, which is super reasonable considering you get to fully customize it compared to spending a minimum of $5,000 on a Restoration 2 seater couch. 

The seat cushions are deep and plushy to keep you feeling cozy. It also comes with lumbar and throw pillows to make snuggling even better.

Overall, this couch is very soft and very aesthetic.

Image via Walmart

4. Sunset Trading Cloud Puff 

This Walmart 2 piece sectional slipcovered sofa is a fluffy cloud dream and pretty close to the original. It’s a loveseat that includes 2 sectional arm pieces that can either be used together or separately. 

It’s also made with moisture-resistant fabric to keep the couch looking fresh and clean. The fabric is also removable making washing the covers a lot easier.

This cloud puff sofa has deep seating making lounging ultra-comfortable. It can sit up to 3 people before it gets a little too tight. 

Since it has a low frame it really opens up your living room space making it look and feel airy. The set is on the more expensive end, but can be worth the investment if you really want a dupe for the cloud couch. 

Image via Wayfair

5. Wayfair Elisa 90” Recessed Arms and Reversible Sofa Cushions

This Wayfair Elisa sofa has been all over socials and I can see why—it’s a really good dupe. You can get this 3 seater couch for under $1000, which is a steal. 

The sofa almost looks identical, but the only difference is that these cushions are made out of foam instead of feathers. You can get this sofa in a few different colors too like pearl, white, ivory, and so much more.

The recessed arms really frame the couch giving it a more relaxed look. It also comes with 4 toss pillows and removable wood legs. 

All the cushions are removable and reversible to keep the sofa looking brand new. 

Image via Urban Outfitters

6. Urban Outfitters Chamberlin Sofa

The Urban Outfitters Chamberlin Sofa is a really great and more affordable option at $898. It can seat up to 3 people and comes in a few different colors. 

It’s made with a stain-resistant LiveSmart fabric to make cleaning a breeze. It has a more retro-inspired silhouette compared to the cloud couch but overall still has that minimal look to it.

I really like that every piece is made to order making it feel a little more special when you receive it. The cushions are made out of foam and have metal legs instead. 

You can go wrong with the looks of this sofa. 

Image via Castlery

7. Castlery Hamilton Sofa

The Castlery Hamilton Sofa is a stunning loveseats style that comes in 2 different shades. If you want it like the cloud couch definitely get it in brilliant white. 

The seats are deep to provide ultimate comfort and the cushions are made out of foam and springs.

I love that the couch has removable covers to make cleaning and maintaining the piece a lot easier to handle—no need for any professional cleaning. 

The legs are made out of metal but are very small so they’re hardly noticeable. The fabric is made of polyester and acrylic so it feels pretty soft. 

Overall, it’s a really nice-looking cloud couch and way more affordable. 

Cloud Sofa Dupes, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via CB2

8. CB2 Lenyx Lindy Snow Sofa

The CB2 Lenyx Lindy Snow Sofa is absolutely stunning. It doesn’t look identical to the cloud couch but it’s pretty similar in style and vibe. 

It has a very elegant and retro aesthetic to it, which I absolutely love. The seat cushions are made of a blend between polyfoam and feather—the best of both worlds. 

It also comes in a natural white and grey shade to bring a softer look to your space. It’s ultra-cushioned to make sitting and talking super comfortable.

Cloud Sofa Dupes, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via CB2

9. CB2 Ryker White Sofa

The Ryker White Sofa by CB2 is another really stunning piece that doesn’t look identical to the cloud couch, but it’s pretty similar. 

The major difference is this couch is raised off the ground instead of having short legs. It comes in 2 different colors—the lush parchment color is the best.

The overall design looks very modern and sleek. The legs are made out of stainless steel to really give off that mid-century modern vibe.

The fabric almost feels and looks like velvet but it’s actually 100% polyester Crypton. The cushions are extra fluffy to make sitting very comfortable.

White puffy sofa.
Image via Walmart

10. AllModern Westview 83.85” Upholstered Sofa

Last, I had to include this AllModern Westview 83.85″ Upholstered Sofa. It’s super affordable and seats up to 2 people. 

You can also opt to get it in a few different colors. I love that it has similar solid wood frame legs and the cushions are filled with luxurious down.

The extra-deep cushions really add to making this couch a good dupe. The fabric is also super easy to clean, all you need to do is dab the fabric with a cloth.

Overall, this sofa is really cute and affordable to turn your living room into your dream space.

Those were all my cloud sofa dupes! I’m seriously in love with all of these options, I would totally opt for one of these over the Restoration Hardware cloud modular sofas (and save myself at least a couple g’s in the process). 

Couches are the centerpiece of your home, and where you spend a lot of time, so it’s essential you find the right one. If you decide to get any of these dupes, be sure to share them with me on Insta @wtfab!

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What are the best cloud sofa dupes?

The best cloud sofa dupes are:
– World Market Ivory Feather Filled Brynn Sofa
– Anthropologie Upcycled Wells Sofa
– West Elm Harmony Modular Sectional

What are cloud couches filled with?

The cloud couches are filled with goose down making them feel super luxurious.

How expensive is the cloud couch?

The cloud couch is super expensive starting off at $5195.

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