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8 Gorgeous Chloe Dupes

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Best Chloe dupes, by fashion blogger What The Fab

Chloe is one of my fav designer brands for eclectic and feminine clothes and accessories, so I’ve found the best Chloe dupes if you want to get the look for less.

Known for its effortlessly cool apparel, handbags, and more, Chloe is a French fashion house with a more “down to earth” vibe than most luxury brands.

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Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean the prices at Chloe are very down to earth since you can find $1000+ jeans and handbags nearing $10,000 on their website!  

Don’t worry though—there are tons of gorgeous Chloe dupes on the market, and I’ve put together this list to share my top eight picks with you.

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8 Gorgeous Chloe Dupes

Best Chloe dupes, by fashion blogger What The Fab
Image via Mark and Graham

1. Mark and Graham Equestrian Suede Crossbody Bag

One of Chloe’s most popular collections is the Marcie, a line of ‘70s-inspired handbags with a variety of clutch, crossbody, and tote silhouettes.

The Marcie collection is instantly recognizable thanks to its soft shapes and lines and equestrian-style touches like my fav, the Marcie Small Saddle Bag.

This crossbody bag has a distinct horseshoe shape that’s stylish yet subtle and comes in several gorgeous colors.

If you don’t have $1,350 laying around to splurge on the Chloe Marcie bag, Mark and Graham’s Equestrian Suede Crossbody Bag is a similar dupe for $170.

The Mark and Graham Crossbody Bag features the same saddle bag shape as the Chloe version but is finished in Italian leather and suede rather than grained calfskin.

For a fraction of the price, the Equestrian Suede Crossbody Bag is one of the best Chloe designer dupes.

Best Chloe dupes, by fashion blogger What The Fab
Image via Dillard’s

2. Free People Catch Me If You Can Sneakers

Chloe also makes some beautiful footwear, and the Nama Sneaker is at the top of my wishlist.

Nama Sneakers have a unique woven-type appearance and are partially made from recycled materials, meaning they have a low impact on the environment.

Even though I support Chloe’s mission behind these shoes, I’m not crazy about the idea of dropping almost $1,000 on a pair.

Enter Free People’s Catch Me If You Can Crochet Platform Sneaker—an equally eye-catching dupe that’s under $150.

These Platform Sneakers come in several pattern and style options that are all adorable.

The crochet look is perfect for spring and summer and I’m expecting to see a lot of shoes like this being styled throughout the year!

Image via Kate Spade

3. Kate Spade Audrey Flap Crossbody

For a luxury box-style handbag that’s stylish and functional, Chloe’s Penelope Medium Top Handle Bag is hard to beat. 

I love the sleek shape of this Penelope Handle Bag and the subtle touches of metal hardware. 

The only thing stopping me from adding this designer bag to my cart is the $3,650 price tag. 😬

Instead, I found this amazing Kate Spade Audrey Flap Crossbody that embodies the same functional-yet-fashionable vibe as the original for a more budget-friendly price.

Aside from being a bit more rectangular than the Penelope Bag, this quality Chloe designer dupe is spot-on for around $200.

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Best Chloe dupes, by fashion blogger What The Fab
Image via Good American

4. Good American Good Legs Flare Jeans

When I first saw the Chloe Flare Jeans, I immediately started mentally planning all the outfits I could style them with.

But then I saw the price—$1,050, no thanks!

I was disappointed with how expensive they were (though my wallet was thanking me) so I decided to hunt down the best Chloe dupes when it comes to jeans, and it’s safe to say I’ve found them.

Good American’s Good Legs Flare Jeans are under $100 and look just as stylish and flattering.

‘70s fashion has been making a major comeback in recent years and I’ve been dying to style a pair of bellbottoms, so I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair of these Good Legs Flare Jeans.

Best Chloe dupes, by fashion blogger What The Fab
Image via Macy’s

5. Fossil Harwell Small Flap Crossbody 

Another iconic handbag from Chloe that’s a favorite of mine is the Small Tess Bag.

The Small Tess Bag has a similar silhouette to the Marcie Small Saddle Bag, but with an eye-catching piece of looped hardware on the front.

I’d much rather spend $200 on a new purse than over $2,000 which is why I’m a huge fan of Fossil’s Harwell Small Flap Crossbody as a dupe for the Tess Bag.

Instead of metal hardware touches, the Harwell Crossbody features a chunky buckle that perfectly fits the equestrian vibe of the original.

I love how luxurious the Bone/Saddle color combo looks with the contrast between the cream saddlebag and the rich brown accents on the buckle and straps.

Of course, the $195 price tag of this Small Flap Crossbody is also a huge perk!

Image via Sam Edelman

6. Sam Edelman Irina Slide Sandal

Mules have become one of my favorite styles of shoes when the weather starts to warm up, which is why I love the look of Chloe’s Woody Flat Mule.

These designer mules feature thick Chloe-branded straps, and even though I think they’re adorable for spring and summer, I’m not about to spend almost $500 on them.

One of the best Chloe dupes for these flat mules is the Sam Edelman Irina Slide Sandal.

Like the Chloe Mule shoe, these Sam Edelman Slide Sandals have a comfortable flat sole and bold straps with branding.

If I’m being honest, I prefer the look of the Sam Edelman Sandals since the branded straps are a touch more subtle and versatile. 

My favorite thing about the Irina Slide Sandal is, of course, the much more reasonable $130 price tag.

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Image via Free People

7. Free People Charlie Chain Crossbody

The Faye Shoulder Bag is one of the most iconic Chloe handbags thanks to its classic shape and trendy piercing hardware detail. 

This luxurious shoulder bag comes in several rich colors, and I especially love the look of the Cherry Red version.

It can be a challenge to get your hands on one of these Chloe bags and if you do, be prepared to spend a few hundred dollars.

One of the best Faye dupe bags is the Free People Charlie Chain Crossbody, a trendy alternative for under $100.

This Chloe Faye dupe is also available in some beautiful colors, regardless of whether you want a neutral bag or a statement piece.

I also love the added touch of the chunky chain—so on-trend!

Image via Banana Republic Factory

8. Banana Republic Factory Straw Tote Bag

Wrapping up this list of my favorite Chloe dupes is the Banana Republic Factory Straw Tote Bag.

This woven, bucket-style tote is a great alternative to Chloe’s almost $700 Small Woody Basket.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the look of the original—but the Straw Tote Bag from Banana Republic Factory is under $100 with an equally stylish vibe.

I also love the unique but subtle detail of the v-shaped bag opening that adds a little bit of oomph to an otherwise classic woven tote bag. 

If you’ve been searching for your next pool or beachside tote, the Straw Tote Bag is the way to go!

I hope you’re feeling inspired to put together a whole fit of Chloe dupes—and if you do, make sure to tag me on Insta (@wtfab) so I can check out your style. 😉

Click the images below to shop my picks for the best Chloe dupes

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What is Chloe known for?

Chloe is a brand known for its feminine and fashionable apparel and accessories.

What are the best Chloe dupes for shoes?

I’m a fan of the Sam Edelman Irina Slide Sandal and Free People Catch Me If You Can Crochet Platform Sneaker.

What are the best Chloe dupes for bags?

The Mark and Graham Equestrian Suede Crossbody Bag and Fossil Harwell Small Flap Crossbody are great Chloe handbag dupes.

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