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Christian Dior Tote Bag Dupe

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The best Christian dior tote bag dupe, by fashion blogger What The Fab

One thing I can’t stand is a gatekeeper, which is why I’m letting you in on an amazing discovery and all the deets on where I found this Christian Dior book tote dupe! 

I recently learned about OGbags from a blogger friend of mine (we’ll keep her anonymous lol) and was blown away when she showed me the quality of her Chanel bag from this site, and later her Christian Dior tote bag from them. 

I love designer handbags, and I always have so much excitement when I make a splurge and buy one, but afterward, I’m kinda left feeling like—was it really worth thousands of dollars? Probs not.

There’s no buyer’s remorse with OGbags. Their designer dupes are absolutely out of this world. I have two bags from them now and they’re both gorgeous—a Chanel Boy Bag and now this stunning Dior book tote

I cannot get over how beautiful this book tote dupe is. The texture, pattern, stitching, material…everything feels so luxe! 

The best Christian dior tote bag dupe, by fashion blogger What The Fab

If you’ve searched around for dupe bags before, you know that it’s not always easy to find ones that are high quality. That’s why it’s so important to get a legit referral from a friend (and even if you and I haven’t met in person, you’re reading my blog, so I consider you a friend because I write like I’m talking to my BFF!). 

Different websites have designer dupes popping up all the time, but the quality is always pretty poor. One of my friends bought a Christian Dior book tote dupe online and even though it looked good in the photos, when it arrived it said…Christ Dorito across the front. Lollll. Don’t let this happen to you!

After picking out two different styles from them, I can definitely say that you can shop OGbags with confidence and worry-free. The quality of their bag dupes is unparalleled. 

They have super quick communication (WhatsApp is easiest if you have questions, and you can click this link to chat with them on WhatsApp) and I appreciated that they sent me photos of my exact bag getting packaged up and shipped out, along with a DHL tracking # so I’d know exactly when my gift to myself would be arriving. Shipping is free and takes 15 working days since it’s coming from overseas.

My Dior book tote arrived in a gorgeous Dior box (that I now have on display in my office), along with a dust bag and paperwork. 

And the tote bag itself is absolutely stunning—I’m obsessed! I’ll be using it everywhere. I think it’s especially perfect for travel and can’t wait to take it with me on my next trip! But it would also be an amazing work tote. It’s very roomy and sturdy. 

Now, let’s talk about the price. $379 for this book tote, instead of $3,700. Yeah, I’m sold. 

While you can certainly find Dior dupes on other sites for $40, they will be nowhere near the quality of the bags that OGbags has. Plus, you run the risk of getting a “Christ Dorito” bag hahah. Don’t want that! 

Be sure to check out OGbags’ site to see all the different styles and handbags they carry. I promise it’s going to be hard to pick out just one. I’m already eyeing a new YSL bag for myself. 

You can peruse all their different designers, or if you have a specific bag in mind, just search it by name. 

You can check out directly on the site, or message them on WhatsApp to make your purchase.

If you do end up getting a Christian Dior book tote dupe from OGbags, or any other designer bag, definitely let me know which one! I want to ooh and ahh over it with you lol. 

Be sure to share OGbags and my code WTFAB for 10% off with a friend who will appreciate it—remember, we don’t love a gatekeeper! 

The best Christian dior tote bag dupe, by fashion blogger What The Fab
The best Christian dior tote bag dupe, by fashion blogger What The Fab

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Ursula Saikaly

Wednesday 23rd of August 2023

Hi I'm interested in your totes. can you email me colors and pattern

Elise Armitage

Tuesday 29th of August 2023

Hi there, please reach out to the team at Juliabags directly and they'll help you out!


Sunday 2nd of July 2023

hello 💕 I love love this bag!! I’m looking at the sellers website and found some I’m interested in but I’m so suspicious about things like this. How was your experience? Do you recommend? Any tips you have? Just worried about the quality.

Elise Armitage

Tuesday 25th of July 2023

Their quality is top notch! I have several bags from them and absolutely love them and recommend them. Enjoy!