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The Best Celine Bag Dupes: 6 Fav Alternatives

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The best Celine bag dupes, by fashion blogger What The Fab

If you’re looking for a glamorous bag but with a reasonable budget, look no further than these Celine bag dupes.

After noticing their many likes and reviews, I just had to make a list of the best Celine dupes so you won’t have to spend time researching. 

I love designer brands as much as the next girl but I love saving even more.

With that in mind, I decided to round up my top Celine bag look-alikes so you can start the day with a pep in your step and a dupe on your shoulder. 

Shop my fav Celine bag dupes below:

Top 6 Celine Bag Dupes

Celine bag dupes, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Etsy

1. Ordicle Korean Style Minimalistic Brown Calfskin Leather Box Bag

First off we have the Ordicle Minimalistic Brown Calfskin Leather Box Bag. This shade of chocolate brown complements literally any outfit, so you can really play around with this as the centerpiece.

This bag dupe does the work—it can hold my iPhone, Airpods, keys, lip balm, and more. Its sturdy material and box frame is incredibly spacious to hold accessories and then some. 

I have to tell you that this really does exceed my expectations. Its high-quality leather and delicate details make for a luxurious dupe. I bet you’ll fall in love with this beauty just as much as I have. 

Celine bag dupes, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Mango

2. Mango Flap Cross-Body Bag

This Flap Cross-Body Bag from Mango is so chic and versatile that you can honestly dress this dupe up or down for any occasion. This faux leather piece comes in two colors to suit your styling needs—jet black or dark brown. 

Its long adjustable strap and inner compartments make for great comfort and organization. Let’s not forget the magnetic metal fastening for closing convenience. It’ll come in handy for a fun night out with the girls. 

What I love about this Celine dupe is that it holds so much and looks fantastic at an affordable price. Life mantra: go for something that looks more expensive than its price tag. No need to empty your pockets here!

Celine bag dupes, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Everlane

3. The Italian Leather Studio Bag from Everlane

If you’re looking for something to last, look no further than this Italian Leather Studio Bag from Everlane. With its premium Italian leather and functional features, this is a totally knockout dupe worth the hype. Trust me—it’s so spacious it can even function as a luggage bag. 

Its roomy and unique shape fits everything from the necessities to the you-never-know-when accessories. I love that I can fit a 13” laptop for when I’m on-the-go and still look like a million bucks. It’s so easy to slip in a book for a quick read, too. Don’t forget to pack your water bottle. 😊

The only storage suggestion I have for this Celine dupe is to keep it in the dustbag when not in use. This ensures that its leather holds the same quality for many years down the road. 


4. CHARLES & KEITH Charlot Bag in Black 

Next up is the gorgeous Charlot Bag from CHARLES & KEITH. This staple adds a charming touch to any look while still looking stunningly sophisticated. 

I love that CHARLES & KEITH is so reliable and top-notch—and this shoulder bag is no exception. Out of all the Celine-inspired dupes out of there, this one is definitely at the top of my wishlist. I can definitely see a good shopping spree coming out of this one. 

After seeing some recent posts, I couldn’t help but feature the Charlot Bag. The gold-tone details are giving material girl vibes and I’m here for it. The elegantly curved corners just scream fashionista. 

Image via DeMellier

5. The Vancouver by DeMellier

Introducing the Vancouver bag by DeMellier. This Celine box dupe is what girlboss dreams are made of—just catch a glimpse of the gold detailing from the arrow-inspired double-bar lock. 

Seriously, when I was scrolling through my feed I’ve been convinced that I couldn’t do without it. This Celine dupe is a fantastic combination of both contemporary and vintage. Just wait and see how this soft, smooth, and sustainable leather gives off a brilliant shine. 

And don’t even get me started on the quality of this real leather. It’s sourced exclusively in Spain and Italy with the highest standards and regulations. Every detail is also handcrafted by talented artisans using traditional techniques from a family-owned factory in Spain. 

The best Celine dupes, by fashion blogger What The Fab

6. Senreve Midi Maestra Bag

Last but not least, I just had to include the Midi Maestra Bag by Senreve. This incredibly versatile piece functions as a tote, satchel, crossbody, or backpack—is there anything it can’t do?

You can read more about the Senreve Maestra Bag and why I love it so much here.

This Italian-made sleek Celine dupe can be taken just about anywhere. I can imagine going on a quick coffee run or spending a day out with my gal pals with zero worries. 

Image via Shopbop

If you’re always adjusting to your surroundings and have to set your bag down, no problem. The metal feet will keep the bottom clean from any debris. Also, the convertible shoulder straps are so convenient when you’re on the go. 

And there you have—the best Celine bag dupes I’ve found. These lavish and affordable alternatives won’t break the bank, so rest easy when I say your pockets will be happy. 

If you end up trying out any of these bags, I’d love to see how you tailor them to your wardrobe. Make sure to tag me on Instagram @wtfab with your fav outfit!

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Why are Celine bags so popular?

What makes Celine bags unique is that they stem from the brand’s commitment to the elegant and functional quality of its products.

Who tends to buy Celine bags?

Anyone stylish! Celine usually targets a classy audience and focuses on what women actually want to wear.

Is Celine a good investment?

Celine is of great quality and holds value for a long time as a designer bag. That being said, you can find several Celine bag dupes that are affordable! Check out any of the above links to purchase your own Celine dupe. 

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