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Senreve Maestra Bag Review + Discount Code

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Senreve Maestra bag review, by fashion blogger What The Fab

I’m sure you’ve seen the Senreve Maestra Bag everywhere on Insta because I definitely have, and it’s safe to say I’m obsessed—I love a quality genuine leather bag!

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Senreve was kind enough to send me a Maestra Bag of my own and I was SO pumped to try it out and share my thoughts.

The Maestra Bag comes in a variety of colors and sizes, and simply put, it’s chic af.

Click the images below to shop for the Senreve Maestra Bag:

Senreve Maestra bag review, by fashion blogger What The Fab

I decided to go with the classic Maestra which is the largest bag in the collection, rather than the smaller Midi, Mini, or Milli sizes (which we’ll talk more about in a bit). 

I’m so excited to share why I’m loving my Senreve Maestra and why I think you should get one if you’ve been on the fence. 

In this Senreve Maestra bag review, I’ll go in-depth about the different sizes and the overall quality of this luxe handbag.

When I’m thinking about splurging on an item, I always like to read reviews first and see what others have to say, so I hope this overview of the Senreve Maestra answers any questions you may have about the brand and its iconic bag!

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Shop for your own Senreve Maestra Bag by clicking the images below:

Senreve Maestra bag review, by fashion blogger What The Fab

Senreve Maestra Bag Review

About Senreve

Senreve was founded with a mission to give rising female professionals the perfect luxury handbag to meet all their needs.

The brand set out to create bags that look beautiful but are also practical and have plenty of space for office essentials, go-to makeup products, and more.

Senreve’s bags are designed to easily transition from business meetings and happy hour to jet-setting adventures.

Senreve Maestra bag review, by fashion blogger What The Fab

Senreve Maestra Bag Styles

The Maestra

The Maestra is the largest style of this luxurious handbag and features eight interior compartments for tons of organization. 

Made from 100% genuine Italian leather that’s resistant to scratches, water, and stains, this high-quality bag is the perfect travel accessory.

This is the perfect work or commuter bag since it fits up to a 15-inch laptop in the center compartment, or a 13-inch laptop in the padded sleeve.

The interior of the Maestra crossbody is a micro-suede material that’s also stain-resistant, and the bag features metal feet at the bottom to protect the base from wear and tear.

The Maestra from Senreve is super roomy and there’s even a hidden zipper for extra security.

Thanks to the adjustable straps, you can wear the Maestra Bag as a crossbody, hands-free backpack, shoulder bag, or tote which is amazing if you’re on the go and have your hands full.

The Midi Maestra

The Midi Maestra is the perfect size for everyday use that can fit all the essentials you could ever need.

It’s important to note this convertible bag isn’t large enough for 15-inch laptops, but the central compartment can fit an 11-inch laptop, and the padded sleeve will hold up to a 10.9-inch tablet.

Similar to the full-size Maestra, you can wear Midi Maestra as a backpack, satchel, tote, or crossbody. 

The Midi also contains a ton of interior compartments and the same high-quality micro-suede interior, making it a great pick when you’re running around town and need to fit items like a water bottle, snacks, and beauty essentials.

The Mini Maestra

The Mini Maestra is seriously so cute and would be my go-to pick for brunch, dinner, or drinks with friends. 

With seven compartments to keep items organized, this convertible mini bag can hold all your essentials without feeling too big or bulky.

The Mini Maestra’s flap closure features a magnetic snap button to make sure valuables stay secure, which is a huge pro. 

Of course, the Senreve Mini Maestra is also incredibly versatile since it can be worn in four unique ways to complement whatever vibe you’re going for.

The Milli Maestra

One of the newest additions to the Maestra collection is the Milli bag, the smallest size available.

This adorable crossbody is super tiny, perfect if you’re looking for a compact but fashionable bag to store your wallet, keys, and maybe a lip gloss or set of headphones.

I love the simple yet stylish design of the small leather Milli Maestra and am def adding one to my wishlist next time I’m shopping for a handbag.

Click the images below to start shopping for these Senreve Maestra Bags:

Colors and Materials

All of Senreve’s Maestra bags come in a range of classic colors and a handful of limited seasonal choices, so there are plenty of options to fit any style.

For my Maestra handbag, I chose the color Suede Sand because it looks luxurious and is versatile enough that I can pair it with a ton of different outfits.

Unfortunately, Senreve doesn’t offer this specific shade anymore, but Sand and Ice have similar neutral vibes.

It was so hard to decide on a color because all the Maestra bags are gorgeous!

As far as materials go, you can choose between Pebbled, Mimosa, or Dolce leather, each of which has a unique feel and different levels of durability. 

If you really want to splurge, the Midi Maestra comes in a Dragon finish that resembles crocodile skin which is so chic.

As a bonus, eco-conscious shoppers can also snag the Midi Maestra in a 100% plant-based Vegan Terra material!


The full-size Maestra ranges in price from $945 to $1,045, depending on what material you choose.

When it comes to the Midi Maestra, you can expect to pay anywhere from $845 for Pebbled to $1,145 for the Dragon version.

For the Mini Maestra, you’ll pay $745 for Pebbled and up to $1,025 for Dragon.

Senreve’s Milli Maestra is the most budget-friendly option at $275.

Shop for my fav Senreve Maestra Bags by clicking the images below:

Senreve Maestra Bag Pros and Cons


As I mentioned earlier, I decided to go with the original Maestra because of its size—I love that it can comfortably fit my laptop along with a notebook, a small water bottle, snacks, and more. 

The interior compartments in the Maestra ensure those small essentials like keys, chapstick, and hand sanitizer don’t get lost. 

I’ve been on the hunt for a work bag that’s functional but also chic, and the Senreve Maestra handbag is 100% it. 

The Maestra is perfect for long days when you need to keep your tech items like a laptop and chargers on hand but still want to look stylish and put together.

Senreve’s convertible Maestra has become my go-to for business conferences or retreats when I’m running around the city for different meetings.

The huge selection of colors and leather options is a huge pro since there’s so much variety, though you’ll probably have a hard time picking just one!

The convertible backpack feature of the Maestra is what really sold me since it can fit all my blogger needs while still looking chic, making it a great choice for traveling out of town.

Every Maestra is crafted from high-quality leather and I appreciate that I don’t have to worry about stains or spills thanks to the durable material.


There’s no denying the Maestra handbag is pretty pricey and definitely an investment piece. 

It’s also unfortunate that the bag’s padded compartment can’t fit my 15-inch laptop (thankfully, the main compartment is large enough).

I also think the material of the padded compartment separator feels kind of stiff and not as luxe as the rest of the bag. But, since it’s inside the bag and not visible, it doesn’t bother me too much.

I hope you enjoyed my review of the Senreve Maestra Bags—I’m absolutely in love with mine and hope you’re able to splurge on one, too!

If you decide to invest in a Senreve Maestra, tag me on Insta (@wtfab) so I can see which style you go with.

Click the images below to start shopping for Senreve Maestra Bags:

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Is the Senreve Maestra Bag worth it?

Yes, Senreve Maestra Bags are worth the investment because they’re made with high-quality materials, have a timeless style, and make great work or travel bags.

How much does the Senreve Maestra Bag cost?

The Senreve Maestra Bag comes in four sizes and ranges in price from $275 for the Milli to $1,145 for the Dragon Midi.

How can Senreve Maestra Bags be styled?

Most Senreve Maestra Bags can be worn as shoulder bags, tote bags, backpacks, and crossbodies.

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Thursday 30th of September 2021

Hello! thank you so so much for your detailed review on the pro and cons of the bag,

The color that you are having is Sand mixed leather, right? this color is nice and super elegant.

I do have a question here, I'm not good at taking care of light-color bag/purse. My beige purse turns yellowish/ not clean looking anymore but the leather is still perfectly well.

Hence, can I have your advice on how is this bag still keeping? is it hard to clean? and there is also suede leather in the front of the bag. I believe you need to be careful during rainy days. Appreciate your help please before i make a purchase from overseas. Thank you so much in advance.