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6 Classy Cartier Love Bracelet Dupes

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Cartier Love Bracelet Dupes, by Blogger What the Fab

If you’ve been looking for the perfect Cartier love bracelet dupes, I have some gorgeous ones that I’m sharing today!

Let’s be honest—who doesn’t know about the iconic, designer brand Cartier? Their luxury watches, bracelets, and rings have cemented themselves as high-end must-haves in fashion history. 

As one of their signature collections, their original LOVE jewelry is famous for symbolizing free-spirited love. The Cartier bracelets are adored for their simple and timeless look.

Tbh, some fashion brands can look a bit gaudy at times by overdoing their designs. But I think the Love bracelets are just the right amount of elegant and chic. 

Does that justify the price? I think NOT unless you have thousands to spare (can you believe the price can go up to 62k for a single piece?!). 

I totally respect going all in for the aesthetics and vibes but sometimes it’s just not realistic. Some of us need to pay rent!

And if you can find good designer dupes, it’s way more worth it almost 100% of the time. And at the end of the day, do I really need an 18k gold-plated bracelet on my wrist? 

Idk… I don’t think I would be even able to enjoy it without fearing it being damaged or stolen! That’s why getting look-alikes from Walmart and Etsy just feels like a better deal.

I made sure to rack up all the best Cartier Love Bracelet dupes out there, so you know what’s on the market.

Click below to shop the best Cartier Love Bracelet dupes:

Cartier Love Bracelet Dupes Size

An important note about these dupes is that most of them are bangle bracelets—meaning they are fixed. They are meant to be slipped on and off with no adjustments, so you won’t have the flexibility you’d get with clasps and chains. 

This means it’s crucial to get the right size and use the complimentary screwdrivers that sometimes come with the items! Otherwise, they might not even fit. 

Some of the items on the list have hidden clasps and ways to circumvent this issue, so don’t worry too much. But do make sure to be careful about your wrist measurements!

Now that you know, let’s get started!

6 Cartier Love Bracelet Dupes

Cartier Love Bracelet Dupes, by Blogger What the Fab
Image via A D. Allen & Danmi 

1. A.D. Allen & Danmi

These stainless steel bracelets are plated with 18k gold to give them the original classy look. Stainless steel is more durable and long-lasting than sterling silver. 

It replicates the gemstones with high-quality Cubic Zirconia, which means it has the shine of diamonds without costing nearly the same amount! 

These bangles come in yellow gold, rose gold, and silver. 

With over 170 ratings with an average of 4.3 stars, this $16.99 dupe is basically satisfaction guaranteed. 

Yellow gold Cartier love bracelet dupe with rhinestone and heart detail.
Image via Walmart

2. MVCOLEDY Jewelry Yellow Gold Plated Bangle

Now this dupe is one of my secret favs because it fixes the problem of the fixed bangles. Not only does it have an adjustable clasp, it’s also a hidden mechanic! You just pull the top part while pushing the bottom to resize it to let your wrist breathe. 

Of course, it’s also made of stainless steel of strong and durable material—and it comes in a red velvet bag. 

If that doesn’t scream luxury, I don’t know what does. 

You can treat yourself to this gift or give it to others—that is, if they also think dupes are better than spending over $10k on an authentic piece. 

Shop affordable Cartier Love Bracelet dupes by clicking below:

Cartier Love Bracelet Dupes, by Blogger What the Fab
Image via 555 Jewelry Store

3. 555 Jewelry Store

While the other two dupes came in the three iconic colors, this one offers a new alternative: black.

If black is your favorite color (it goes with almost everything), a bonus is that it has longer-lasting color retention.

It uses Cubic Zirconia and stainless steel like the other two but the special thing about this is its smooth inner line. 

The one thing I don’t love about bangles is that it can get pretty uncomfortable having them shake around. It’s super important to have it feel comfortable on your skin, so the comfort factor of a smooth inner feel puts this one high on the list. 

With over 150 ratings and 4+ stars at $34.11, this one is another great save. 

Cartier Love Bracelet Dupes, by Blogger What the Fab
Image via ELIZJewelry Store

4.  ELIZJewelry Store 

This dupe is by far the most expensive on this list, at $940.02. With over 129 reviews and a 4.9 rating, this dupe feels more like a twist on the original than a replica. 

It’s thinner with a more lightweight design, with a small clasp to easily put it on and off. 

What I like the most about this design is the way the bracelet has an airy feel to it. The incisions on the inside make it a breathable texture while the shortened width makes it look less chunky. 

It also uses real 14 Karat gold, not just plated gold, but since it’s semi-hollow it’s not heavy at all. Since the seller uses a mix of gold and Zirconia for diamonds, you get the middle ground between the dupes under $100 and the originals that retail for over 10k. 

cartier love bracelet dupes
Image via SohoDeluxe

5. SohoDeluxe

I know you expected Etsy to be on this list! Since Etsy has a nifty Purchase Protection for buyers, there is a better sense of security than other sketchier sites. 

While the other pieces on the list were under $20, we’re going to the pricier items. But don’t worry, this one is less than $100! 

Even if good dupes can be cheap, sometimes paying a little extra can help in feeling a bit more secure about the quality of the product. 

This dupe is a bestseller, and has consistent five-star reviews—and it’s handmade. 

It also, of course, is stainless steel with a gold-plated finish. 

Unlike the other items on this list, it comes with a screwdriver that helps fasten the bracelet to your wrist size. This would also help explain the price of $55! 

Click below to shop inexpensive Cartier Love Bracelet dupes:

Cartier Love Bracelet Dupes, by Blogger What the Fab
Image via DHgate

6. DHgate

On top of being stainless steel, this dupe is made of titanium. That means it’s 40% lighter than steel but just as strong while being corrosion-resistant. 

And of course, just like the others, it has the basic colors of gold, silver, and rose gold. 

A single piece goes for $10.10 and has over 20+ five star reviews. 

Those are all my fav Cartier love bracelet dupes! Bracelets are one of the easiest ways to spice up an outfit without doing too much—especially with minimalist designs like the Cartier Love bracelets. 

Even if the bracelets are popular among couples and friends for their meaning of being bound together, what better way is there to practice self-love than by gifting it to yourself? 

If you decide to try out these dupes for yourself, be sure to tag me on Insta (@wtfab) so I can see how you styled them!

Click the images below to shop my picks for the best Cartier Love Bracelet Dupes:

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Which Cartier is the best investment? 

The Cartier Love collection is one of their well-known and sought-after pieces. It’s high on the list of Cartier’s bestsellers. In addition to the bracelet, the Cartier Love ring is also beloved for its classy look.

Why does everyone have a Cartier love bracelet? 

The bracelet is iconic for its message of inseparable love. The bracelet has a simple yet strong way of conveying this through its design. The two screws in the bracelet are locked into place on the wrist, showing the binding of love and faithfulness for couples. 

Is Cartier Love bracelet out of style? 

No, it has a timeless design thanks to its simple elegance. It’s a classic fan favorite that only continues to grow more popular. 

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