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Charlotte Tilbury Review: Top 10 Products to Try

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Charlotte Tilbury review, by beauty blogger What The Fab

Charlotte Tilbury is one of the best beauty brands in my opinion, so I’m here to share an honest Charlotte Tilbury review of the company and some of its top products.

If you like to watch makeup tutorials and product reviews on YouTube or TikTok I’m sure you’ve heard of Charlotte Tilbury before.

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Known for its luxurious makeup ranging from eyeshadows and mascara to foundation and lipstick, Charlotte Tilbury has earned a reputation for selling high-quality products that look gorgeous on all features and skin tones.

I have too many Charlotte Tilbury makeup products to count and some have become my all-time favs which is why I wanted to share this review for anyone that’s been thinking about trying the beauty brand.

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I’ll be sharing some of my top product picks from Charlotte Tilbury that you need to try ASAP, but first, let’s chat about the brand and what it’s all about.

To make things easy for you, you can shop for these products by clicking directly on the images, the shopping buttons, and of course, the text links. 

These are my affiliate links, which means that I receive a small commission when you purchase using my links (at no additional cost to you!) and I greatly appreciate you shopping with my links!

Charlotte Tilbury Review

About Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty was founded in 2013 by (you guessed it!) British makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury.

The beauty brand became an almost instant hit thanks to founder Charlotte’s reputation as a talented and visionary makeup artist.

Before becoming a powerhouse business president and chief creative officer, Charlotte Tilbury was a celebrity makeup artist who also hosted a popular beauty channel on YouTube.

She’s worked with some of the top supermodels in the world like Kate Moss and Gisele Bundchen and celebrities ranging from Kim Kardashian to Amal Clooney—no biggie!

You’ve also probably seen Charlotte’s makeup work on the pages of Vogue and Vanity Fair or the Fashion Week runways of Prada, Tom Ford, and Chloe.

All that to say—Charlotte Tilbury knows her stuff!

The Charlotte Tilbury brand is instantly recognizable for its sleek and luxurious packaging, shimmery bronze and nude shades, and iconic makeup collections like Pillow Talk and Hollywood (don’t worry, we’ll talk more about those soon). 

Charlotte Tilbury’s mission is to empower all women to be the most confident and beautiful versions of themselves, and their products work to accentuate your natural beauty rather than hide it.

As a bonus, Charlotte Tilbury is Leaping Bunny Approved, meaning it’s a certified cruelty-free makeup brand, and many of its products have been formulated with 100% vegan ingredients!

Charlotte Tilbury is considered a high-end makeup brand, but I find many of its products are reasonably priced given their quality and the fact that a little goes a long way in many cases.

The brand has done a pretty good job at offering products in a range of shades and colors that complement a variety of skin tones, but I’d like to see them introduce even more options in the future. 

Feeling inspired to try Charlotte Tilbury for yourself but don’t know where to start? 

I’m sharing my top product picks next in this Charlotte Tilbury review, so keep reading to get the inside scoop! 

Top Charlotte Tilbury Products

Charlotte Tilbury review, by beauty blogger What The Fab
Image via Sephora

Legendary Lashes Volume 2

For as long as I can remember I’ve struggled to get my eyelashes looking full and voluminous, but that all changed once I purchased the Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Vol 2 mascara!

The Legendary Lashes mascara gives your lashes a gorgeous volumized look that instantly brightens your eyes and adds an extra oomph to any makeup look.

I’ve sworn by this mascara for a while now and it might even rank as one of my all-time favorites.

The formula of the Legendary Lashes mascara is dreamy because it’s just the right consistency and looks incredibly rich and dark. 

I’ve even had people ask if I’m wearing falsies when all I’m wearing is a few layers of Legendary Lashes—who doesn’t love that compliment?

This Charlotte Tilbury mascara is long-wearing and waterproof so you know it’ll stay put no matter what you throw at it.

Charlotte Tilbury review, by beauty blogger What The Fab
Image via Sephora

Hollywood Flawless Filter

The Hollywood Flawless Filter complexion booster is THE Charlotte Tilbury product to beat.

This product has been such a staple in my makeup routine that I can’t even remember a time before I started using it. 

One of the best things about Hollywood Flawless Filter is how versatile it is—you can use this booster on its own for a natural glow, mixed with foundation for extra radiance, or as a liquid highlighter to get that perfect sunkissed look!

I see celebs and makeup artists talking about this product all the time because it’s just that good.

If I ever have a day where I don’t want to do a full-blown makeup look but still need to look well-rested and put together, Hollywood Flawless Filter is my go-to product.

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Charlotte Tilbury review, by beauty blogger What The Fab
Image via Sephora

Matte Revolution Lipstick

Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution Lipstick has been a serious game-changer when it comes to my makeup game.

For years I struggled to find a matte lipstick that wouldn’t dry out or crack on my lips, and after a lot of trial and error, I finally found this holy grail product.

My two favorite shades of the Matte Revolution Lipstick are Very Victoria, a classic taupe nude, and Walk of No Shame, the perfect berry tone that complements any skin tone. 

I’ve found that this lipstick works best when my lips are nice and moisturized and I’ve lined them with a similar color lip liner. 

Of course, Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk, the perfect slightly pink nude color, is one of the brand’s most popular shades and the Matte Revolution Lipstick edition is so gorg.

Charlotte Tilbury review, by beauty blogger What The Fab
Image via Sephora

Airbrush Flawless Foundation

I’m sure almost everyone has heard of the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Foundation by now—if you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?!

I saw a review of this foundation on my TikTok FYP and I don’t think I’ve ever hit “add to cart” so fast. 

This Airbrush Flawless Foundation has easily joined the ranks as one of my favorite full-coverage foundations of all time.

The name says it all because my pores completely disappear when I wear this foundation, giving me the perfect blank canvas for blush, bronzer, and highlight.

One of the things I love most about the Airbrush Flawless Foundation is it has a matte finish but still moisturizes the skin so you don’t have to worry about dry or flaky patches.

Charlotte Tilbury review, by beauty blogger What The Fab
Image via Sephora

Filmstar Bronze & Glow

Ever since discovering the importance of contouring to give a face-lift effect, I’ve never gone back, and the Filmstar Bronze & Glow is one of my top picks.

This bronzer and highlighter palette looks so incredible on the skin and adds tons of glowy dimension.

I’m always paranoid about my contour looking harsh or mismatched to my skin tone, but it’s impossible for the Bronze & Glow shades to look bad.

I’ve even used this as an eyeshadow palette if I’m in a pinch or traveling with limited makeup products—it gives the perfect sunkissed glow in seconds!

Charlotte Tilbury review, by beauty blogger What The Fab
Image via Sephora

Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder

This Charlotte Tilbury review would be incomplete without mentioning this iconic product, the Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder.

I love that this Setting Powder doesn’t give your skin a cakey look, it just blurs everything to look perfectly smooth.

I’ll set my entire face with this powder but like to focus on especially oily areas like the t-zone and around the nose. 

This Flawless Finish Powder works literal magic and has become a must-have whenever I’m traveling or my skin is acting up.

Charlotte Tilbury review, by beauty blogger What The Fab
Image via Sephora

Eyes to Mesmerise Cream Eyeshadow

I’ve come to love cream eyeshadows because they tend to be super pigmented and apply beautifully thanks to their blendable texture.

The Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise Cream Eyeshadow is the perfect product to achieve a subtle eyeshadow look that won’t transfer or crease throughout the day.

This Cream Eyeshadow has a super rich texture that looks stunning on the eyelid, and I’m a huge fan of how buildable this product is.

It’s incredibly easy to swipe on some of the Cream Eyeshadow for a natural daytime look and then darken it up with eyeliner and mascara later in the day to instantly transition to a sexy nighttime vibe. 

The Eyes to Mesmerise Cream Eyeshadow comes in a range of beautiful shimmery shades, and I’m dying to try them all. 

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Image via Sephora

Magic Cream Moisturizer

Makeup is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Charlotte Tilbury but did you know the brand also sells skincare products?

The Magic Cream Moisturizer is the perfect way to prep your skin before applying face makeup like foundation and concealer.

This ultra-rich moisturizing cream is packed with ingredients like rosehip oil, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins C and E that work to instantly brighten and plump skin.

The Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Moisturizer has a dreamy consistency that feels amazing on the skin and I can def tell a difference when I use this in my skincare routine.

Image via Sephora

Hollywood Beauty Light Wand

Highlighter is one of those makeup products that can instantly elevate any look with just a few subtle swipes around the face.

In my journey to find the best highlighter for my skin tone, the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Beauty Light Wand has become one of my top choices.

This liquid highlighter is STUNNING on any and every skin tone thanks to its rose gold pigments that shimmer and glow when they catch the light.

For an effortlessly luminous makeup look that will have heads turning, the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand is a must-have.

Image via Sephora

Beautiful Skin Radiant Concealer

The last product I’ll be highlighting in this Charlotte Tilbury review is the Beautiful Skin Radiant Concealer

No matter how much sleep I get, I feel like I’m always battling with skin imperfections like dark circles and small acne spots, so concealer is a must in my makeup routine.

I’m a huge fan of the Beautiful Skin Concealer because it’s medium-coverage so it perfectly blurs and conceals without looking too heavy or cakey.

This concealer puts in the work because it also has a gorg radiant effect that brightens and conceals at the same time.

If you’ve been on the fence about trying some new makeup products I hope this Charlotte Tilbury review convinces you to give the brand a try.

Tag me on Insta (@wtfab) if you decide to try Charlotte Tilbury—I’d love to see what makeup look you come up with!

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Is Charlotte Tilbury cruelty-free?

They have been cruelty-free for almost 10 years! They received the Leaping Bunny approval in 2013.

Does Charlotte Tilbury have any vegan options?

Charlotte Tilbury carries a good selection of vegan makeup options.

Will Charlotte Tilbury work for me if I have oily skin?

This all depends on the product. However, most of their products are suitable for those with oily skin!

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