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Charlotte Tilbury Review: The Best Products on the Market

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Honest Charlotte Tilbury review, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

I realized some of my favorite products are from the same brand so here I am giving an honest Charlotte Tilbury review. I’ve seen this product blow up lately with TikTok and they absolutely deserve it.

Charlotte Tilbury has amazing makeup products that are constantly sold out for a reason—they are too good. I first heard of this brand through a Sephora sample box years ago, but they’re so popular you probably see them on social a lot.

I tried one of their eyeshadow sticks in this gorgeous gold color that I used religiously on my waterline for a brighter eye look. After that, I gave other products a shot.

If you don’t own any products from Charlotte Tilbury, let this review convince you! Keep reading to find out what my six favorite products from them are—you won’t regret it.

Shop my fav Charlotte Tilbury products below:

Charlotte Tilbury Review + Products You Should Try

Charlotte Tilbury Review, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Sephora

1. Legendary Lashes Vol 2

My lashes struggle with having volume. This all changed once I purchased this mascara!

The legendary lashes volume 2 mascara gives your lashes a gorgeous voluminous look that makes you look like you had your cup of Joe. I swear by this mascara and it’s pretty high on my favorite mascara rankings!

The formula of this mascara is one of my favorites because I love how dark it is. I’ve had people ask if I’m wearing falsies when I only have this product applied—who doesn’t love that compliment?

It’s a great long-wear mascara that won’t let you down, and it’s waterproof. If you want thick lashes, add this to your cart immediately!

If your lashes need a lift and rather than some volume, try their other award-winning mascara, the Charlotte Tilbury pillow talk mascara!

Honest Charlotte Tilbury review, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

2. Hollywood Flawless Filter

This product has been such a staple in my makeup routine that I don’t remember my routine before it. What you’re going to love about this product is that it is very versatile!

You can either use it without makeup for a glowy no makeup look, mix it in with your foundation, or as a liquid highlighter! This has to be one of my favorite beauty products since I get so many uses out of it.

I see celebs and makeup artists talking about this product all the time.

My favorite way to use this is applying a little bit on no makeup days for a subtle glow along with the smallest amount of their Hollywood contour wand just to bring some color to my face! The contour wand is amazing. There’s a reason it’s sold out all the time!

The Charlotte Tilbury brand includes a varying amount of skin tone shades but I could see them expanding this shade range to make sure everyone has their shade.

I’ve heard this product works great with their magic cream. Should I purchase and give you all a review?

Honest Charlotte Tilbury review, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

3. Matte Revolution Lipstick

When I found this lipstick a year or so ago, my makeup routine changed for the better—seriously. Charlotte Tilbury makeup products are amazing, especially their lip ones!

I’ve struggled with finding a matte lipstick that worked with my lips. Some were either extremely dry or they felt uncomfortable to wear.

I own this matte revolution lipstick in two shades that I’ll never get rid of. Very Victoria is their classic taupe nude color while Walk of No Shame is that gorgeous berry yet rose color that suits all skin tones.

I found that this lipstick works best with moisturized lips combined with a lip liner similar to the shade. I need you all to try these products yourselves—I swear by these.

Their nude pink shade, Pillow Talk, is one of their iconic colors and my go-to!

Charlotte Tilbury Review, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Sephora

4. Airbrush Flawless Foundation

There’s a chance you’ve seen this foundation on your trip to the mall and walked past it. Next time, give it a shot, it’s sooo worth it!

The Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Foundation has easily snuck its way to the top of my favorite foundation picks. It’s a full-coverage foundation that looks so natural I love it. The shade palette range on this foundation is pretty good.

When I wear this foundation, my pores disappear—who doesn’t love that. What I love is that it’s a matte finish foundation that is moisturizing so your face doesn’t feel extremely dry when wearing it!

I was influenced by a TikTok review to try this product. I never got up to shop so fast as I did that day!

I’m glad it came across my page, I loveee this stuff.

Image via Sephora

5. Filmstar Bronze & Glow

Ever since I discovered the importance of contouring your face to give a face-lift effect, I never went back. This bronzer and highlighter palette is one of my favorites because both shades look smooth on the skin.

My biggest fear with bronzing was having it look harsh but it’s impossible with this product! I’ve had a friend tell me my skin looked sun-kissed when using this product—that’s how smooth the shades blended.

I’ve even used this as an eyeshadow palette when I’m feeling a subtle eye look. The bronzing shade in the crease with a tiny bit of highlighter in the inner corner.

Image via Sephora

6. Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder

It wouldn’t be a Charlotte Tilbury review without mentioning this iconic product, their flawless finish powder. I gravitate more towards loose-setting powders but this one changed the game for me.

I love that it doesn’t give your skin a cakey look, it simply smooths your makeup out! Charlotte Tilbury beauty products have this magic in them that makes your skin look so flawless and smooth.

I set my face with this but mostly focus on my oily areas such as my t-zone and around the nose. Charlotte Tilbury products are killing the game when it comes to adding literal magic to their products!

Are you ready to master your makeup routine with these Charlotte Tilbury products? Tag me @wtfab if you decide to purchase any of these!

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Is Charlotte Tilbury cruelty-free?

They have been cruelty-free for almost 10 years! They received the approval in 2013.

Does Charlotte Tilbury have any vegan options?

Charlotte Tilbury carries a good selection of vegan options, including one of the products I mentioned, Filmstar Bronze & Glow!

Will Charlotte Tilbury work for me if I have oily skin?

This all depends on the product. However, most of their products are suitable for those with oily skin!

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