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7 Restaurants for the Best Schnitzel in Vienna

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The best schnitzel in Vienna, by travel blogger What The Fab

Viennese culture brings together a few of my favorite things: art, music, and of course, schnitzel. When we visited, I was on the hunt for the best schnitzel in Vienna.

Schnitzel is a popular Viennese dish that consists of a thin, breaded, and fried cutlet. The most famous type of schnitzel is the original wiener schnitzel, which is made with veal, though other meats like pork or chicken are also used.

Mmm, my mouth is already watering!

This city is known for its delicious food, and schnitzel is no exception. But with so many restaurants to choose from, it can be tough to know where to go.

That’s why I’ve put together this guide to the best schnitzel in Vienna. Whether you’re looking for traditional Austrian fare or something a little bit different, you’ll find it on this list. So grab a fork and knife and let’s get started!

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After eating my way through the city, I’ve pinpointed six of the best restaurants for schnitzel in Vienna, Austria. From traditional to innovative, these eateries serve up some of the most delicious schnitzels in town and I’m so excited for you to try them.

So let’s jump into the best schnitzel restaurants for when you’re visiting Vienna.

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7 Restaurants for the Best Schnitzel in Vienna

The best schnitzel in Vienna, by travel blogger What The Fab

1. Plachutta Gasthaus Zur Oper

For the perfect schnitzel experience, Plachutta takes home the prize. This restaurant has locations throughout Vienna, and while they’re all delicious, they’re not all the same. Some focus their efforts on other dishes like their famous pork roast, while other locations are best known for their schnitzel.

The most popular of these restaurants is Gasthaus Zur Oper, and it’s easy to understand why after eating here. This spot serves up classic wiener schnitzel with a crunchy outside and juicy inside that will have you coming back again and again.

At least that’s what I did.

Plachutta offers servings that are quite frankly, huge! I could barely see the plate under the mound of food placed in front of me. The schnitzel is also served with a side of cold potato salad which is the traditional Viennese style.

Located right next to the opera house with a beautiful garden seating area—the atmosphere is just as great as the food.

The best schnitzel in Vienna, by travel blogger What The Fab

2. Figlmüller 

Looking for the most authentic and traditional wiener schnitzel made with veal? Look no further than Figlmuller.

This restaurant opened up over 100 years ago and is still using the exact same recipe to batter and fry their delicious pieces of veal schnitzel.

I guess the statement, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” stands true.

Figlmuller is the definition of Viennese cuisine and is often referred to as the “Home of the Schnitzel.” And I’m bold enough to say this is the best schnitzel I had in Vienna.

From the flavor of the cutlet to the perfectly fried outside, this schnitzel is a masterpiece. The portion was much larger than I could’ve imagined and can easily be shared between two people.

Make sure to grab a reservation as soon as you know your travel dates because this place gets busy quickly and you don’t want to miss out on this Austrian staple.

The best schnitzel in Vienna, by travel blogger What The Fab

3. Gasthaus Reinthaler

Vienna isn’t the cheapest city, but you can certainly find a great schnitzel at an affordable price. Reinthaler is the place to go for those who are looking for delicious Viennese schnitzel on a budget.

The portions here are still crazy big and the quality of the food is…*chefs kiss*. I promise you won’t be disappointed with this hidden gem!

The wiener schnitzel is served with a freshly made mixed salad and the cutlet is always golden, crunchy, and juicy.

Reinthaler is located in the city center and brings a warm and cozy atmosphere to your meal. You’ll find the restaurant filled with locals, and you know if locals keep coming back that means the food is GOOD!

The best schnitzel in Vienna, by travel blogger What The Fab

4. Cafe Anzengruber

Surrounded by dozens of beautifully designed shops and galleries, Cafe Anzengruber is the perfect place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

It’s also home to one of my favorite schnitzel dishes in Vienna. This local cafe serves up some of the best pork schnitzels in the city.

It’s tradition for schnitzel to be made with veal but this cafe adds a twist by using pork instead. The cutlet is tender and juicy, the crust golden brown, and it is served with a flavorful potato salad.

The atmosphere here is relaxing and charming. You can sit back in their cozy cafe with a cup of Viennese coffee and enjoy some conversation with your friends or family while you savor the delicious schnitzel.

5. Huth Die Gastwirtschaft

Maybe the most anticipated schnitzel on my list is Huth Die Gastwirtschaft. This place offers an impressive selection of traditional Austrian dishes, but the schnitzel is one of the highlights.

Let’s just start from the beginning: you’re not eating here without a reservation. This place is always crowded with locals and tourists and for good reason.


It’s also on the pricier side but it’s worth it! The schnitzel here is made with veal and hand-pounded to make sure the cutlet is always tender. It comes served with a side of their homemade potato salad and pickled cucumbers.

The atmosphere at Huth Die Gastwirtschaft brings you right into the heart of Austrian culture and architecture with its beautiful decor and quaint atmosphere. The restaurant opened in 2001 and has been booming ever since.

Head here for dinner so you can enjoy one of their incredible wines from the cellar that pairs perfectly with the schnitzel.

The best schnitzel in Vienna, by travel blogger What The Fab

6. Schnitzelwirt

Schnitzelwirt is the place to go if you’re looking for a fusion of traditional and modern flavors. This local spot serves up some of the most unique schnitzel dishes in Vienna.

The restaurant has over 15 styles of schnitzel with the next being more unique than the last.

They have everything from the classic schnitzel served with a side of potato salad, a cordon bleu made with bacon and cheese, or even a Mexican-style schnitzel topped with tomatoes and peppers.

Talk about options!

The atmosphere here is lively and energetic. You can find locals at the bar chatting it up over some beer or families enjoying dinner together in one of their cozy dining rooms.

Hint* You’ll need to seat yourself as a table becomes available but I promise it’s worth the wait!

The best schnitzel in Vienna, by travel blogger What The Fab

7. Schweizerhaus

Set in a beautiful location right next to the Prater park, Schweizerhaus is the perfect spot for a leisurely lunch or dinner.

This massive restaurant/beer garden can accommodate over 1,000 people at a time, so even if you’re traveling with a large group you won’t have to worry about getting a table.

In addition to their world-famous schnitzel (which comes with your choice of over 20 different sauces!), Schweizerhaus also offers an unbeatable selection of Swiss and Viennese specialties like Cheese Fondue, Tafelspitz (boiled beef), and Kaiserschmarrn (shredded pancake). Whatever you do, don’t leave without trying their apple strudel–it’s simply delicious!

I hope this Vienna schnitzel guide has helped you decide where you’re going to try this iconic dish!

You might notice that I don’t have Cafe Central on this list. While it’s a historic spot (and so, so beautiful), we found their food to be mediocre—you can definitely find better in Vienna! It’s worth a visit for coffee and cakes and to enjoy the beautiful architecture, but I wouldn’t recommend it for the best schnitzel in Vienna.

Other than that, no matter where you decide to go from this list, Vienna has some of the best restaurants for schnitzel in the world. And don’t forget to try as many different places as possible! After all, variety is the spice of life.

Whether you want the original Wiener schnitzel or something with a little more flair, these restaurants have got you covered. Bon appétit!

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