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5 Best Vienna Christmas Markets

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The best Vienna Christmas markets, by travel blogger What The Fab

Last year Omied and I had such an incredible time at the Vienna Christmas markets!

Nothing screams Christmas like a European Christmas market! And no one does it better than Vienna, Austria.

From the glitz and glam of the city center to the quaint charm of the countryside, Vienna is a true sight to behold at Christmastime and I simply can’t get enough!

I don’t know about you, but I find it pretty easy to get into the holiday spirit when I’m sipping on a mug of warm mulled wine, listening to festive music, and surrounded by beautifully decorated stalls.

I’m getting the warm fuzzies just thinking about it!

Visiting Vienna during the holidays is a dream come true. You can feel the magic of walking the streets on a cool, winter night in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, taking in the sights and sounds of a traditional European Christmas—a dream come true!

So let me bring you some Christmas cheer with my list of the best Vienna Christmas markets.

The 5 Best Vienna Christmas Markets

The best Vienna Christmas markets, by travel blogger What The Fab

Karlsplatz Christmas Markets

We’ll start off our list with only the best and brightest Christmas market in Vienna: Karlsplatz. While maybe we aren’t supposed to have favorites, I definitely do! And it’s this charming market in the city center that has stolen my heart.

The Karlsplatz advent market is a true winter wonderland, with over 80 beautifully decorated stalls selling everything from traditional Austrian foods to handmade arts and crafts. And when I say only the best, I mean it. To get a stall at Karlsplatz, vendors must go through a rigorous application process, ensuring that only the top stalls are selected to participate.

So you’re guaranteed the highest quality souvenirs, foods, and drinks when you visit Karlsplatz.

And if I’m going to eat my way through the markets (which we all know I will!) I want it to be the tastiest. From schnitzel and strudel to gingerbread and hot chocolate…I’m drooling just thinking about it!

Karlsplatz feels much more authentic and traditional than some of the other markets, which is exactly what I love about it. With its convenient central location, and not to mention beautiful views of the city, it’s the perfect place to start your Viennese Christmas market journey!

Spittelberg Christmas Markets

Searching for that romantic night strolling through an old town Christmas market hand in hand with your special someone? Look no further than the atmospheric Spittelberg Christmas market!

This gorgeous market is located in the historic Spittelberg district, which is known for its beautiful cobbled streets and quaint cafes and shops. This makes for a really lovely setting to explore at Christmastime, and of course, do some shopping!

The Spittelberg market is a bit more low-key than some of the other markets in Vienna, but that only adds to its charm in my opinion. This is definitely my favorite market to come to when I’m looking for a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore a different side of the city!

When it comes to the stalls at Spittelberg, you’ll find everything from traditional Austrian foods to handmade jewelry and Christmas decorations. With a focus on local and handcrafted goods, you’ll find plenty of unique gifts and souvenirs at the Spittelberg markets.

This market is also well-known for its wide selection of mulled wine, so be sure to sample a few different kinds while you’re there. It’s tough to choose a favorite, but with enough testing, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for.

The best Vienna Christmas markets, by travel blogger What The Fab

Rathausplatz Christmas Market

Located in front of the stunning Vienna City Hall, Rathausplatz is one of the main Christmas markets in the city and definitely one of the liveliest!

With over 100 stalls, it is easy to see why this is one of Vienna’s most renowned Christmas markets.

If you are a foodie like me, then I suggest wearing something comfy to this market, because you are in for a holiday treat. From my favorite, schnitzel, to traditional Austrian pastries and sweets, there is no shortage of deliciousness here.

The best Vienna Christmas markets, by travel blogger What The Fab

I think I spent most of the evening eating and I have absolutely no regrets.

Another name for this market is “A Christmas Dream” and after visiting, I 100% get it. Feeling like you’re stepping into a Christmas village, this market is the definition of festive. From the sparkling fairy lights to the enchanting decorations, Rathausplatz does Christmas right!

One of my favorite things about Rathausplatz is that it really has something for everyone. With a large central square in front of the town hall, it’s perfect for people-watching. There’s a huge ferris wheel offering stunning views of the city and a dreamy ice skating rink.

Belvedere Christmas Market

The Belvedere Palace is one of my favorite places in Vienna at any time during the year, so you can only imagine how excited I was to find out that they host their own Christmas market!

The palace grounds are absolutely gorgeous and make for the perfect backdrop to a festive market. With the beautiful lake mirroring the palace and twinkling lights everywhere you look, it is truly a sight to behold.

I love coming to the Belvedere Market for its unique atmosphere. Unlike some other markets which can be quite crowded, the Belvedere Market feels much more refined and elegant. You’ll have more room to move around and enjoy the lovely stalls without being jostled by a big crowd.

Take a stroll through the market, admiring the beautiful handmade goods on offer, before grabbing a bite to eat at one of the many food stalls. I highly recommend the gingerbread cookies—they’re deliciously sweet and bursting with cinnamon flavor.

Keep in mind that while you might only be here for the market, it’s also a great time to explore the Belvedere Palace itself. The palace is absolutely stunning and the art collection is one of the best in Vienna.

Schönbrunn Palace Christmas Markets

Last but definitely not least on my list of the best Christmas markets in Vienna is the market at Schloss Schönbrunn Palace. This market is truly one of a kind and should not be missed during your holiday visit to Vienna.

This is a beautiful market to visit during the day as they have a large number of Christmas trees decorated with sparkling lights and ornaments. It’s the perfect place to take some photos for your Instagram feed.

Set against the stunning backdrop of the palace, the market at Schönbrunn is definitely one of the most picturesque in the city. There’s no way you can visit here and not be jolly with spirit by the time you leave.

The market here is quite large, so you’ll want to take your time exploring all of the different stalls and the best way to do that is with a warm cup of cocoa in hand. There are plenty of food and drink options available, so you can refuel as you browse through the market.

I found myself lost in this winter wonderland and I think you will too. It really is the perfect place to get into the Christmas spirit!

So there you have it, my top picks for the best Christmas markets in Vienna. Be sure to add these markets to your list when you visit this beautiful city during the holidays!

The best Vienna Christmas markets by travel blogger What The Fab

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