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Top 9 Best Korean Cushion Foundation Picks For All Skin Types

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Best Korean Cushion Foundation, by Blogger What The Fab

Even though it’s almost the end of the year, I know most of us are still busy being out and about. Being on the go so often means I need a lot of touch-ups—and I can always rely on the best Korean cushion foundation for that!

One thing I love about the winter is that there’s no summer heat to melt off my makeup within mere seconds. But finding long-lasting and comfortable foundations is a must for all seasons.

If you need a refresher on the difference between regular foundations and cushion foundations, I got you covered. There are honestly so many variations of products that it’s hard to keep track sometimes.

Basically, the main difference is how they’re packaged and presented.

Cushion foundations offer the convenience of having a cushion sponge packaged along with the foundation. Traditional tubular foundations offer pumps, often without applicators.

Cushion foundations also let you control the amount of product you get by dabbing it on with the sponge. That’s been a big lifesaver for me when I’m in a rush.

There have been way too many times when I pumped out too much product and didn’t know what to do with the excesses. Being able to put it right back into the case feels like convenience personified.

Also, I definitely feel like sponge cushions do a better job at blending than brushes. Since cushions have even surface distribution, you can dab the product into your skin instead of creating streaks with brushes.

Korean Cushion Foundation Basics 

But what’s so special about Korean cushion foundations (or Korean skincare and beauty in general) is that they incorporate multiple benefits into a single product.

Most, if not all, provide smooth and full coverage (which is mandatory) while incorporating anti-aging formulas and sun protection! 

They can act as BB cream, liquid foundation, and sunscreen all at the same time. Not a 10-step skincare routine gal? You’ll love Korean cushion foundations.

One of their most popular features is providing a natural-looking “glass skin” effect. Just like the name suggests, it describes having a dewy, clear complexion with well-hydrated skin. 

But if you have oily skin, or just prefer a matte finish, you don’t need to worry. You can apply a thin layer of powder foundation to neutralize the moisturized aesthetic while keeping the benefits of hydration!

So the biggest caveat to watch out for is that the products are typically for light skin tones. Korean skincare products definitely need to improve their shade ranges—if they fix that, everything would be perfect.

Now that you know, let’s see the best products on the market!

To make things easy for you, you can shop these products by clicking directly on the images, the shopping buttons, and of course, the text links. These are my affiliate links, which means that I receive a small commission when you purchase using my links (at no additional cost to you!). I greatly appreciate you shopping with my links!

Shop the best Korean cushion foundation picks below:

Top 9 Best Korean Cushion Foundations 

Best Korean Cushion Foundation, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via AprilSkin

1. April Magic Snow Cushion 

At first, this cushion foundation caught my eye with its minimalist black and gold design. But beyond the aesthetic, it’s one of the best choices for dry skin since it produces less sebum than others.

The product also boasts of having a rich 45% moisturizing serum-based formula, while not being sticky (thank goodness). It of course has SPF 50+/PA+++ aka UV protection as well! 

Packaging-wise, it has extra tight seals with 3 levels so that it not only doesn’t leak but also allows the product to retain its moisture even after long-term usage. With aloe vera leaf extract in its ingredients, it provides your skin with an additional cooling effect for a smooth, satisfying application.

They are definitely high-quality stuff since they sold over 3.3 million units worldwide and have 4.9 stars out of 5 on their official website! 

Best Korean Cushion Foundation, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via TheFaceShop

2. The Face Shop Ink Lasting Cushion

While the April Magic Snow Cushion was made for dry skin, this product is for combination skin. Since combination skin refers to a mix of dry and oily skin, it’s basically for more sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin can have concentrated areas in the face that are more oily than others. Areas like the nose are often the oiliest, while larger expanses of skin like the cheeks and forehead are dry. 

To fix these issues, this foundation and cover cushion hydrate dry areas without making the oily areas greasy or patchy. They achieve this effect by having a formula with polymers that create thin, lightweight layers that act as a primer.

What I really liked about this product, in particular, was that their shades were labeled for their different functions. All the shades starting with V give a brightening effect, while all the N shades provide more natural, semi-matte coverage.

As the final cherry on top, this product was designed cruelty-free, which is a definite plus in my book.  

Best Korean Cushion Foundation, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Sulwhasoo

3. Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion   

This cushion foundation is a product from one of the biggest names in the makeup industry, Sulwhasoo. To prove it, their skincare ingredients combine to form a thick, creamy, and luxurious texture.

Their formula manages to stay comfortable and lasts for a full day. Specifically, it has a lightweight hybrid formula with nanoemulsion, JAUM activator, and permeating powder that makes it blend seamlessly with even dry skin.

And the company sure knows how to deal with skin texture. The cushion foundation covers pores, uneven skin, and fine wrinkles with ease since it focuses on differentiating between cool, natural, and warm undertones.

Plus, I love that their cushion foundation puff is shaped like a water drop. It lets you reach the curves on your face easily, like areas around your nose bridge, and just under the corners of your eyes.

Click below to shop the best Korean cushion foundations:

Best Korean Cushion Foundation, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Clio Professional Store

4. Club Clio Kill Cover Calming Cushion  

The great thing about this product is that the cushion is hypoallergenic, so it’s extra friendly for your skin. It replaces silicone oil with naturally derived oils and plant-based ingredients for a soothing effect to eliminate potential breakouts.

Because they focused on having natural ingredients, it has a lightweight coverage that dries quickly without leaving any white cast or irritants behind. That also means it’s mask friendly!

What was especially unique about this product is that the air cushion is castor seed oil infused, not just the foundation itself. The fact that they placed as much emphasis on the cushion as they did the foundation was a good marker of quality.

Their Clio Kill Cover Glow fitting cushion is also another great product they have, with similar properties. Feel free to check out both—they’re basically the same with slightly different ingredients. 

Best Korean Cushion Foundation, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Etude House Store

5. ETUDE Double Lasting Cushion 

At this point, it’s probably no surprise that this one also provides UV protection. But what makes this one stand out is that it’s specifically humidity resistant.

It’s breathable, light, and comfortable on the skin. And since it was made for humid conditions, it better be—too much humidity can be a skincare nightmare!

The product was really put to the test since it also ensures that it’s mask-transfer proof. That’s pretty impressive, especially considering how moisture makes everything a sticky, gooey mess.  

Image via Missha Store

6. Missha M Magic Cushion 

Now the Missha Magic Cushion is for oily, acne-prone skin. It gives a nice, dewy finish since it has buildable coverage that doesn’t pill.

Just like all the others, it provides UV protection while still being lightweight since it has boron powder that prevents caking or buildup. On top of that, it also uses silica bead power so that it can absorb sweat and sebum discreetly. 

Also, this product is from a small business! The company is fairly reputable and has a good name for itself despite being in such a competitive industry. 

I was genuinely impressed by their good quality and ability to compete with some skincare giants like Sulwahsoo. 

Discover the best Korean cushion foundations by clicking below:

Best Korean Cushion Foundation, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Jung Saem Mool Store

7. Jung Saem Mool Essential Skin Nuder Cushion  

This one is definitely special in its own right. Jung Saem Mool is a makeup artist who built her career from the ground up in the early 90s.

She has worked with some of the most well-known celebrities in Korea, and her work has inspired countless makeup trends—she is THE blueprint.

So you can expect nothing else but the best from her own creations—her formula is fade-proof while offering both color-correcting and oil-controlling benefits. 

Best Korean Cushion Foundation, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Self Beauty Store

8. Self Beauty Uniconic Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid BB Cushion Foundation   

First of all, that name is LONG. Secondly, this cushion foundation goes all out with its claims of being a hydrating serum.

By using six types of Hyaluronic acid, it makes up over 60% of the liquid cream that allows a delicate illuminating effect on the skin. Then, the mineral powder traps excess oil while having a lightweight formula that allows multiple applications without making the multiple layers visible.

Besides its formula, I also absolutely loved how the packaging is iridescent with a neutral pink as its base. It gives off this energetic, minimalistic vibe without looking bare, which is surprisingly hard to find!


9. AMOREPACIFIC Color Control Cushion Compact 

AmorePacific is another reputable brand that is well-known and beloved within the Korean skincare industry. This product provides both UV and antioxidant protection while acting as a tinted moisturizer.

I was not exaggerating when I said these Korean cushion foundations serve multiple functions. This specific Korean cushion compact provides these effects through its hydrating bamboo sap (moisture) and antioxidant-rich green tea (which provides skin protection against environmental irritants like dust particles).

The most impressive aspect about this product is that its cushion foam has over 800k cells so that it can soak up the foundation without harboring bacteria! The researchers in AmorePacific spent half a decade perfecting the technology, so you know it’s legit. 

Those are my top nine picks for the best Korean cushion foundations! All these skin care products are convenient and effective. They’re perfect for makeup touch-ups while on the move.

Even without considering their easy usage, I can always appreciate not having to buy a perfect brush for different foundation consistencies. 

Since one of the biggest advantages of cushion foundations is that they are a 2-in-1, it always feels like a good deal! Unless the price is absurdly high, of course. 

Thankfully, cushion foundations are easily refillable and long-lasting—so no need to worry about producing any waste either.

If you decide to gift yourself any of these Korean cushion foundations, be sure to tag me on Insta (@wtfab) so I can see how you use them to boost your natural beauty!

Shop my picks for the best Korean cushion foundation by clicking the images below:

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Why do Koreans use cushion foundation?

Not only do cushions help provide a popular “glassy skin” look, but they can also be modified for different skin types. By incorporating cushion foundations into one product, creating natural-looking and dewy complexions is easier than having to buy two different products.

Is cushion foundation better than foundation?

They definitely provide a wider breadth of advantages. It’s more convenient to carry around a mirror, cushion, and foundation all at the same time than to have a clunky, disorganized makeup bag.

Do you apply powder after cushion foundation? 

If you want to! If you want to maintain a dewy look, you probably shouldn’t. But if you have oily skin and want to lock in any seeping oil, a light dust of powder should do the trick.

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