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Bend Oregon Breweries: 11 Delicious Places

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Whether you’re in Oregon to explore beautiful landmarks or have a relaxing vacation (or a good mix of both!), Bend Oregon breweries are the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy tasty beers, ales, and food! 

During my trip to Bend with Babes That Wander, I was super excited because I knew we’d be eating and drinking well, ha! I hadn’t realized what a foodie town Bend was until I started researching before our trip. 

And with Omied being such a craft beer connoisseur, he told me that Oregon is known for all of its amazing breweries. 

I knew when visiting Bend Oregon that visiting breweries such as GoodLife Brewing Company, Bend Brewing Company, Deschutes Brewery Bend Public House and more was a must. The food and drinks were delicious with lots of options to choose from!

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Bend Oregon is a beautiful city with lots of fun nightlife. And apparently, their mountain water lends itself to making amazing craft beer. They even have a Bend Ale Trail and an app, if you’re looking for even more inspiration!

These unique breweries are just some of the fun and exciting places to visit when in Bend Oregon. In addition to serving a variety of beers and drinks, each place was picked to be on this list because it has something special to offer such as live music, events, games, food, and more! 

Here’s a list of just some of my favorite places in Bend, Oregon!

Bend Oregon Breweries: 11 Delicious Places

Bend Oregon breweries, by travel blogger What the Fab.
Image via Crux Fermentation Project

Crux Fermentation Project

One fun bar in Bend is Crux Fermentation Project, which is a brewpub known for its tasting room and craft beer scene. They have an outdoor patio with a fire pit which makes it the perfect place to relax by the fire and drink some beer!

Their tasting room has more than 24 different types of beer to choose from, as well as wine and cider. Bring your family, friends, and dogs! All are welcome to enjoy tasty food such as burgers and pizza. 

Yum! I’m getting hungry just writing this lol

Challenge your partner to a game of cornhole—Crux Fermentation Project is a lively area with tasty food and good music.

Bend Oregon breweries, by travel blogger What the Fab.
Image via Silver Moon Brewing

Silver Moon Brewing

Silver Moon Brewing is another popular pub with various events such as Beer Choir, live music, paint night, and many more held every day. What I love about their events here is that they have an Open Mic Comedy! While I’d never have the balls to get up there myself and do open mic night, I wouldn’t mind watching others making a fool of themselves, lol.

Already sounds like a fun night with spunky beer flavors. Apparently, you can also win an electric snow bike if you come to bingo night…Count me in! 

They also have food trucks! There’s a Southern food truck and a Caribbean food truck. So delicious with lots of flavorful food choices such as rice bowls, wraps, fries, tacos, salads, and more.

Bend Oregon breweries, by travel blogger What the Fab.
Image via Monkless Belgian Ales

Monkless Belgian Ales

In addition to serving drinks, bars in Bend Oregon are also popular for their flavorful food! Monkless Belgian Ales serves delicious European dishes with traditional Belgian ales and award-winning lagers.

Known for its awesome collection of beer, its decorative style gives the bar a medieval European look. Made me feel like I was in Belgium! 

All of their beers are authentic and many of them have won awards. One such beer is “Dubbel or Nothing”, a rich and malty liquor that won silver medals in the Craft Beer Awards and Oregon Beer Awards, as well as a gold medal at The Great American Beer Festival. 

That’s a lot of prizes for one beer!

Bend Oregon breweries, by travel blogger What the Fab.
Image via Cascade Lakes

Cascade Lakes

Bend’s first not-for-profit brewery! They donate money to different charities and causes in Central Oregon. They serve up high-quality beverages such as ciders, hard seltzers, wine, and barrel-aged craft beers. 

In addition to serving liquors, Cascade Lakes is an eatery company serving tasty food with a dessert menu.

Mmmm…a gelato sundae sounds really good right now.

With Pint Nights and Bingo Nights every week, Cascade Lakes gives you a fun time with a wide choice of beers. They also have another location in Redmond Oregon if you are ever in the area!

Image via GoodLife Brewing Company

GoodLife Brewing Company

When there’s live music every Tuesday and a menu full of sandwiches, wraps, and more, you know you have to visit GoodLife Brewing. This spot has a cozy and inviting atmosphere with an indoor area and an outdoor grass lawn to sit and enjoy fun music and beer. 

Perfect for bringing your family and friends to enjoy some tasty food and a live concert!

Being the first pub to produce canned beer in Bend Oregon, GoodLife Brewing has delicious beer options such as “Sweet As! Pacific Ale”, which won several awards! Check out their brewery and backdrop distillery, which can both be seen when you’re inside the tasting room. The process of making beer really is fascinating!

Image via Bend Brewing Company

Bend Brewing Company

Named one of the best craft beer companies by the Oregon Beer Awards, the Bend Brewing Company is at a great location. The location provides plenty of outdoor seating with a beautiful view of green Oregon. 

The environment is incredibly exciting! What I loved most about this place is that you can see the Deschutes River, which is the same river that beer companies use to brew beer. 

I loved their mouthwatering salads and appetizers. Many of their brews are handcrafted, and their ales have many flavors such as Metolius Golden Ale and Outback Amber Ale. The names certainly sound fancy!

Image via Deschutes Brewery Bend Public House

Deschutes Brewery Bend Public House

Deschutes Brewery has a beer garden! They offer tropical beers such as Farmstand Fresh Mango, Cascade Golden Ale, and Tropical Fresh, as well as other yummy flavors. Deschutes also has a brewery located in Portland with 26 different taps.

I recommend coming on Trivia Night! I’m definitely coming back for the vibes, and maybe to win a prize, although I’m not great at trivia. 

Valuing sustainability, Deschutes works with several conservation organizations to protect nature and wildlife in Oregon. They use renewable energy to decrease their carbon footprint, as well as solar and wind energy for 30% of their power. 

We love companies that help our planet!

Image via Boneyard Beer

Boneyard Beer

Boneyard Beer has over 40 selections of ales and lagers and uses a barrel brewing system to make some of its tasty special-release beers. A comfy establishment that puts on parties and takeovers. 

When I was there, I also tried their Elixir which was a mix of water and hemp extract. Elixirs are sweet medicinal beverages. I’ve never tried one before, but it was really good!  

The burgers and sandwiches here are so flavorful! I particularly like their poke bowl and Boneyard wings. Yum!

Image via The Ale Apothecary

The Ale Apothecary

The Ale Apothecary is known to be the only sour brewery in Bend! All of their ingredients are natural and come from nearby farms. I’ve always wanted to try an oak barrel brewery and this one did not disappoint! 

Every single beer is crafted by hand from the freshest barley, wheat malts, and honey. They use open and wild fermentation, as well as foraged ingredients and handmade tools to make their drinks. The taste was definitely fresh and delicious. The perfect taste to describe the woods! 

I loved their spontaneous beers and location! A nice comfy house with peaceful nature and a scenic view of the forest around you.

Image via Boss Rambler Beer Club

Boss Rambler Beer Club

Breakfast burritos and coffee sound like the perfect breakfast! Boss Rambler Beer Club serves this alongside cocktails and lagers. Some options on their tap list include light beers, seasonal beers, fruit-flavored cocktails, slushies, and hard seltzers. 

I’m a sucker for fruity drinks, so I tried the “Blue Hawaiian” when I was there, and it was very good! A refreshing and tropical drink with just the right amount of fruit. Made me want to travel to a sunny beach in Maui! 

The inside of the brewery uses light pinks and baby blues as decoration and it looks fantastic. A great place to enjoy some delicious beer or throw a party! 

Image via Worthy Brewing Company

Worthy Brewing Company

Worthy Brewing Company is probably one of the coolest breweries and bars I’ve seen. They have their own observatory which they call a “Hopservatory”, which gives you access to see Oregon’s stunning mountains and a telescope through which you can see stars and galaxies. 

How amazing is that?

With the location being next to Deschutes National Forest, Worthy Brewing Company sees firsthand the importance of protecting the environment and does its part by using solar-powered energy and partnering with eco-friendly non-profit organizations. 

You also have the option to create a custom beer with your own label design and pick any type of beer!

You really can’t go wrong with picking from this list of Bend Oregon breweries to visit. Next time I’m in Bend, Oregon I’ll definitely hit up at least one of these destinations.  I can’t wait to try a tropical ale and listen to some live music! 

If you’re looking for more options, Bevel Craft Brewing and Sunriver Brewing are two popular spots with amazing beer and friendly atmosphere! You can check their website for more information on their delicious beers and food.

Which of these breweries would you like to visit the most in Bend, Oregon? If you ever go make sure to let me know your thoughts on the beer and food by tagging me on insta (@wtfab) so I can see!

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Do breweries also have food?

Yes, many breweries serve food such as lunch and dinner. Some also serve breakfast, while others don’t serve any food at all.

What type of beer do breweries serve?

The type of beer depends on the company, but most serve both ales, lagers and other drinks besides beer such as wine and cocktails.

Can you bring your children to a beer pub?

Yes! At most places where they serve food children are also welcome. It again depends on the company, but many breweries have menus for children as well.

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